The Other Room Chapter 2


The fact that he was so open and blatant while I was present in the room caused the men to become aroused and excited. Both said they wouldn’t have dared to broach the subject in front of their own wives and were intrigued by how happy and willing I was to participate in such a conversation. They became brave enough to say how the sight of a heavily pregnant female could be quite erotic and that it “suited me”. Ben wasted no time to make a few suggestions. Within a few minutes I was allowing the men to feel my bump and while they sat there open mouthed I began to unfasten my maternity smock and bared my belly letting them see I was hardly covered at all by flimsy knickers. My now large breasts and prominent nipples came on show and you could hear the sharp intakes of breath from both men. Ben invited them to stroke my belly and they were very hard when smiling I sat in between them so that both could enjoy touching me. Ben asked them if they had ever taken the delight of sucking the breast milk of a woman and both shook their heads saying it would never be allowed. My husband said that it would with me and maybe they would be able to try it sometime. Eventually they did – quite a few later when after they sat fascinated while I breastfed the baby. When finished Ben had taken it from me to do the necessary and as I left my tits uncovered he told me to offer our friends a drink. I offered up my tit and nervously one man came and sat beside me. Both eventually sucked on my tits to drink my milk – to the pleasure of my husband. In fact it happened several times that while the men sucked and squirted milk from my breasts that I would let my hands find their cocks and masturbate them to climax – sometimes singly sometimes together simultaneously. But that first time when the men stroked my belly and enjoyed the way I lifted and offered my tits for them to examine my husband brought the conversation back to sex when pregnant. He described to them how we did it in such a way that they were almost foaming at the mouth.

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   The men said how they wished their wives were more like me and then Ben played his ace. “Follow us – into the other room – we’ll show you something – but you have to promise to keep it quiet. ”I dutifully stood and walked with Ben into the other room followed by nervous gibbering men while our couple of other guests sat smirking, knowing what was to come. We all stood in the lounge and Ben motioned me to take off my robe leaving me naked save for the small pair of panties that were almost buried under my swollen stomach. Both men made a strange but very audible sound when confronted by my nakedness. I could almost hear their thoughts asking the question, “Are they going to see a demonstration – a sex show?”When Ben uttered the words, “Turn round – and bend over the chair back,” the men stood stunned. Now feeling very aroused I bent low supporting myself and offered up my arse standing wide legged knowing both my holes were wide open and on display. I heard Ben ask, “Is this too much for you or shall I carry on?”The reply came in a shaky voice, “Carry on!”Next I heard the sound of Ben’s trousers being unzipped and then a second or two later as he discarded his trousers his penis pushed into my vagina and he began to slowly fuck me. It wasn’t much of a fuck and just a minute later he asked, “As you both seem to be “going short” of sex let me invite you both to share. She will enjoy the feel of a different cock inside her. If it’s not what you want – then we’ll pretend this never happened – it’s up to you. ”Ben withdrew his cock and I waited bent for a reaction. I sensed the hesitancy and nerves as they fumbled unsure but then as one of them finally pushed his dick against my hole I obligingly assisted its entry. That was all they needed to let rip – and the first man began to fuck me – then I heard Ben’s voice again. “Now let me show you the main event – what you should be teaching your wives!”The cock inside me was quickly withdrawn and for a moment I was confused – until I felt the greasy feel of cream being smeared over my bum-hole.

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   The men whistled and swore in disbelief as they witnessed my husbands fingers disappear up my arse. To their further amazement I spread even wider and put a hand behind me helping to part my arse cheeks. “Go ahead!” I heard my husband say, “I’ve prepared her for you not for me. ”The men must have been standing not knowing how to react and knowing they would be at least glancing at my bum hole I let my fingers try to open my anus inviting them to proceed. When one asked if we were sure it was OK it was me who answered an eager yes. The first one began to shout almost when his cock slipped into my arse much easier than he expected and he bounced my buttocks against him while he told me how sexy my swollen tummy was. He asked permission in a silly way “Could he shoot his load in my arse” and told me was a lovely fuck I was. By the time the other man took his place without any qualms at all he was so excited he lasted a mere minute. For my husband it had been the build up that had turned him on and he was beside himself with glee as he took me himself before inviting our other guests to take their pleasure. I was to have many more fucks with the young husbands, their favourite being one behind while the other in front being sucked off. It was they who led us on to our next act of perversion when having a weak bladder after giving birth one day I was feeding baby while impatiently one of them knelt between my legs licking my clit – and I lost control. It was only a small amount but my husband who was watching noted how it seemed to turn the man on. A day or two later when once again I was allowing the men to drink my breast milk my husband beckoned us all into the other room. On the floor he had laid a sheet of plastic and I knew what he intended. When he had positioned me so that one of the men was licking my cunt he gave me an instruction quietly in my ear.

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  “Let it go,” he said, “Empty your bladder!”As I reasoned that if the man had been willing to sit on the sheet of plastic then he must want it – so slowly at first I relaxed my pelvic muscles and let piss dribble out of my hole. I felt the man’s tongue and knew he liked it – it aroused me – so I let it flow! It was the beginning of a new game that would work both ways. In other words, sometimes it would be me kneeling on the floor opening my mouth allowing a man to urinate into it. Now when friends ejaculated into my mouth it would almost certainly be followed by a stream of pee. It must be remembered that due to my sexually submissive nature that I too received much pleasure from the act. At the same period in time there was another event that I am more reluctant to relate but it influenced everything that came after. Being pregnant was still a time of restraint in spite of the said events and when I was not well or in the mood the men had found another diversion. Now I was staying home of a weekend and sometimes would be in bed when my husband returned. He would stay quiet and respect my condition and insisted his friends did likewise. One Saturday evening though I heard the faint mumble of chatter and for some reason was curious enough to creep downstairs to see what was going on. One reason being I had thought that I had heard the giggle of a female. Putting a gown over my nightdress I crept downstairs and peeped round the door. The sight before me shocked me but I stayed still and watched. In our sitting room were my husband and three of his friends, all part of our “sex group” so to speak. Two men were watching my husband and the remaining one who were sitting on the couch – between them sat a female.

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   A girl, not a woman – a girl I knew – she was a local girl who had a reputation for being a bit of a rebel – a tearaway. The reason I hesitate is because I know I should not just have just stood and watched – because I knew her age – she was still not quite fifteen!Her family let her run wild so it was no surprise to see she was still out at this hour. The shock was that she was in my house and sat on my couch in-between my sexually perverted husband and one of the men who frequently fucked me in front of him. So they hadn’t offered her shelter from the rain or anything – I knew she was here for sex – and I watched – for a while anyway. The girl was in high spirits and had obviously had a drink – and one of the men handed her another. They were going to seduce her – get this young schoolgirl to perform for them. As they laughed and giggled and chatted I saw my husband’s hand fall to stroke her thigh. She wore a short skirt and tight top making her breasts seem larger than they actually were. There was no objection as Ben’s hand began to creep higher and higher toward her panties. The other man turned her face toward him and taking the glass from her hand so she wouldn’t spill the drink he held her and kissed her full on the lips. Slowly and carefully his hand went beneath her top and covered one of her tits. She was hardly much older than our own eldest but I am ashamed to say I was feeling an excitement – I was aroused. Now she giggled nervously as my husband and his mate touched her tits and inner thigh. When the man started to pull her top over her head she spoke. “What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

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  “You said you wanted to come back for a drink and a bit of fun – this is the bit of fun!” said the man. “You enjoyed being kissed by us earlier – now there’s no one to see us – we can relax. ”As the girl’s arms were held above her head the man quickly and smartly pulled off her top showing her little blue bra. “It’s OK – no one will know,” said the man, “Let’s have a look at those lovely breasts of yours – and that nice figure you have. ”The girl protested a little and was clearly nervous but allowed herself be kissed and fondled as the glass was returned to her. My husband hand rested on her inner thigh and I could see the growing lust on his face. “I know what else we promised you,” said the seducer, “A smoke - relax and enjoy it while we just admire your sexy little body”. The girl was clearly divided between enjoying how these older men allowed her to drink and smoke and talk to her in language that was forbidden, and nervous because it was probably the first time she had allowed men – and not mere boys - to kiss and touch her like this. However I sensed that something about it excited her greatly and she loved the way she was being admired. I guessed she was realising for the first time how much power a female has over males when they use sex to their advantage - if the female likes having the sex – then who is really in control. I almost laughed realising that at this moment she could probably get them to sign a blank cheque. I saw her begin to relax and smile and giggle at the lewd comments of the men. Now she proudly sat displaying her little blue bra loving the way the men opposite her looked at her. She knew she was teasing them every time she allowed the men either side of her to kiss or fondle her and when the next “request” came she simply nodded her head and giggled even more. “Let’s see if you have matching panties to go with that lacy bra – you don’t mind do you – you know how much we like looking at you?”She gasped a little when her skirt was slid up to show off her panties and she saw one of the men opposite feel his bulging prick before undoing his pants.

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  “Don’t worry – just open your legs a little so we can see better,” said the man before once again kissing her fully on the lips. Her hands were now full with the drink and the joint and she was helpless as at the same time as being held tight and kissed her bra strap was slipped off her shoulder – she gave a little whimper of alarm. The room filled with gasps of lustful glee and many expletives were uttered as the young girls’ tits came out to be displayed for the men. As though to reassure and encourage her they paid her many compliments and as she was so naïve - and influenced by the drink and drugs she took it all in and believed it. I could identify with her and could almost guess her thoughts – I knew her “type” – her attitude toward life. She felt grown up and important flattered that these much older men found her so much of a turn on. And wasn’t it exciting, she was probably thinking, to play such naughty forbidden games and let these men play with her. How exciting it was that these men let her enjoy the sight of their penises – much more interesting than what the boy’s her own age had to offer. I had been there – I knew. She relaxed, probably thinking that why not let these men play with her body – she loved the attention. Coyly she looked up and around the room seeing how some of the men were now slowly but openly masturbating as they watched the men with her rub and knead her tits. My husband let his fingers trace a line over her panties were her slit was gently pushing the material into her moist hole. “You know what men like don’t you?” asked one male, “Why don’t you stand and do a little dance for us?”As the girl began to slowly comply with the request and stand her bra was gently slipped all the way off her shoulders and unclipped. Now completely naked from the waist up I was able to sense that she momentarily felt too exposed and vulnerable – and nervous. Whether she was able to imagine what all this would lead to I don’t know but she was soon happily jiggling her breasts and giggling, dancing for the men while at the same time she was fascinated by the way they had no reservations about masturbating while she too watched them.

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  I watched her dancing away and the sight caused me to become so aroused that I had to touch myself. Ben, my husband made the next move and rose up to stand behind the girl holding her waist and moving to the same rhythm. I became more excited knowing what was going to happen. When he knew the girl was sufficiently relaxed he slipped his hand around and let it delve inside her panties. He made sure she kept up the dancing as his fingers tickled her pussy and then pushed a little deeper. His erect cock rubbed against her bottom and bare thigh while his other hand tweaked her nipples and squeezed her tits. As they danced he made her face the others who kept talking to her saying how great she was. She seemed unaware that her panties were slowly being pulled down to expose her young cunt. Just as she was about to protest and cry out she was quickly lifted the three feet back to the couch and laid flat. Like a pack of wolves the other men closed round –still pulling on their foreskins – one holding her legs as her underwear was finally taken off altogether. This was all a bit too fast and had scared her so she cried out and pleaded, asking what they were going to do. They were careful not to be too rough with her and caressed her gently as they closed her hand round a throbbing cock asking her to be a good girl and play with it. She was asked if she had ever pleased a man like that before and eventually admitted she had only ever done it to boys of her own age. Some men had removed their trousers altogether to prepare for the next step. “Have you ever sucked one?” asked a man moving in front of the girl’s face.

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  She was stretched along the length of the couch and though I couldn’t see her clearly I heard from her muffled tones that a penis had been forced into her mouth. She sobbed and then I saw how her jaw was being held making her keep her mouth open. Suddenly she managed to turn her head and then her cries became louder – I was then that I made my presence known. The men jumped and looked startled when they turned to see me. My cover had not been broken by accident as I was concerned the cries of the girls would wake my own daughter. For a moment the activities stopped and silently they all looked at me wondering what my reaction would be. “You need to keep the noise down,” I said simply. The sight of the girl excited me – lying there helpless with legs opened wide – waiting to be fucked. I wanted to see her be fucked – gangbanged by my husband and his friends. Walking to the couch I sat near her feet and began to calm the girl. She was puzzled by this sudden appearance of another female and silenced her whimpering. Talking gently to her I told her to relax and it would be fine stroking her hair and running my hands over parts of her body. My own lust was building fast and as the men stood back a little I bent my head and kissed her lips. Then my hands moved over her nipples and I found myself wanting more from this fourteen year old. Kissing her more passionately on the lips my hand now touched her tits in an overtly sexual way before tingling with excitement I dropped my arm to her young pussy.

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  As she began to whimper again my desire grew and my fingers teased and pressed against her clit. Lost in my perverted desire I took time to speak, “Fuck her!” I stammered. A moment later I felt hands keep her legs apart and my hand removed as one of the men pushed his penis deep inside her. Kissing and holding her I kept up the reassurances and told her everything would be alright – if she let all the men satisfy their lusts. Nevertheless she still cried out and it was then that I uttered the obvious remark. “Take her into the other room – then the noise can’t be heard. ”The men looked a little surprised that it was my suggestion and happily pulled the girl up to lead her through the door. As it was firmly closed behind us it was like a signal that all caution could be dropped. The girl’s body was entered in two holes and she was treated like a rag doll. From being laid flat she was lifted upright and impaled on a cock while another one took her mouth from the front. It was as though she had resigned to her fate and decided to comply because she willingly opened her mouth to accept the angry shaft. Being told to use her hands and move them along the weapon she pleased the men by doing just that. Now the men were able to extract little laughs and giggles from her as they persuaded her to adopt all manner of positions. Kneeling behind her and making her push her bum high in the air one man took her doggy fashion whilst he asked her questions about why she liked to be a naughty girl. She was told they would look after her and give her nice presents for her trouble.

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  A man whispered to her and I could tell he promised her much – if she agreed to let them perform a certain act. It was clearly something she found shocking and pleaded against but with much persuasion that it was something lots of grown ups did she agreed to try it as long as they would stop if she changed her mind. I think the size of the cash reward promised helped sway her. I didn’t know what they intended until it happened but the excitement of the men was intense. I drew a sharp breath as my husband took out the plastic sheet from its storage space and spread it on the floor. While the men shook with excitement the girl shook with nerves as she was made to kneel in the middle of the sheet. The nominated man stood in front of her and holding her head he guided his cock into her mouth. For a minute of two he allowed her to use her own hands to pull his foreskin but then as his lust grew he masturbated furiously until as his sperm began to flow he told her to let it shoot into her mouth. He held her head to make sure she did and we all watched silently as she licked and sucked the last drops. Then, as the penis began to loose its stiffness he held it just an inch from her open mouth as he relaxed his bladder and began to piss. As she involuntarily closed her mouth and tried to turn her head he held her tight and mad her comply. Very slowly and frequently sobbing she eventually let her jaw part and offered her open mouth up toward the pissing cock. It is said that people can get used to almost anything and this girl certainly did surprisingly quickly. By the time a second man moved to sample the delights of pissing into the mouth of a fourteen year old girl she was compliant and now needed little instruction. When the man had finished masturbating into her throat she waited while he was ready and opened her mouth wide waiting for the rush of hot yellow liquid.


  Not being left out I enjoyed the spectacle by sitting and throwing open my gown to play with my cunt – but the next event was unexpected. The girl was asked to kneel down but this time in front of me. I let things happen – she was told to lick my cunt and pleasure me and I certainly didn’t object. Neither did I complain when my husband’s limp dick that was wet from pissing in the girl’s mouth was given to me to suck and lick. I had to try the perversion myself – the pictures I had recently witnessed and the feel of the girl’s tongue soon made me orgasm. It was as I was relaxing and my lust was calming that I let it flow. Leaning forward to hold the girl’s head in place I urinated and watched as she was unable to expel all of it from her mouth before she needed to swallow. Only the size of my pregnant belly prevented me from pushing the girl’s face hard into my cunt. The events gave me much to think about and I went through the following week a little apprehensive whether she would report the episode or not. Clearly the rewards were enough, for the following week as I heard Ben return about midnight with friends again the sound of that same giggling fourteen year old reached my eardrums. In short I lay and left them to it – until eventually I gave in to the desire to join them for a while. I found her happily being shafted while enjoying the taste of a cock. She joined me on the couch and for a full half hour and while the others watched I took my pleasure with her. When I returned to my bed the men having recovered from their first efforts were once again waiting their turn to fuck her. Author’s noteThis chapter, like every other story I have ever submitted is a first draft.

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   The only concession made to editing or correcting bad grammar has been to run it through the trusty MS Word spill clicker (or should that be spell checker?) Therefore all the ‘mistakes’ contained in the first episode will still be apparent in this and indeed any following chapters as I have already rattled off eight of them! I am confident that it still leaves the story readable and fluent. I mention this to save my readers and critic’s time in pointing out such errors and hope allowances are made for my bad practice. Also I will remind the reader that the story is written in the context of the characters relating to a third party (and probably experiencing considerable guilt) their sexual habits and predilections. In reality such people would be reluctant to go into fine detail so the story may appear to be slow and devoid of enough of the ‘juicy bits’ most readers prefer. The story will have to stand on its own merit – good or bad. As I don’t come here very often may I take this opportunity to wish the owners of the site and all its members a very Merry Christmas. Best WishesQuin.