The Hide Pt 5


I couldn’t get naked fast enough. Within seconds I stood in front of them, my cock a raging hard on. Andrea looked at me and said “He seems bigger then yesterday. I wonder if he can cum yet” Tony smiled and said “I’m sure we’ll find out. First you need to know how to give a girl head. Come and kneel between her legs and do as I say” Andrea sat back legs open, feet on the edge of the sofa. I moved down between them. “First smell her, then lick around the edges” I did as I was told. The softness of her skin was amazing, the smell was like a warm blanket, and the taste was almost sweet. My tongue flicked at her lips and she shifted slightly. “Relax and do what you think you should” he encouraged. I began to copy what he had told me to do with my fingers and followed the line of her slit. She was wet and partially open, I ran my tongue up her slot and felt the firmness of her clit. I flicked it with my tongue and probed to find her hole then I attacked each part in turn and reacted to her moaning. She seemed to enjoy this and with guidance from her hands on my head and words of encouragement I became engrossed in the task. Soon she was grinding against my face and I felt her clench as she shuddered on my tongue and then relax away from me.

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   “MMMM! That was a nice little one. ” She purred. I was about to continue when Tony interrupted. “Time to lose your cherry” he said “Just fuck her like you think you ought to” was all he said. I rose to my feet and looked at her. She looked up at me and mouthed “Come on then” with her knees in the air and feet on the sofa, her pussy was open and ready. I knelt before her and placed the tip of my cock at her opening. She slid down the sofa towards me taking the tip of my prick into her hole. I shuddered with pleasure and would have cum there and then if I could. I then felt her hand grip my shaft and pull me into her tight, warm depth. The walls of her pussy clenched and tightened around me and I froze, revelling in the sensation. Then she said “Slowly fuck me. You’re still dry so I expect to cum lots of times” I obeyed and began to move my cock in and out of her wonderful depths. My pace varied according to her commands and I just kept fucking. Tony sat in the chair and watching, his cock receiving the usual attention.

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   We changed position from time to time but I was carried away by the moment and lost track of where we were. Her orgasm came and went and she continued to give words of encouragement and advice as well as orders to ensure that she got all she could from this non ending fuck. I took her from behind, she sat astride me and I took her from above with her legs over my shoulders allowing me maximum penetration. This I really liked.
“Ok” Tony announced indicating that we were to stop screwing, “it’s time for you to fuck me” He came and knelt on the floor beside us and said “Watch Andrea warm me up, then you can give me some cock. ” I was a bit surprised but wasn’t going to spoil my chances of regular sex. Andrea knelt behind him and pulled open his arse cheeks, the she leaned forward and began to lick his exposed hole, probing it with her tongue and getting it very wet with saliva. She began to rub at it with a finger tip and then as he seemed to relax she began to work the finger into him. He pushed back against her. She drove deeper and then added another then another finger. With three fingers she fucked him. His arsehole was visibly opened just like her pussy. He moaned and asked for more. She looked at me and said “Your turn” I knelt behind him, she withdrew her fingers and I placed my cock at his opening. She took hold of my cock and guided me in.

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   he was tight and warm inside just like Andrea. I stopped to get used to the feelings and the view and then began to stroke in and out of him. He clenched and it was like a very tight grip. I thought that this might actually make me cum and rode for my pleasure rather than his. He seemed to like this and kept saying “that’s it fuck me hard” the waves began to build quickly and as I peaked I pulled out hoping to pump years worth of cum over him but nothing came except the most shattering of explosions that travelled through my body, my legs went to jelly and I saw stars in front of my eye. I fell onto my side, cock still trembling in my hand and lay there. “He’s cum his balls off” Andrea laughed in a congratulatory way. “Now you know what it’s all about” she added. I just moaned a response such was the intensity of my first orgasm.
His cock tensed under my hand and I knew he was about to cum “Do you want me to carry on or stop?” I asked. “Suck me dry” he grunted. Needing no more permission. I leaned down to his cock. I could smell the precum that had oozed out. I licked the tip and without further ado I sank my mouth onto his cock.

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   He was already pulsing and within seconds he drove his cock into the back of my throat and pumped a long wank’s worth of cum into my mouth and throat. I swallowed as fast as I could and savoured the strong taste of cum that has been building for several days. Neither he nor I had time for partners and the occasional hand job was the best we could manage. He must have had a week's worth ready for me that night. He bucked and groaned as each shot erupted and I drove my mouth down on him to catch each drop. Slowly he subsided and I sucked the last few drops out before his hand came down to my face to signal that enough was enough. “Fucking hell, I needed that” he said “I hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed yours. ” I realised that the night was nearly over and said “Let’s save it until tomorrow night” he agreed.



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