The Supergirls - Chapter 4 - Becky


One hand continues to massage my breasts while the other travels a slow trail along my flat stomach, down between my legs to the open slit between my gorgeous legs. My pussy is completely shaven something that I will allow my father to do occasionally if he has been a “good boy”. I trace lines up one firm, well muscled leg and down the other, getting closer with each pass. My legs spread just a bit, in anticipation of my nearing fingers. Barely touching, I let my fingers tease myself, closer and with more pressure until I put my whole hand there. I just hold it there for a moment, my fingers resting against my vagina, felling the excitement grow. Slowly I let one finger slide between my swollen lips; it slides in easily, coated in the juices that have already begun to flow. Involuntarily my legs part wider, now another finger joins the first and they glide up and down on my hard, extended clit. I am so caught up in myself; I did not see him enter the room. He had already unbuttoned his shirt and undone his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. When I finally looked up he was at the foot of the bed, touching himself. Stroking and pulling on his sexy cock. As he got harder and longer I can see the glorious purple head swell and expand. Watching my father touch himself like that always gets me so excited. I wanted to watch some more but I just had to touch him. I sit up and push his hands away from his throbbing erection and begin to stroke him.

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   Feeling every vein and ridge, the smooth, hardness amazes and excites me. I slide off the edge of the bed and walk toward him. He stands there waiting to see what I am going to do next. It was obvious that he is afraid of me and a surge of excitement shot through my body. I engulf his mouth in mine and kiss him passionately. Our tongues entwine and seek each other, exploring the other's mouth. Tasting the desire that wets our lips. I am holding him close and I can feel his hardness pressed up against my stomach. I turn us around so that his back is to the bed. Still kissing him fiercely, I push him down onto the bed and tie his hands to the bed posts with silk scarves. My intent is for him not to cum for a long, long time, while I on the other hand will be cumming all over him. Kneeling between his strong legs I lightly run my perfectly manicured fingernails up and down his thighs while my breasts tease his thick, engorged manhood. The feeling of my nipples grazing over him causes him to involuntarily jump. My hands work their way up is luscious well muscled body, over his gorgeous chest and up his arms. My mouth is upon his and my mound barely brushes against his ridged eleven inch penis.


   He tries in vain to make the contact closer. Arching up, rotating his hips, trying to get nearer to my center. I pull my mouth from his and proceed to run my tongue along his neck, tasting my father’s scent. I nibble on his ear while I rub my seething pussy just a bit nearer. I let my hot mouth find its way to one of his nipples, already hard with desire; gently I tug, while my tongue flicks, back and forth I go from one to the other. His heart is racing. His moaning tells me all I need to know. My hands, never idle, slide up and down his strong, muscular arms. Applying more pressure with each pass. He wants this down below and tries to tell me only to find my fingers in his mouth. He sucks them in and tastes my juices. His mouth is so hot, so wet. He tries again to arch himself up and into me, but to no avail. 'Not yet daddy,' I whisper, totally in control. My mouth and tongue leave a hot wet trail across his stomach.

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   My fingers run through his soft chest hair. Using only my tongue I trace the happy trail, tempting and teasing him. Just barely touching my father’s rock hard cock I work around his curly patch. I take a few long hot licks up the entire length of his shaft. He tastes so fucking good. I love to tease so I go lower still. I kiss his cum filled balls, then alternating; I take each one into my mouth very gently, rolling them, getting them wet and hot. My hands have traced their way down his sides and I reach behind grabbing his firm ass. I let my tongue moisten his tight little hole, I hear him gasp, before I work my way back up. His cock is harder than it has ever been. I can't wait to slide it inside me. I finally put my lips on just the tip, flicking my tongue, I go down a bit more and with my hands still on his ass I push him all the way into my waiting mouth. His moans are loud and long. Up and down his hard cock my mouth, lips, tongue and teeth work. My tongue dances circles around him as I come back up.

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   He is getting harder and harder, swelling in my mouth. Suddenly I feel him stiffen, ready to cum. So I pull away. I put a few ice cubes in my mouth and roll them around until they are nearly melted. I run my frozen tongue up his swollen member. Again I take his entire length into my mouth. Tiny ice bits join my tongue on this journey. His breath catches with this new sensation. Now I can suck a little longer. I love the taste of my father, the feel of him in my mouth, the sounds I hear escaping from his lips as I enjoy the taste of his precum, until his heat warms my mouth, the ice is melted and we both want to cum, but not yet. I bring myself up and sit on his thighs, pinning his cock to his stomach, I glide my dripping wet pussy up and down, my clit swelling against his cock. We both moan. He wiggles and arches his back trying to make contact with my pussy lips. He wants to be inside is sexy little girl so much. Just barely audible I hear him whisper.

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  'Please Becky', 'Please fuck me Mistress!'I could see the sweat on his brow and he was holding the tethers tighter than they were holding him. 'Are you sure daddy,' I whisper back. ‘I have never been so sure about anything,’ he gasps. ‘Maybe just for a little bit,’ I whisper. A split second later I slowly lower my tight wet pussy down over my father’s thick hard cock, inch by inch, then back up, up until it is nearly out and then back down. Dreadfully slow. Then a few quick thrusts as he tries to push up into me. I can tell he aches for release. I grind a bit, my clit against his pelvic bone, and then pull away. I hear him sigh and he whispers my name, 'Becky' with such pleading. I kiss him deeply, our tongues entwine, while my clit again glides up and down over his slick manhood. He gasps for air as my pace quickens. I cum so fucking hard, mmmmmm. He can feel my juices oozing, coating his cock, his balls, dripping over his ass. Yet for now I do not allow him to cum.

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   I look deep into his eyes, he looks so content with his fourteen year old Dominant daughter on top of him, fucking him, using him, cumming all over him. I knew what was next, but he didn’t. Taking hold of his hands our fingers entwine. I pull my mouth from his and inch my cum coated, still oozing pussy gradually up. I let him enjoy each of my huge, perfect breasts; my nipples harden even more as he licks, sucks and bites them through my teddy. I leave a wet sticky trail along his stomach and chest. I tickle my clit on each nipple, both of us lost in the sensation. He tilts his head forward as I near his awaiting mouth. I glaze his chin with my juices then pull just out of reach. 'Are you hungry daddy' I whisper. In anticipation he licks his lips. 'Yes Mistress,' he groans. Finally I lower my sizzling young cunt to meet his mouth. His tongue is so hot as it licks the length of my exposed clitoris. I begin to ride his face.

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   From flicking my clit to inserting his tongue deep inside me, my father is bringing me closer to another raging orgasm. He gently sucks me, followed by long slow licks as my breathing quickens. I'm going to cum. I put my lips to his and let my spasms and his sucking release my delicious girl cum. Soon his face is coated with my sweet nectar. I can see it glistening in the fading candlelight. I loosen the tethers so that with the slightest of tugs his hands will be free. Bringing my mouth to his I kiss him again. Then in one fell swoop I drill his throbbing cock into my vagina. I fuck him with such force he cries out. His balls are slapping against my engorged slit. I reach down and take hold of them, giving them a gentle squeeze. His head is pounding into the pillow in rhythm with my deep thrusts. His screams of passion are muffled as he shudders and shakes. When I finally allow him to cum, he explodes inside me, emptying a torrent of his hot, thick seed deep into my vice like vagina.

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  Panting and gulping for air he collapses into the bed. Face to face again I kiss him, a slow lingering kiss. One look in my eyes tells him that I am not yet done with him. His body is limp, like a rag doll. The sweat from his body catches the candlelight causing him to glimmer. Slowly I pull away from him and leave the room. He is left to wonder what will happen next, but instead he falls asleep. "Wake up daddy," I whisper, "I’m not finished with you yet. " He woke with a start; and as he did my hands gripped his ankles, pulling him to the edge of the bed. Once there, he again sees that look on my face, the mischievous glint in my eye. He tries to act nonchalantly, pretending that looks means nothing, yet his heart and mind are racing. He notices that I am now completely naked and I watch as his eyes take in my stunning 40D-24-36 inch body. I just love looking the way I do, so incredibly sexy even my own father can’t resist me. I pull him to his feet and walk him into the bathroom and unceremoniously push him into my large bathtub. The heat of the water takes his breath away.

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   I laugh at the way he gasps and fumbles to steady himself. His eyes are wide open now and he can see the bubbles, the candles, smell the scented oils surrounding me. Sitting on the side of the tub, I begin to caress the side of my father’s face as he sinks lower into the bubbles, basking in the warmth of the water and the gentleness of my touch. I slip in the tub behind him and press my large, incredibly firm breasts tightly against his back. I turn his head toward me so we can kiss, tongues parting lips, sliding over each other. Tasting, teasing. I lean my head on his shoulder and we stay like that for a while. Not even speaking. I can feel his heartbeat and the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes. Absent-mindedly my fingers run along the undersides of his strong legs while his hands begin roaming over my body. Until he finds one of my breasts, squeezing it, pulling at my already steel hard nipple. I encourage him to lick it and he responds be turning around and taking it between his lips. Gentle bites, sucks and licks soon follow. I hear him moan. I know how much he enjoys sucking on my nipples.

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   I still remember the first time I let him to do that, the day after my thirteenth birthday; even then I was very well developed. Meanwhile my hand begins to work its way down, over his stomach and under the water. The anticipation makes his legs involuntarily part. He can feel my fingers sliding between his legs, teasing him, not really touching but just grazing over his hardness. I encircle my fingers around his straining erection and begin to gently squeeze. He gasps and moans softly. A split second later I begin to stroke him, slowly, expertly jerking my father off. I can feel his body tighten, his breathing becoming labored. My hand begins to move faster. Then suddenly he throws his head back and he explodes in orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhhh baby!” he gasps, as I continue to work his cock with my talented fingers. “Mmmmmmm Becky, I love you so much!”“I love you to daddy,” I giggle. Then before he even knows what is happening I slide around his body until I am sitting on his lap. I take his still very hard cock and begin to rub it along the length of my throbbing pussy, using it to massage my swollen clit. I wrap my arms around his neck and push my magnificent tits hard into his chest.


   I watch him flinch as my nipples bite into his skin they are so hard. “Tell me what you want daddy,” I purr my lips touching his. “I want you to fuck me baby,” he moans. “I want you to bury my cock into your scalding young cunt and conquer me. ”“You enjoy being my fuck toy don’t you daddy?” I whisper. “I enjoy belonging to you Becky. I enjoy having you control every aspect of my life, and most of all I enjoy being your slave,” he told me. “Even when I get rough with you daddy, when I hurt you, when I violently rape you?”“Especially when you rape and hurt me,” he sighs. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. ”I laugh and then kiss him on the forehead. A split second later I begin to slide his raging manhood into my sizzling slit. “I am so proud of you daddy,” I tell him as I wrap my pussy around his cock. “It takes a special man to accept the fact that his fourteen year old daughter is a Dominatrix and that his place in life is to serve her. ”“My whole reason for living is to please you Mistress,” he groans. “I know daddy, I am a very lucky girl to have such a sexy father.

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   A man who realizes that he will always be my personal property, a toy for me to play with whenever I might want. ”I begin to quicken my pace as I grind my pussy on top of him. I can tell that he is quickly nearing another orgasm. My father begins to moan and cry, he calls out my name. I fuck him harder assaulting his cock with my vagina. I suddenly explode in a senses shattering orgasm releasing a stream of my molten girl cum all over his erection. My father responds with his third orgasm of the evening, one just as strong as the other two. I love the feeling of my father’s cum as it coats my pussy; it is so hot and so thick. Finally he collapses against the side of the bathtub. I shift my position and allow his drained penis to slide out of me. I grab it and slowly lower my head and take just the head into my mouth. I suck it gently, licking it, loving it. I look at his face and he smiles no doubt wondering if I still had more in store for him. I decide to stop and let him rest especially since I had been so demanding of him just two days ago when I forced him to cum five times. I lean forward and kiss his lips.


  “Goodnight daddy,” I whisper. “Goodnight Mistress,” he replies. I hope you liked this story. Please tell me what you think about Becky and the way she treats her father. .
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