The Thrill Of Taboo (part 5)


The Thrill of Taboo (part 5)
By  britneyh80@yahoo. com
The story and its characters are a complete work of fiction.
The alarm clock that was on Megan’s nightstand came on suddenly.   I awoke scared, and I quickly crawled across the bed, and slammed it off with the palm of my hand.   I rolled over on my back, and had to think for a moment where I was.   I pulled the covers off and looked down at my naked body.   During the night I kicked Megan’s dildo, and it was buried in the sheets at the bottom of the bed, near my feet.
I rubbed my face, and slowly worked my eyes open.   I hate waking up in the morning.   It doesn’t matter what time you have to get up.   Weather you have to get up to go somewhere or you just don’t feel like sleeping anymore.   It always sucks.  
I lay there trying to get enough motivation to get up.   I heard a cupboard open in the kitchen, along with the sound of dishes banging together.   I thought about what I did last night with Kevin and Katy.   I thought about the two of them sitting next to each other naked on the couch.

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    I thought about Katy watching me, with an interested look on her face as she watched me suck her brother’s young cock.  
I reached my hand down to the bottom of the bed.   I pulled the dildo out of the sheets that was wadded up around it.   My pussy was wet and had a morning tightness to it.   I grabbed the base of the dildo and pushed the vibrator on the first level, as I slid it up my cunt.   There is something about either sex, or masturbating in the morning that is unique.   Your blood is moving very slowly in your body. Your brain is not turned on to its full capacity yet.   Your emotions and your thoughts are not running.   You feel awful, then all of the sudden your vagina sends a signal to your brain that says pleasure.   Your muscles that are already relaxed spasm as you orgasm.   Some of the best orgasms that you have throughout your life will be in the morning when you just wake up.  
I didn’t have one of those orgasms though on this particular morning.   I could of very easily as I thought about when Katy lost her virginity to Kevin last night.   And when he pumped his cum in his sister’s mouth.

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    Or Katy’s cute slit between her legs, as she sat naked on her bed looking at me with that innocent expression.   Waiting for me to teach her how to masturbate.
I pulled the dildo out of my snatch.   I needed to stop.   I only wanted to tease myself.   I had a feeling that this was going to be a fun day.   I sat up on the bed, and after a few moments rose to my feet.   I walked over to Megan’s closet and saw that she had a few robes.   I love wearing a robe in the morning, and she had a red one, that is my favorite color.  
I walked in the kitchen.   Katy was sitting at the table in her white pajamas.   She was eating a bowl of cereal and reading the back of the box.   She looked at me with her young blue eyes, and smiled.   I leaned over her shoulder and rested my cheek against her pretty blonde hair.   She looked at me smiling.

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“Good morning sweety,” I said to her.
“Morning,” She said as she looked at my lips.   I kissed her softly on the lips tasting the capt’n crunch on her mouth.  
I stood up and walked over to the coffee maker.   I pulled out a filter and made the coffee.   I hate making coffee first thing in the morning.   I wish I could just walk in the kitchen and pour a fresh cup.   I put the water in and pushed the on switch.   I heard Kevin’s footsteps upstairs.     I stood still and watched the coffee maker as it slowly dripped in the pot.   The pot was almost full as Kevin pranced down the stairs into the kitchen.
“Kevin, put your clothes on before you come down stairs,” Katy said.
I turned around, and saw Kevin standing there with a smile on his face.   His skinny body walked closer to me.   I looked at his little hard on, and his cute testicles as he approached me.

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    He is just too adorable.   I want him to fuck me.   Should I do it? I put my hand on the band on my robe to take it off.   I looked down at his young face, with that sexy horny expression he’s been giving me.   I have to wait, the longer this builds up the sexier it gets.  
“Kevin, go put some clothes on and get ready for school,” I demanded.
His face dropped in disappointment.   He didn’t say anything and turned around and walked towards the stairs.   I love the way he always pouted when I turned him down.   It turned me on.   I am finally the one in control of the situation.   I say when we are going to fuck, and how we are going to do it.  
Kevin and Katy got ready for school.   It was Thursday morning and Megan was due to arrive this evening, after the kids got home from school.   My husband was out of town for a few days on a business trip.

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    I did tell him where I was at.   I said I was going to watch Megan’s kids while she’s away.  
My husband and I talk on the phone usually once a day when we are not together.   Our marriage has become more of a business then a relationship really.   I wouldn’t be really surprised to hear if he had a girlfriend with him right now.   I mean, I don’t want to know.   It would crush me actually.   Whatever he is doing he just needs to keep it to himself, and I will keep my business to myself.  
I was dressed now, and I waved the kids’ goodbye as they got on the bus for school.   I walked in the living room.   Megan had a stereo system that you can hook your ipod to.  I listened to my favorite 80’s music as I cooked myself breakfast.  
My cell phone played the Kill Bill whistle ring tone.   I reached in my purse and looked at it.   I looked at the phone and smiled as I opened it.

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“Hello sexy woman,” I said.
“Hi, what are you doing,” Megan asked.
“I just made sure your offspring made it off to school ok.   Where are you at?” I asked.
“I am sitting at the airport in Detroit waiting for my flight home,” she said.
“Very cool…I can’t wait to see you again,” I said.
“Yea, me too. ” she said, “So how did everything go?”
I finished chewing the food in my mouth as I thought about my answer.
“I’m sorry I chickened out.   I just didn’t know what to say to them,” I said.
“Oh OK,” she sighed, “It was a good fantasy anyway.   Probably best that you didn’t do anything. ”
“Yea, oh well.   When they go to bed tonight, maybe you and me can go out to the RV, just the two of us,” I said.
“Yea, that would be fun,” she said in a disappointing tone. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   “I have to let you go, I think they are getting ready to board," she said.
“OK, I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight,” I said.
“I am too, maybe we can talk about this more when I get home.   I was kind of hoping that you would have tried something,” she said.
“OK Megan, I’m sorry I just don’t know how to approach them about it.   I will see you tonight,” I said.
I hung up the phone.   So I didn’t tell her the whole story.   I want to surprise her.   I love surprises.   I just needed to figure out how I wanted to do this tonight.   I spent the rest of the morning, and afternoon thinking about it.  
It was about three in the afternoon when Katy and Kevin’s bus pulled up.   Megan was due to arrive in a few hours.   I had a plan somewhat formulated and I needed to get the kids up to speed before their mother got home.

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    I opened the door, and let Katy and Kevin inside.   Katy walked in and smiled at me showing her cute dimples.  
They went and changed clothes and I started dinner.   As we ate we discussed what they were going to do when their mom got home.   I told them they have to act like nothing happened while she was gone.   I had to keep telling Kevin to stop jacking off as we planned out how he was going to go about fucking his mother tonight.  
Three long hours went by and we finally heard Megan's car pull up in the driveway.   Kevin and Katy leaped up in excitement.   We walked to the front door to greet her.   The door opened and she stumbled in with two suit cases.  
"Hi Kids," she said, as she kissed both of them on the top of the head.   She looked at me.
"Hello Britney," she said.
"How was your trip?" I asked.
"It was very long, and I am really happy to be home," she said.

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I looked at Kevin and his hard on was showing in his blue Nike shorts he was wearing.   Megan didn't notice and she walked in the kitchen.   I looked at him and I pointed at it.   He looked down, and he was trying to adjust it.   Megan had her back turned to us in the kitchen.   I quickly walked over to him and put my hand down his pants.   I grabbed his dick and pulled the waist band of his shorts over it, pinning his cock against his stomach.  
"Keep it hidden for just a little longer, OK," I said.   He nodded as I pulled his shirt down so his prick was no longer visible.  
"I'm going to take a shower, I'll see you guys in a little while," she said.
Megan seemed tired and grouchy.   As expected after getting home from a long trip.   We watched her walk in her sexy business suit to her bedroom.   She closed the door and I made the kids keep quite as we walked to her bedroom door, and heard the water turn on in the bathroom.
We looked at each other and giggled in excitement.

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    I had them take off their clothes and they stood side by side naked.   I got on my knees in front of them.   I sucked Kevin's cock and licked Katy's pussy as I told them the plan.  
Ten minutes later I heard the water turn off.   I was waiting outside of Megan's bedroom door.   I peaked through the door and I could see Kevin and Katy hiding quietly in the closet like I told them too.   They were still naked, and Katy was standing behind Kevin.   Katy's arm was reached around her brother and she was slowly jerking off his cock.
I heard the bathroom door open.   I knocked on the door.  
"Yes," Megan said.
"It's Britney, can I come in?" I asked.
"Yes. "
I walked in the door.   Megan's blonde hair was still wet and she had a towel around her body.


"Hi, the kids are down in the basement watching television," I said, "and I bought a new dildo while you were gone.    I wanted to see if I could try it on you. "
"OK lock the door then,” she said.
I locked the door and I told Megan to sit on the chair that was in the corner.   She took off her towel and sat naked on the chair.   I had her put on an eye mask, which she uses to block the light when she sleeps during the day.   I told her that I wanted it to be a surprise and that she couldn't see.  
Megan sat on the chair with her eye mask on.   I looked at the closet and Kevin poked his head out.   I motioned him that it was alright to come over.   I got on my knees and moaned as I lightly ran my tongue on the opening of Megan's cunt.   Kevin very quietly tip toed over.   Megan's juices filled my mouth as I moved my tongue from her asshole to her clit.  
Kevin finally got to me and I grabbed his dick.   I worked my finger in her asshole and I looked at her face as I flicked her clit with my tongue.

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"Are you ready Megan?" I asked.
She bit her lip and nodded her head.   I pulled on Kevin's cock like it was a dog leash, and guided it towards his mother's pussy.   The tip of his dick touched to opening of her pussy.   I looked at Megan's face and she looked confused.   Kevin pushed into his mother suddenly.   Megan gasped, and she quickly tore her eye cover off.   Her mouth opened in shock as she realized that her fourteen year old son was fucking her.   She gasped and looked at me.
"So I lied," I said smiling.   
She just shook her head, and grabbed Kevin's ass and pulled him into her.   He was fucking her as hard as he could.   She scooted off the chair and fell to her back on the floor.   I watched them as I worked my hand down my pants to feel my dripping wet pussy.   I was so turned on that I forgot Katy was standing behind me.

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    I glanced back at her and she was sitting on the floor and was masturbating watching her brother fuck her mom.   She looked up at me, and crawled over and pulled my pants down.   She lightly ran her tongue on my clit, and I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her head between my legs.   I rubbed my wet cunt on her face, and watched Kevin's asshole, and balls, as they bounced on his mother’s pussy.  
The sound of Megan screaming echoed through the walls.   I pulled Katy to her feet and her face was wet with my juices.   She kissed me, and we both were breathing hard as I tasted my pussy on her tongue.  
"Go sit on your mothers face, and make her get you off with her tongue while Kevin fucks her. " I whispered.
I followed Katy as she walked over to Kevin, and Megan.   She stood over her mother’s head and looked down at her face.   Megan looked up at her daughter’s cute body and stuck her tongue out. Katy fell to her knees and straddled her face.   I watched Megan's tongue as it made contact with her daughters pussy.   Katy's cute butt cheeks lowered even more, until it covered her whole face.

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    Megan worked her tongue up her daughter’s cunt, and Katy rubbed her asshole on her nose.
I fingered my pussy as I circled around this whole scene.   Megan's pussy was squirting, and the carpet was absorbing her juices that were dripping off her inner thigh.    I walked around again, and I stepped over Megan, and I was facing Kevin.   His eyes were closed, and he was holding himself up with both hands.   I grabbed the back of Kevin's head.   He looked up at me with a smile on his face like he was on a roller coaster ride.   I pulled on his head and pushed his face in my cunt.   I rubbed my pussy on his face, and I felt Katy's hands spread my butt cheeks.  
"I'm going to cum!" Kevin shouted in his squeaky voice, as he continued thrusting his young cock in Megan's cunt.   Katy was still rubbing her ass on her mom's face.   She was sucking on my asshole, and I put one hand on the back of Katy's head, and the other on Kevin’s head.   I pushed there faces deeper in my cunt and asshole.   And my pussy vibrated from Kevin's loud grunt as he shot his sperm deep in his mother's cunt.    
Kevin pulled out and stood up.

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    I fell to the floor and rubbed my pussy hard until I finished my orgasm.   I opened my eyes and saw that Megan has laid Katy on her back.   Katy's young voice was moaning as her mother was licking her clit, and finger fucking her cunt at the same time.   I crawled over to them and sucked on Katy's right nipple and pinched her other nipple lightly.   Katy's body began to shake and spasm, and she screamed loud, as Megan sucked on her daughter’s pussy, until she had her orgasm.
We all sat and looked at each other as we caught our breath.   Megan stood up and looked at us.   She opened her pussy and we watched Kevin's semen start to drip out.   She took a breath and pushed hard, and squeezed the sperm out of her cunt.   She walked up to Katy and she sucked her brothers cum out of her mother's cunt.   I crawled over to them so I could get a closer look.  
"Kiss me Katy and give me Kevin's cum," I said.
Kevin's dick was still hard.   He started jacking off again as he watched his sister and I swap his cum back and forth.   I made Katy lay on her stomach, and she arched her back making her ass stick up.

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    I spread her butt cheeks and let his cum fall from my lips.    A long string of cum oozed out of my mouth and landed on Katy's pink asshole.   I stood and smiled at Megan, and she leaned down and slurped her son's semen out of her daughter’s asshole like a bowl of soup.   She looked at Kevin and swallowed it down.  
To be continued. . . . . . . .

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