Turning Tricks with Mom


I suppose you're going to think I'm pretty dense. I mean after five years I should have realized. If the late night phone calls and Mom's provocatively sexy attire didn't tip me off, then the fact that we always had plenty of money after dad died (despite mom's never having a job ) should've have given me a clue. But I never caught on till the fateful night when I accidentally picked up the extension and heard my mother talking to some man. She was reciting a price list (for sex!) I couldn't believe it! My mother was a hooker! I suppose I shouldn't be so naïve. I'm 18 and I love sex, so why shouldn't my mother? She is only in her late thirties, with a beautiful voluptuous body. Besides the idea kind of made me horny. I figured if I played my cards right, I might be able to pick up some extra cash. . . if mom would be willing to throw some work my way. Hanging up the phone, I shuffled down the hall to her bedroom, where I found her sitting at the vanity table in a long silk robe. "Hi honey! Got plans for tonight?" she cooed, while primping her long dark hair. "Uh. . .

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  . . No," I squeaked. "Mom. . . I have a confession to make!""What'd you do now?" she asked casually, spraying on perfume along her supple neck. "I figured out where you really been going every night!" I said not looking at her. "Really where?" mom replied with a grin on her face "Well I kind of heard you're conversation on the phone a minute ago!" I replied. Surprisingly, she seemed relieved that her big secret was out in the open. But what really surprised me was her reaction when I asked if I could get in on the action. She wasn't upset at all. in fact, she agreed! "Well I suppose I can't condemn you for the way you feel," she said, "considering what I've done with my life. You're certainly pretty enough, and I assume you're experienced. .

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  . . and it would solve my problem if you would come along. " "Did I hear you right?" I asked incredulously, astonished that she complied so easily. She gave me a shy look "There is a new client who's giving his son a special present for his eighteenth birthday: me! Dear old Dad requested two girls because he doesn't want to be left out, but all my regulars are busy and I don't want blow this job because the money's so good. " My heart was fluttering like a hummingbird. "It sounds great!" An hour later we where outside room 269 at the Plaza Motor Lodge, ready to go to work, Mom in a black stretch satin gown with a plunging neckline that almost reached her navel, with two side slits up to her waist that showed off her long slender legs and sheer black nylons and grader belt ending in a 6" clear platform high heels. I was wearing a tie-front top and short plaid skirt, white nylon over the knee stockings and 4 inch black platform heels. I wanted to look sexy but innocent. That's why Mom tied my long black waist length hair in to a ponytail. We knocked on the johns' door and an attractive man in his forties answered it. "Good evening ladies! I'm Eric and this is my son David," he drawled, pointing to a younger guy who was sitting in an arm chair and looked extremely nervous. "I'm Janet and this is my daughter Kim. " I nearly fainted! I guess I didn't expect Mom to admit our relation. "Whoa! A mother and daughter team? Will this cost me extra?" Eric said "Not at all, Handsome," Mom replied turning on the charm.

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  Mom came on to David right away "Why don't you come over here and sit next to me David" she purred patting the bed. Once mom had the poor kid in her clutches, she wrapped an arm around his shoulder and leaned over began whispering in his ear. I could tell he was turned on because he perspired profusely, and his cheeks flushed. "Kim, come and sit on my lap honey," Eric said plopping down in the leather recliner. Knock-kneed, I crossed the room and planted my firm butt down on his lap. Eric didn't waste a single second. Sliding a long bury arm around my small waist, he kissed me hard. It surprised me, but nevertheless I jabbed my tongue back at his. When he switched focuses from my lips to my tits. I looked over and saw my Mom and David in a hot embrace. Mom gently squeezed David's bulging crotch while he clumsily worked his hands under her dress, pawing her thighs. Eric opened my blouse and skillfully sucked on my pink nipples making them stand to attention. I groaned, pushing his face into my chest, grinding my ass against his hardening cock. "Here, baby, let me undress you," I heard my Mom whisper to David. She quickly peeled away his clothing and laid him on the bed.

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   Then I watched as she did a seductive striptease. She shimmied out of her dress released her beautiful 34c tits, I watched her run her hands across her nipples. Then she slid the dress down her flat stomach, and over her athletic ass reviling a black g-string thong,I watched as the dress hit the ground and she stepped out of it. She turned around and bent down at the waist sliding her thumbs under the strings of her thong and slid them down to her ankles, Holding the position so David could get a good view, she looked me in the eye and smiled. Now only in her garters, stocking and heels she stands up, and for the first time I get a good look at her fully nude body. A fully shaven pussy very little sag to her breast she was just about perfect for a woman in her late thirties. David simply lay there with his mouth open, taking in my mothers stunning beauty. Eric was awestruck, too watching her made me grind harder against Eric's hard-on"Mmmmmmmmmm! Your mom is really hot! Let's see how hot her little girl is!"Eric smirked. "Yes, sir!" I said in my most innocent voice. While keeping an eye on Mom, I hopped to my feet and began to strip. I slowly removed my top, and played with my nipples then I removed my skirt and panties leaving my knee socks and heels. Eric's eyes moving from my 32B tits down my flat stomach to my hairless pussy "Turn around and grab your ankles sweetheart!" Eric demanded. I turned around bending at the waist and grabbed my ankles, Eric sat up and ran his hand up my inter thigh and over my pussy lips hitting my clit making me flinch "Damn, you're something girl! Turn around, get on your knees and blow me! I wanna see my cock sliding in and out of your sweet mouth!" Eric commanded. I didn't have to be told twice. As I knelt and unzipped his pants, I saw Mom working David over.

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   She rubbed her luscious jugs across his well muscled chest on her way down to his huge crotch While Eric's whooper sprang up and hit my chin. David moaned loudly as Mom sucked his cock, slurping loudly. As much as I wanted to watch them, Eric's eleven-inch monster forced me into action. After licking his knob to scoop up the pre-cum that oozed from his piss slit, I engulfed his shaft, easing down as far as possible. "Damn! This little whore sucks dick like nobody's business! Shit!, girl" Eric moaned, lurching his butt off the chair. I sucked his cock for a while before coming up for air, then I took a deep breath and went back down. Behind me the bedsprings creaked madly "Ahhh! Janet! Janet!" David yelled. Tilting my head a little, I saw Mom's long dark hair bouncing in all directions as she bobbed on David's shaft. The Sight of her enormous tits and her firm ass jiggling sent me in to a frenzy. Longing to taste Eric's cum, I increased my speed, sliding my tongue faster along his length. "Ohhhh! Yeah! I'm. . . . I'm gonna cum" David yelled "Give her a mouthful son!" Eric grunted, ramming his cock down my throat.

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   "I'm. . . I'm about to do the same to her daughter!" Tasting the saltiness of his spunk on my tongue, I drew his cock further, deep-throating him while listening to my mother gulp David's juices. Eric came for at least a full twenty seconds before he released me, flopping back into the chair, sweaty and satisfied. "Mmmmmmm! David! Your cum taste so good!" Mom cooed, playfully lapping up stray dollops of the kids seamen. "I can't wait to feel this fucker up inside me! Lets see, what can I do to get you hard?" "I've got an idea!" Eric said with a lewd grin, his eyes darting from me to Mom and back again. "I want you girls to make each other cum!" It took a few seconds for his word to sink in. The thought of kissing and fondling Mom made my already overcharged cunt incredibly wet. Mom hopped up from the bed with a smile, then placed both her hands on her hips as if waiting for me to make up my mind. She didn't have to wait long. I rose and slid my arms around her waist "Mommy, I've. . . .

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   I've Always wanted to do it with a girl! Will you teach me how?" "You really mean it, honey?" To answer her question, I hugged her tightly, kissing her hard my tongue wrestling with hers. Groaning, she groped may ass, frenching me fervently, pressing her breast into mine. Then she lay on the bed as I parted her supple thighs "Come to Mommy, baby!" she purred. I glided in to her embrace as naturally as always. She explored my mouth, setting me on fire. When I fingered her pussy, she shuddered in my arms, gently nudging my head lower. "Suck Mommy's tits, Sweetie!" she whispered. I obeyed, sucking moms right breast ravenously and nibbling on her perky nipples. She moaned, hugging me closer "Ahhhh! Yessss! Like that! Nurse on Mommy, sweetheart!" Her dirty plea prompted me to stuff more of her succulent tit-meat into my mouth. Whimpering softly, Mom cupped my ass and ground her pussy into mine in a wickedly incestuous fuck. "Ohhh! Mommy!" I squealed, rubbing my engorged clit at hers. "This feels so good! Mommy! I. . . I don't want it to stop! But I wanna taste you.

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  " "Don't worry, kid! You'll get what you want," Eric barked. Mom and I where so engrossed in the moment that we'd forgotten about the guys. They stood at the end of the bed jerking their hard-ons, staring intently. "Get into a sixty-nine position, Girls! Kim on top!" Eric commanded. That sounded like a great idea to me. Giving Mom a peck on the cheek, I swung around until I was looking at her smooth pussy. The sight of her swollen cunt-lips and musty smell aroused me to maddening proportions. Acting purely on instinct, spread her lobes and dove in. "Ohhh! Damn! Kim! Eat Mommy's pussy!" she cried as she speared my inter-lips and stuck her tongue up my twat. On fire, I wailed wildly, tonguing deeper inside Mom's moist snatch, totally caught up in my first lesbian experience. Not to mention my first foray in to incest. Just when I thought we where going to cum, someone grabbed me by the hair and yanked me away from Mom's quivering cunt. Opening my eyes I found my self staring directly at David's cock " What do you think, Janet? Can Kim take my big cock up her teenage twat?" I heard Eric say from behind me "Yes!" Mom panted between slurps, "Do it! Fuck her! Fuck my little girl!" I watch as my mother spread her legs for David, I grabbed a hold of the boy's swollen shaft and guided it to Mom's twat. Just then I felt my Fuck_hole being stuffed with Eric's manmeat. "Yes!" I howled, shoving my hips back into his thrusting shaft "Oh, Wow! It's huge!""Holy shit! That's one tight pussy your little girl has here!" Eric wailed.

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   Meanwhile, Mom went ballistic, Gyrating her ass every time David lunged forward. But she wasn't so far gone that he forgot about me. The instant I felt her tongue on my clit, I wanted to give her the same thrill. Grabbing her thighs, I lowered my face to her cunt, and tongued her clit. She moaned into my sopping twat, wrapping her lips around my pearl until I went in to overdrive, rebounding wildly off Eric's plunging pecker. Suddenly, David Stiffened, hiking my mothers legs over his shoulders and slamming his stiff rod up her oozing slot in swift strokes. "Ahhhh! Janet! I'm going to cum! Yeah!" he hollered. "Cum inside her! Cum inside my Mommy's pussy" I screamed, flexing my twat around Eric's cock. Shoving his cock almost to the hilt, David came in my mothers snatch, making her squeal at the top of her lungs. "You little whore! Milk me dry, you slut! Oh fuck! Here it comes!" Eric bellowed. Mom Chewed my clit between the teeth as Eric's jizz filled my womb. I spasmed so hard, I saw stars. Eventually, the men rolled off of us and we cuddled while they got dressed. "Here you go, ladies!" Eric grinned, putting a wad of money on the dresser. "It was worth it! You two are grate together!" "You can say that again," Mom chuckled, hugging me tightly.

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   "Welcome aboard, sweetheart!" Mom and I cuddled, while I wondered if all of our future jobs would be as fantastic as this one! This is my.
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