** ** **The next day at school, Tirla felt herself stir in arousal whenever she glanced at him, her pussy actually started to dribble slightly when he bent over in front of her to help Toni factorise a particularly hard equation. She got none of her work done, all she wrote through the lesson was "Mrs Tirla Joseph" and "Mr and Mrs Joseph-Carlson" Carlson being her surname. She stayed after class to help him stack the chairs in a corner, she watched his biceps move as he picked up a stack of about 9 chairs, and decided she wanted to know something. "What's your first name. sir?""Its John, why?""Just interested I guess, John Joseph, how about we call you JJ in class?""Mr. JJ" he mumbled pretending to think about it, then the laughed and turned back to the chairs. "Mrs John Joseph-Carlson. " Tirla mumbled, liking the way it sounded, and trying to imagine it on the front of a bank statement. or even a mortgage. "What was that?" He asked, stacking the last few chairs and moving them to the corner. "What? Oh, nothing, Mr JJ, I think it's a good name, maybe I should spread it around eh?" She wink and grinned impishly. "I'd rather you didn't Tirla, thanks for your help, you can go home now. " He sat down at his desk and bent to his work. "But what if I don't want to leave?" she sat on his des, her long white dress riding up past her knee, which she placed on his fax machine, disappointingly, he didn't look up her dress, even given this obvious opportunity. "Did you like my Comic Relief costume last year Mr JJ?" she asked, seeing the remembered arousal flashing across his face. "It was.

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   very cute Tirla. ""You were going to say hot!" she accused, mischievously. "So what if I was, Love?" He placed his big, veiny hand on her knee. "Then I'd tell you I was wearing it under this dress. ""Prove it," He breathed, his free hand moving slightly under the table and his other sliding up Tirla's thigh. She pushed his hand away, got up with a fluid grace, and slowly, her hips swaying in a slow dance to her own music, she unbuttoned her conservative-ish white dress and pushed the shoulder straps off to the side, one at a time, hooking her thumbs under them to lift them off. She allowed the dress to fall to the wooden classroom floor, and stepped daintily out of it, her hips still swaying seductively. The costume was a year old, and she had grown quite a lot in that year, at the time she had been an a-cup, meaning she was able to do only one button. Her womanly attributes were kept private only by the thread holding one button to fabric, although private was a loose description for something so openly displayed. The skirt now only came about an inch past her crotch when she was standing, and was tight enough to make her curvaceous butt quite obvious to the world in general. Still swaying, she folded at the knees and the waist, slowly on her way down, her arms behind her head lifting her long hair and allowing it to fall back down, her panties were sheer black lined with lace, and Mr JJ had a good view of this, she noted with pleasure the quickening of the movement under the table. She slid a pair of scissors into her had on the way back up, stretched out the button and cut the thread in one fluid movement, without changing the pace of her hip swaying. Her breasts pushed free as she removed the shirt, pushing it behind her and thrusting out her chest. She climbed on the desk again, this time sliding over to his side and placing a stilleto'd foot on each arm of his chair, she leaned forward with one hand and grasped his erect penis, releasing a pleased moan at the thickness. Tirla loved a good thick cock, they seemed to reach every nook and cranny, but this one was also nine inches long and felt like warm steel, this would be the biggest dick she had ever taken inside her, and she was dripping at the thought.

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   She undid his fly with one hand, whilst using the other to crush his face into her boobs, where he immediately started kissing and sucking her nipples. She inserted much of the hand being used to manipulate his head into her well-lubricated pussy instead, and started frigging herself like she had the last night. "Tirla," came the muffled voice from her breasts "don't you think this is wrong?" She started massaging his now loosened penis and shoved her 3 pussy moistened fingers under his nose. "What do you think?"He gave a low primal sound and, starting at her arms, ran his hands down her sides to her hips, where he lifted her and flipped her so she was bent over the desk, her pussy dripping juices down his drawer fronts. He dropped his pants and his underwear, and then pulled down her skirt and thong in one movement. John stared at the curve of her hot teenage ass, how he had fantasised of this day, his thoughts about Tirla had been improper since she was 11 and just coming into her figure, and finally, this was the climax of those years of dreaming. He caressed her ass with both hands; before they moved down to tease her pussy for about 10 seconds. Then, leaving one hand to play with her pussy, he moved the other down to part her legs, forcefully but not roughly. He guided his dripping, flared tip to Tirla's pussy, and used it to rub the bald, 15year-old-smooth lips. "Tirla, you can't possibly understand how I've dreamed of this. ""I think I can guess. " She murmured with amusement and arousal in her voice. "This may hurt a little. " And with that he rammed his dick in up to the balls, and Tirla screamed in pain, and then in wild pleasure as he slowly withdrew it almost to the tip. He repeated this movement a few times, and shivers racked Tirla's body each time, along with her screams and moans of ecstasy.

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   It was exquisite, his dick was phenomenally big, and it seemed to Tirla to stimulate every nerve in her love tunnel. John already felt close to cumming, Tirla was no virgin, but her pussy still felt like a warm, wet vice, tightening on his dick with every shiver. He loved it when the girl so obviously enjoyed it as well, and this added to the fact that he was fucking his pupil had brought him close on the first damn thrust. "You love this dick don't you? Slut! You want it harder don't you? You want to be really fucked, right you little Slut?""Ooooohh-aahhaAAh-oh yes, yessss YEEEESSS! HARDER! FUCK ME UNTIL I BLEED OOOOH FUCK YES! FUCK ME LIKE THAT BABY!"John started flying back and forth, ramroding in and then rocketing back out again, slapping his six-packed-stomach against her arse and reaching around to squeeze her tits. Several times his balls actually came into her pussy with the rest of his dick. "OOOOOH AHAHAAAAAH YEAAAH! DO ME BABY! FILL ME UP! FILL ME! MAKE ME BLEED! YEAAH. YEEEEEEEAAAAH. DO ME LIKE THAT! OH GOD, I'VE NEVER HAD SOMEONE THIS BI-AAAAAHHH YEAHHH"He drew right back out, convincing Tirla that he was done, and she almost started to cry in frustration. Then he lined up and rammed all the way in, and came hard. Tirla thought there had been no more room in her pussy before, now her math teacher shot about a pint of jizz into her as his cock expanded in climax, playing a wild beat on her nerve endings and forcing her to come as well. She came harder than she ever had; her body was drained dry of fluid as her juices mixed with his dripping out of her pussy. She collapsed on the desk murmuring "oh baby, no-one ever hit it like you. no-one can pound me like you. oh god. " and she passed out.

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  ** ** **Tirla came to about an hour later by her best later guess, spread eagled and naked on her teacher's desk, sweating and smelling of sex. She couldn't believe it, it had been better than she had ever been able to imagine, he had been better than she had ever dared to hope. Mr Joseph threw her clothes and they made small talk as she dressed, when she was done Mr Joseph said "Thanks for your. help, Tirla, you can go now. "She did the last button on her dress and turned to walk towards the door. "I'll see you tomorrow Mr JJ. sir, and try and control yourself next time I wear something attractive. " She winked and breezed through the door before he had a chance to say anything. **This is a first story written and submitted for a contest. Helpful criticism is appreciated. **.

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