The Other Room Chapter 5


“Well your wife’s not here now, maybe Donna here will oblige and make an old man happy!”There was a silence then nervous laughs before the man looked at me and asked a question. “My goodness, so how old are you sweetheart?”“Fourteen – nearly fifteen,” I told him. He looked at me in a really lewd way and said, “You’re too old to sit on my lap like a child would – but too young to sit on it like a woman. ”I didn’t at first quite catch his meaning but knew he was thinking of me in a sexual way. Dad pushed the situation and put me on the spot. “I think Donna will sit on your lap for a while anyway – won’t you?”The atmosphere was tense and the men were almost licking their lips. It seems a simple thing now but how arousing the men found it at the time! All eyes were on me while they waited for my response. I felt a thrill – the thrill of being treated like a sexy grown up woman – the thrill of being part of this naughty little secret – of being given permission almost to be really naughty. Most of all it would be very exciting to have a man this age want to touch me in a deliberately sexual way. I went toward him and as I hesitated he gently pulled me down on his knee and as he held me to balance me he shuffled and then I felt a hard bulge as he pulled me higher up his thighs. I flushed and for a while avoided eye contact with anyone. My skirt during all this had ridden up and I had to keep my knees together to avoid showing my panties. The man talked and joked and his hands were always on the verge of going where they shouldn’t. The other man said it was crowded on the couch so went to move in front of us – I saw his trousers bulging. My father’s face was one of sheer lustful excitement. I wondered if daddy knew that I was sat on the man’s cock and could he tell how the man purposely kept fidgeting around increasing his excitement.

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  The man, between what he thought were witty comments kept giving me little kisses on the cheek and neck. It was as though he was seeing how far he could go before I would call a halt – or dad decided to protest. My compliance, and dad’s lack of protest spurred the man on – he turned my face and kissed me on the lips. It was only a short kiss then as he pulled away both the man and I looked across at dad to see his reaction. He still said nothing but a little grin broke across his face and his eyes told me he was sexually excited. His face had coloured up and his breathing was slow but heavy. I had seen this look on the face of strangers when I had showed them just a glimpse of my panties before smiling at them. Then I felt safe because I knew they were helpless, not able to react – this man could – and dad gave a little nod to him. The man read the signs and his kiss on my neck felt less innocent. I heard how he caught his breath not believing his luck, and then he tuned my face and held it. “So Donna, are you sat on my knee as a little girl – or a woman?”Then as his mouth closed over mine he mumbled, “It doesn’t matter which now does it?”He kissed me hard and pushed his tongue into my mouth. This was a man wanting sex and he no longer cared that I was only fourteen – or that my dad was there with us. Eventually he let me pull away and I gazed down at the floor stunned and shocked. I daren’t look at dad because the man was now moving me around on his cock and his left hand had moved to rest on my thigh. Now he made blatant remarks about my body saying how sexy I looked and how nice my legs felt.

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   He even whispered that I had lovely tits and then I glanced at dad expecting him to be annoyed but he was still smiling with that lustful grin. It didn’t go mush further that night and the man continued to kiss me and push his cock into my crotch. Just before it was time to stop I stood and in a daze I heard my dad say I should give the other man a kiss so he didn’t feel left out. It was only for a minute but the man being craftier than his friend turned me round as I sat on his knee so I was facing away from dad. He purpose soon became obvious when I felt his hand close over my breast and he squeezed my tits before rolling my nipple between his fingers as he kissed me. Dad couldn’t see but I’m sure he sensed something was happening. That’s how it went for a while with dad asking me to come and meet his friends or as he carefully put it, “Come and be nice to them and let them look at you. ”Sometimes it was only for a few minutes other times I stayed a while and sat with them or dad paraded me in front of them and got me to serve drinks or just let them admire his daughter who was “growing up into a good looking woman”. The sexual innuendo was always there and it was during those longer sessions, when mum was out, that things developed. A sure way of knowing dad would get me to meet his friends was if mum was out and I came home from school while someone was visiting. It was the uniform that appealed to dad’s older clients and buddies. In the evenings dad would find an excuse to play music then he could get me to dance for the men’s amusement and entertainment. He would tell me to wear something nice or “something interesting” which I knew meant sexy and revealing. Then he came with the suggestion, “Have you something even more interesting?”I would be dancing in front of the men dressed in low cut top and short skirt, either tight that showed off my backside or a flared one that would billow up as I spun round and showed of my panties for just an instant. I knew dad loved it when I pleased his friends like that – and I did too.

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   The wickedness of it all, the sharing of the secret and seeing those men aroused by my efforts turned me on. I came home from school one day and dad said, “Why don’t you go straight into the lounge?”I was introduced to two of his older clients, men around fifty years old and dad whispered that they were important business friends and would I be especially nice to them. It was then that he mentioned it would be better if we all went into the “other room”. I looked confused and dad said, “There’s a chance we could get interrupted by another visitor – if so I’ll get rid of her – it’s a relative who lives nearby. If we are in the other room she won’t know anyone is here. The wife is out with our other daughter, she won’t be back for a while. ”I was more confused and wondered why he was being so secretive, and how far he wanted me to go! He whispered again to me that I should be really nice to them and entertain them. It was a little scary but exciting as dad closed the door behind us to keep our presence and activities secret from anyone. Dad wanted me to be really nice he said so that meant he wanted me to be a little naughtier than usual to have some fun with the men. As they talked to me and asked me what were really silly questions about school I sat and enjoyed how they eyed me up. Dad kept an ear cocked for sounds of the expected visitor then said I should stand up and show them what a good figure I was developing – maybe I could be a model. I stood and posed in front of them while they passed comments and made light-hearted remarks. Dad got me to dance and put the music on low so he could still listen out for someone coming. It was because the music was so low that made it seem sexier and naughtier. It wasn’t like dancing at a party – they just wanted to ogle my body.

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   I danced and wriggled sexily in front of them – I could see how it pleased daddy and he smiled approval. I became a little more daring and held the hem of my skirt raising it higher to show off my legs just stopping before my panties came into view. It really made them whistle when I loosened my school shirt and popped open the top buttons. Then one man stood and began to dance with me. I felt him touch me as he moved round me and then his hands held me round the hips. As he moved to the music I felt my skirt climbing higher up my thighs. I glanced at daddy but he just smiled and nodded – he didn’t mind. Then the dancing stopped and I had to catch my breath – the man pulled my skirt up to my hips. “It’s a long while since I got to see under a girl’s school skirt. In my day they wore really heavy regulation school knickers. Now let’s see if things have changed over the years and see what they wear now!”I was stunned and just stood still as the man lifted my skirt to display my underwear. His hand was on my bare tummy and he turned me toward his friend while they feasted their eyes on me. “Isn’t she a smasher – gorgeous!” he said. “Come and sit with us. ”As I was led to the sofa and was sat down between them the man stopped me from pulling down my skirt.

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  “Don’t do that!” he laughed, “It will spoil the view. You don’t mind do you?” He asked my father the question – not me. “I’ll just go and check the house,” dad said, “I’ll be gone about five minutes. ”It was though he was giving them a warning – letting them know how much time they had to play with me while he was gone. When I found myself alone with those elderly men, my heart began to race. Having me, a fourteen year old girl, sat between them with my skirt pulled to my waist made them grunt and breathe heavy with lust. They clearly had a fetish about girls in school uniform and their hands wandered all over me touching me every where. “There’s something very sexy about that bare white flesh between little white socks and panties,” the man said. His hands stroked my thighs as he added, “And I can see that tight little bulge between your legs. Your daddy told us you like some sexy fun – like to be a naughty girl!”He was telling me that they had my father’s permission to do this and that my dad knew I would go along with it! Now I was really shocked and dumbfounded – how far did daddy want me to go?Suddenly my head was turned and I was kissed on the lips. The other man, without asking or saying anything began to unfasten my shirt until he was able to uncover my tits by pulling my bra up I gave a little shriek and whimper saying they should stop then the man bent his head and sucked on my nipple. These men to me were two “grandpa’s” – old men – and here they were taking such liberties. They knew their time was limited and before dad came back into the room they satisfied their lust quickly. I sat silently and submissively in awe and watched both these men take out their cocks and masturbate over my school uniform and on my tits. As dad walked back into the room he saw two very flustered men and me in the middle still fastening the buttons of my shirt – and still with skirt pulled up showing my panties! I was mortified but dad again just smiled as he watched me.

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  With only a minute or two to spare before mum came home dad hadn’t much time to talk to me. He told me thank you for being nice to his friends and held me around the waist while he spoke to me but being embarrassed I was too shy to look up. I wasn’t sure how to react when he quietly asked me what the men had done and declined to answer. “Don’t worry – I’m glad you are OK about it – and I hope you enjoyed it – found it fun. ”I wondered just how much he was aware of what happened but he did know my blouse had been unbuttoned – and I knew he must have seen at least one wet patch on my clothes! I was therefore very shocked when he gave me a little kiss on the cheek and whispered, “You can do it again sometime – have fun entertaining my friends - doing grown up things. ”So that’s how I understood it – my father wanted me to please his friends by doing sexy things with them. Just how far I was expected to go I wasn’t sure but thinking about it gave me a strange thrill – and I just knew I would be willing to oblige when I could. .