The stormy night - PART TWO


The stormy night – part two
I could hardly believe it.   Here I was, a 43 year old guy alone and naked in a motel room with two naked sisters aged 16 and 17.  I had only met them a few hours earlier when I picked them up at the side of the road.  The weather had been really bad and I’d offered them shelter for the night in my motel room.  Since then I had had my eyes opened in a few very pleasurable ways.  Firstly, I had discovered that the eldest of the two, who I had thought was a boy was in fact a girl.  Secondly, I had enjoyed watching them both in their underwear whilst running a bath.  Thirdly, I had been invited to join them in their bath, which I did.  This lead to the youngest wanking me off into her sister’s mouth at the same time as fingering my ass hole.  And now they had lead me to the bedroom asking me to fuck them both.  So, here I was, a 43 year old guy alone and naked in a motel room with two naked sisters aged 16 and 17… and they wanted me to fuck them.
Well, I’m just an ordinary guy, I’m not some porn star or the creation of someone’s fantasies.  In other words, when I cum I like to roll over and go to sleep – it’s what us regular guys do.  When I cum my dick doesn’t stay hard and scream more!  But you try explaining that to two horny teenagers, they just wouldn’t take no for an answer.
All three of us lay on the large king size bed, rolling in the soft quilted cover.   The sisters lay on either side of me, so I could roll to my left and kiss passionately one whilst the other rubbed me from behind and then visa versa.

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    As we lay on the bed they seemed to be playing their own private game and I was their toy.  They seemed to be competing with each other to see who could turn me on the most and more importantly to see who could be the first to get my cock hard for a second time.   They tried every trick in the book and some that I’m sure would never have been published in any book!  Every part of my body was explored by two young tongues – nowhere was out of bounds.  They licked me from head to toe and I was floating on air when one licked up and down the shaft of my cock whilst the other licked from my balls to my ass hole ending with her sticking her tongue into my puckered hole.  Whilst this was going on I was free to explore fully their naked young bodies.  They had been so mistreated in their foster home, both were so underweight that they hardly looked any older than under developed 13 year olds.  I wasn’t sure if this worried me or turned me on – I couldn’t explain how it made me feel but at least it was legal.  I suckled on a pert pair of tiny breasts of one sister whilst my fingers explored the bald pussy of the other.  I was denied access to no part of their exquisite bodies.   I pulled the smallest one over on top of me and spun here round so that her delicious young bottom was facing me, I pulled her towards my waiting mouth, spreading her cheeks to expose her inviting ass hole.  She clenched her butt and her little hole winked at me as if to say ‘eat me’ and that was exactly what I had in mind.   I rubbed the puckered flesh around her anus, marvelling in its wrinkled appearance, dipping my fingers into its entrance.  I lifted my head to allow me to reach her anal secret with my inquisitive tongue.  Like  a dog sampling its mate  I licked that little piece of heaven, jabbing my tongue inside her, tasting her tangy delights.  My fingers continued to explore her body, one had playing with her breast, which were no more than large nipples, the other exploring that smooth pussy.

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    Teasing her labia apart, my fingers stroked the length of her sweet vagina.  As I touched her rapidly growing clit she went suddenly rigid, then shook as she reached her orgasm.
Whilst I was paying so much attention to her young sister, the elder of the two stroked one of her hands up and down the inside of my thigh and the other rubbed tiny circles round my increasingly sensitive nipples.  The hand on my leg got higher and higher with every stroke.  And, with every stroke, I could feel the blood in my veins searching out the tissue in my cock and my brain begged my organ to wake up and get to work.  Then, as her young fingers grazed lightly against the roughened skin of my balls the message got through to my cock and it started to grow.  She cradled my balls in her tiny hand, gently tickling them with her little finger nail.  Then heaven descend on me in the guise of a warm wet mouth.  She took my whole cock in her mouth, with out it touching the sides and without gagging.  Then she locked her lips round the root of my dick and sucked.  It was like sticking my cock in a vacuum.   I had been wrong to think my cock had been as hard as it was going to get, it was like she was sucking every drop of blood from the rest of my body and pooling it in my swelling cock.  I swear it was a couple of inches bigger than it had ever been.  Her sister had recovered from her orgasm and wanted more.   She pushed her pelvis down on my face forcing my tongue further up her ass and I could see her fingers probing her pussy.

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    Her juices were running down onto my chin and all I could smell was the sharp smell of her ass mixed with the sweetness of her cunt.
Now I know they had asked me to fuck them but I was in heaven and the better than expert blow job I was receiving was in serious danger of making me cum very soon.   Just as this thought entered my mind so the blow job stopped!  It was like a form of torture and I’m sure there should be a law against stopping such pleasure before its obvious conclusion.  But stop she did and for good reason.   From my position it was hard to see anything other than the sweet ass and pussy that I had my face buried in.  What I did see, and feel, were a pair of legs, either side of my body, move their way up past my hips until the two sisters were face to face with their knees touching.  I couldn’t see it but from the movements and slurping noises I guessed they were kissing each other and what I could see was a slightly larger hand appear between the youngest sister’s legs.  The two sets of fingers intertwined with each other and jointly explored the young girl’s pussy.  My mind was swimming.   I was lying here with my tongue up inside the ass of a 16 year old whilst she was being French-kissed by her sister who was also fingering the young sibling’s dripping pussy.  Then, as I thought I’d reached heaven, I was again proved wrong.  A fantastic warm, moist sensation swamped my rigid cock as the elder of the two delicately held onto my dick and guided it into her waiting pussy.  She raised herself up and then dropped down onto my cock.  Twice more she did this, each time harder than the previous one, then three or four times more.  On the last drop she remained where she was, impaled on my engorged member.

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    Then she started to roll her hips literally ‘screwing’ me into her.  I could feel the tip of my cock bang against the opening to her womb.  She then started to rock back and forward, squashing her clit between her body and mine, grinding it between our hard pelvic bones.  The youngest one’s hand left her own pussy, which her sister was still ravaging with her own fingers, to presumably tease the breasts of her sister.  I’m sure this was not the first time they had given each other such pleasure and I was beginning to think I wasn’t the first mad to witness it either.  I grabbed the hips of the one on my face and slid her up, slightly, so that I could taste the sweetness which I had previously only smelled.  I licked my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, drinking in the delicate nectar.  It was like honey on my lips.   I strained and my tongue reached that magic button at the top of her pussy and magic it certainly was; every time it flicked it she would shudder.  Whether each shudder was an orgasm I’m not sure but I could tell that she enjoyed it regardless.  The eldest one was still rocking back and forward on my cock, using her fingers in her sister’s cunt as leverage.  I hoped, for her sake, she was close to her orgasm because my was rapidly approaching and this time nothing was going to stop it.  My tongue, with a mind of its own, again flicked the clit of the girl above my face and this time she did orgasm.  Her small body went rigid, she gripped my chest with her knees and pushing her pussy down on my mouth she skirted a hot stream of gorgeous pussy juice.  This was the trigger that my balls had been waiting for.

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    Not to be out down by her sudden spasm my two balls jumped inside their sack and with the power of a small atom bomb they pushed a long thick stream of cum through my cock and up into that warm pussy.  It was like a chain reaction.   There was one girl squirting her pussy juice into my open mouth, whilst in turn I shot my hot sperm into her sister’s tight pussy, which, in reaction, started to ripple, like a snake swallowing its prey, she milked my cock as her orgasm flowed through her pussy in strong muscular waves.
Both girls collapsed into each other’s arms and had they not rolled off me exhausted I think I would have suffocated, but at least I would have died happy.   We lay they, a tangled sweaty heap of arms and legs.  The occasional hand drifting over very sensitive sex organs, causing the recipient to shudder and squirm.  I had a worrying thought, not what I should have been thinking – what if they lied about their ages.  No I was worried that they may expect me to now fuck the younger one, if they could I think my balls would have hid in my ass hole at the thought of more spunk production.  I uncurled myself from the mass and lay stretched on the bed.  In turn each of the tiny bodies curled up under my arms and rested their heads on my chest.  There was no indication of sex as they draped their legs over mine and let their hands go where hey pleased.  No sexual needs only contentment and maybe a small sign of love, these two girls had found a happy place to be.  Almost afraid of spoiling the moment I stroked their heads and asked them what plans they had made for their journey.
They both tilted their heads upwards, whilst still resting them on my chest, and looked longingly into my eyes, two lost souls in need of sanctuary.
The youngest one, her bottom lip quivering slightly said in a shaky voice, “Are you going to make us go away, now that you’ve had some fun?  The other men do.

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The other men?  What other men?  My mind screamed for retribution, but surely I was the same as the other men.  No I wasn’t, I wasn’t going to turn these poor girls out, I was going to let them stay with as long as they wanted and I told them so.
“Do you really mean that?” squeaked the eldest, “We can stay with you forever?”
“Well as long as you want and if that is forever that will be fine by me.  But I’m sure you’ll want to live your own lives as time goes by. ” I replied.
“Oh no, we’ll be with you forever and ever” they both replied.
“Well if you’re going to stay with me we’d best get you some new clothes to wear. ” I said.   The looks on their faces said I was the best person in the world for suggesting such an offer. “But we can do that tomorrow.   Now we need to get some rest. ”
“Yes, daddy…” they both said.
Part three – the shopping trip … to follow soon
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