The Hide pt1


The Hide
Sitting in the cold and wet each night for months in the middle of nowhere waiting for it to happen we had chatted about pretty much everything. We were told it would happen and to keep watch until it did and that’s what we were going to do. Our profession drew a mixture of people who all had a common thread. Their lives had wandered from the main stream for various reasons and they tended to watch in on normal society.
One night our conversation moved on to sex but this time there was a lot more honesty and a lot less male ego involved and we both recognised this and spoke openly and truthfully.
He asked how was it that I was bisexual and that’s where it started. An honest question openly asked. I then went on to tell him.
At the age of about 10, Tony, a 16year old boy who lived across the lane from me would sit in his father’s car in their garage at the rear of the house in the evenings while his parents worked at their restaurant in town. I first noticed this when I saw the glow from the interior light one spring evening through the glass panes at the top of the wooden  concertina garage doors. I heard the car radio and assumed he sat there listening to pop songs as they didn’t have a radio in the house. This was in the early 70’s when TV was limited and privacy rare. One evening the door was ajar and I went in to have a look. He was sprawled across the back seat, eyes closed, his knees in the air and when I looked down into the car I saw he was rubbing his cock slowly. Compared to mine it seemed huge and I was mesmerised. I just stood and stared at it as his hand mechanically ran up and down it.

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   I had experienced hard ons but they didn’t amount to much. As I watched I looked up to see his eyes were open and staring at me. I was about to turn and run when he gave a slight smile which told me in that instant it was ok to watch. I stood there watching, my eyes switching from his hard cock to his eyes which stared fixedly at me as he rubbed away. He pulled his shirt up and then slowly, and in what I now recognise as a very controlled manner, he began to cum and spurt shot after shot of spunk up in the air which landed on his bare stomach. I watched as he milked himself dry and ran his thumb over his glistening head. A few minutes passed and he came to rest, totally relaxed. “Did you like that?” he asked smiling and in no way threatening. “I did. How did you find out you could do that?” I asked. He laughed and explained that as boys got older we all did it. This simple answer told me all I needed to know. I figured this was sex and what had been discussed in the school yard by boys who clearly said more than they knew. “If you don’t tell anyone I do it here you can watch whenever you want” he told me and I said I’d keep quiet.
Ch 2
As we sat side by side in the cold pitch blackness of our dig out I could hear him slowly shift position as if to privately adjust himself as he listened to my introduction to sex.

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Over the next few weeks whenever I timed it right I would stand and watch as Tony stroked himself. In the words of the song the spring became summer. I left junior school and during the summer holidays my 11th birthday came and went. I found I’d get hard watching and enjoyed the sensations I began to experience. I tried to make my cock spurt like his did but nothing ever came out although I did begin to get waves of sensations build up and then suddenly dissipate.
With time I got to sit in the car and watch and one night he asked if I had tried to do it to myself. I told him I had but nothing happened. He asked if I wanted to do it to him and he could show me how to do it so that I could get him to shoot and maybe I’d have a better idea on how to do it to myself. I jumped at the chance and soon was sat astride his legs stroking his hot hard cock in my small hands making the monster seem huger than ever before. I felt the pulses travel through it as the loose external skin slid over the hard inner core. As he began to slowly move his hips in his accustomed precum moments I recognised this and prepared for the gushes. His first pulse of cum was so strong I struggled to keep my fingers closed around his cock, such was the swell, and then in perfect timing, copied from the numerous times I’d watched open mouthed, I pulled shot after shot of cum out of him. It ran down my hand, hot and wet, and landed all over his belly. There seemed more than usual and I felt that this was as a direct result of my doing. I grinned like a Cheshire cat as the last drops oozed out of his tip and began to run my fingers over his head.

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I was about to wipe some of the goo off my hand when he said “Taste it. ” Comfortable in his company I lifted the back of my hand to my mouth and licked some off. It was the usual thick slightly salty egg white affair but to me it tasted superb. I licked my hand clean. “Want some more?” he asked. I nodded. He took my hand and slowly drew it through the mass on his stomach. I didn’t need any more help and scooped a load up and put four sticky, loaded fingers into my mouth and sucked them dry. The taste is one I have always enjoyed ever since. I scooped and scraped until his belly just had thin trails of cum left that I couldn’t collect with wet fingers. I was disappointed there was none left. “Nice?” he asked. “Lovely” I replied. “I thought you were going to lick the bowl clean for a minute” he joked. “Can I?” I asked before catching myself.

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   He looked surprised and then after a second or so of thought said ”Sure” I leaned forward and ran my tongue over his slim belly. He twitched under my touch I tasted more spunk and began to quickly lick him clean. I became aware of a pressing on my chest and lifted up to see his cock spring erect into the air. I must have looked like a boy possessed as I stared at yet another source of sauce. “Look what you’ve done now” he mocked “you’d better clean that as well” I hesitated, this was his Willy after all. But I’d just been stroking it and licking his belly so I shuffled down his legs and put my tongue on it. The heat on my tongue was intense and so I started to lick clean what felt like a red hot poker which twitched and pulsed against my eager tongue. He lay back and moaned as I did so. Too soon it was clean and no longer tasted of cum. I sat up and wiped my lips. “You’ve got me started again” he smiled as he wrapped his hand around it again. I was about to settle back to see if he could squirt again when I heard my mother calling and sheepishly got off him and out of the car without a word. As I ran back t my house I realised my cock was rock hard and seemed bigger than usual, I had to slow to a walk to let it go soft.   

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