War is Hell


Being deployed to a combat zone is difficult in ways few can imagine.   You not only miss your family and friends, you miss so many things you’ve always taken for granted: going to the store and buying what you want or need.   Choosing which kind of soda you want, going through the drive trough at Mickey D’s on your way home from work, or even just picking up the phone and calling someone are among the things you start missing after about 3 weeks.
We got to Kuwait March 9, 2003 and would have stayed in Kuwait for almost 2 months but some idiot in our camp through a grenade into his Command’s tent so most of us got pushed north into Iraq a lot sooner than expected.   Half of our vehicles were broke down pieces of shit and about a third of the supplies we shipped ahead of us were lost when the ship carrying them sank.
The spring and summer 0f 2003 passed in a haze.   I can’t remember much of that time.   I know it was bad.   It was hot and we had too many people in each tent, the MRE’s taste like shit after day 4 and you watch people who got there after you leave before you.   You get to thinking your tour will keep getting extended, or you’ll get KIA’d a day before you’re supposed to leave and it fucks with your mind.
And of course, there is no place to jack off.
Some guys hide in the porta-johns, others would climb into parked vehicles, some would do it in their sleeping bags at night but I just couldn’t bring myself to do any of those things.   I can’t smell piss and shit, or sit in a hot fucking truck or even worse, be entombed in a damn sleeping bag in 120 degree heat just to yank my cock.   So I suffered.
Around late July or early August we had a bunch of new people sent to us.   But no new tents so we had to cut our tiny living spaces in half.

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    My old area was now shared with some Major who seemed as gay as he was pompous.
I think that guy jacked off twice a night every night for the first week he was there.   I got sick of hearing his hand rubbing against his sleeping bag and was going to say something about it when I decided I was probably just jealous.   I’d seen the pictures of his wife and if I was him, I’d be doing the same thing.   I’d been 5 or 6 months without a single jo session.   It was hot, I was frustrated, and he was lucky to have that hot piece of ass to go home to whenever we got the hell out of here.
Inevitably, everyone gets to know each other pretty well.   You can’t help it when you sleep less than a foot away from each other.   Major T. and I were no different.   He was actually pretty cool and he’d always share his care packages with me before passing things out to everyone else.   We talked quite a bit.   What we missed most about home, what we’d be doing if we were still in the States, girls we’d fucked, where we grew up, why we joined the Army, etc.   One memorable conversation had us deciding what 3 things we wanted most at that moment.   An easy decision for me:  a blow job, 18 hours of sleep, and a Dr.


   Pepper.   (There was NO Dr. Pepper in Iraq until December)
He asked me one day if I had a girlfriend in country and I kinda looked at him crazy.   A lot of soldiers hook up with someone for a deployment and they spend their time sneaking off to fuck in the backs of trucks or in the shitters.   One couple was even caught in the water buffalo!  I never drank from that WB again.   With all our talk, I figure he’d know the answer by now.
 I told him no and he said he’d asked only because he’d never heard me jack off.   I instantly thought of my first impression of him being gay and the look on my face must have made him realize how he sounded.   He hurriedly went on to explain that he’d been seeing this girl and she wanted him to bring another guy along that night.   He was wondering if I’d like to go along.
I told him no thanks, I don’t dig the idea of fucking some slut even as my dick started to stir in my pants.   He kept trying to convince me and I finally asked him who it was.   I was shocked when he told me.
“Anderson, the fueler girl.   She has some friends who let her use their air-conditioned offices at night to watch movies.

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    I ran into her one night when she was headed over there and she invited me along.   One thing led to another and, well…” he trailed off.
I knew the girl.  Andy is what we all called her.  I’d known her before we deployed and the girl is HOT!  She’s definitely not a slut.   When she’d get off duty back home she’d put on regular clothes and you could see what the baggy uniforms hid all day.   She was really pretty, awesome figure, smart as hell, and refused every GI who asked her out.   Me included.  I had spent many nights before we left with my dick in my hand and her in my mind.
I told him how she’d shot me down before and if she had to be a slut if she wanted him to just bring any guy with him that night.
“Not just any guy.   There’s only 2 guys she’s willing to have me bring; you or that tall guy in Operations.   I forget his name. ”
My dick stirred a bit more.   I felt it roll over off my leg and stiffen just the tiniest bit.

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“I’ll think about it.   What time?”
“1800.   Let me know before 1600 so I can ask that other guy. ”
At 1730 I was a wreck.   I had already showered, shaved, and found a clean pair of underwear.   My heart was pounding in the back of my throat, the blood was rushing through my brain creating a sound akin to a wind tunnel, and my dick was so hard I thought maybe I should have forgotten about putting on underwear at all.
I was waiting for Major T. to show up and having a conniption.   He was late and I was starting to think he’d been playing a joke on me.   I’d kill him if he was.   I was also trying to figure out where this office was.   The airfield we lived on was pretty nice since we’d built it up over the summer, but there were less than half a dozen buildings.   Only two were of any size where there would be offices and neither seemed likely.   There was the Terminal where all the Big Wigs worked like the General and his staff, and then there was the control tower where the aviation guys worked and lived.   Where the fuck were we going?  Where the fuck was Major T.

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He eventually showed up but he was pretty late and we had to walk fast to be there on time.   He said he didn’t want to piss her off.   She could be a little pouty with him and while it was sexy as hell, it also meant he ran the risk of REALLY pissing her off.
He led me to the Terminal and my mid was swirling with questions, pent up frustration and a sudden fear that literally stopped me in my tracks.
“What’s up?  You coming or what?”
“Uh, that’s the problem, actually. ”
“You didn’t just, uh, in you pants…?”
“NO! But, well, see, Anderson is really hot. ”
He looked at me like I’d just been awarded my Master’s Degree in Stating the Obvious.   “No kidding,” he finally said.
“Well, it’s just that it’s been a really long time for me and she’s really hot and I was just thinking how bad it would be…,”  I broke off at the sound of his laughter.
“You’re worried you’ll shoot your load in less than 30 seconds. ”  There was no malice in his voice.
“More like 10,” I said.   “Maybe I should kinda go over there,” pointing at some trees, “and, uh, prepare myself before I get inside. ”
“If you really want to, but she’ll probably like it if you don’t.   Trust me.

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I was still uncertain.   I kept imaging this hot chick laughing at me when I shot my load as I was still unbuttoning my pants.   And if she laughed one of two things would happen.   I’d either not be able to get hard again, or I’d get hard and she wouldn’t want me after all.
“My first night in that office I had my pants around my ankles and she was reaching out to grab me and I shot my wad in her face before she even touched me.   She loved it!”
I was dumbfounded.   I just stood there trying to figure out what on earth this girl found arousing about something like that.   I also kept imagining her face with cum dripping down it and my cock swelled even more.   I was decided.
We entered the terminal and Major T. led me up these nice marble stairs, down a hallway that looked like it should be in a NYC crack house, through a room full of computers and to a large polished wood door.   The contrasts in this place were adding to my confusion.   This whole experience was like some fever-induced dream where you find yourself wandering around a mad house with crazy people jumping out at you and mirrors distorting your reflection so much that you forget what you look like.
“Before we go in there I want to set a couple things straight.   You cannot tell anyone about this.

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      Also, you’ll have to leave your weapon there,” he pointed to a weapons rack against the wall where a SAW was already locked in.   “If you need a lock there’s some on the counter there. ”  I locked my weapon in and Tom passed me his.   When both were secure, I turned back to him.
“I am married and will get into a lot of trouble if anyone knows about this.   I’m also an Officer and she’s only a PFC so they’ll get me on that, too.   I’ll lose my wife and son if I get found out.   You tell anyone and I’ll kill you.   No exaggeration.   I will end your life if you jeopardize my future with my wife and son.   I’ll kill you if you tarnish his girl’s reputation.   I don’t want people thinking she’s a barracks slut because she isn’t.   If you can’t abide by this, leave now. ”
“I won’t tell a soul, Sir. ”
He smiled then.

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    “I knew I forgot something.   My name’s Tom.   As long as were here I’d prefer you to call me that.   And I’d prefer to call you by your first name, as well. ”
“No problem.   I’m Jake. ”
“Andy’s still Andy, by the way.   I guess even her folks call her that and always have. ”
“Anything else?”
By way of answer he opened the door.   On the other side was a lavish office, even by American standards.   Never mind we were in a bombed out city in Iraq, the Land That God Forgot.   Huge mahogany desk, leather winged back chair, big flat screen TV with a stereo, marble floor with deep pile rugs, big comfy couch against one wall, and in the middle of it all, there was Andy.
She had her hair down and I realized I’d forgotten it was curly.   I’d forgotten she had a beautiful smile and cute dimples hiding under her combat façade.   She wasn’t just the fueler girl, or a machine gunner putting her life on the line for convoys.

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    She was all of those things, but she was a woman, too.   Talk about contrasts.
“You guys coming in, or what?” she smiled.
I heard Tom gulp beside me.   I knew how he felt.   I took a shaky step into the room, unsure of what to do.
Tom walked purposefully past me and they hugged.   And then they kissed.   I just stood there while watching these two share the most passionate kiss I’d ever seen.   They broke off and she started unbuttoning his shirt.   She took it off and the T-shirt, too.   I watched her run her hands down his chest and my groin tightened in jealousy, lust, and voyeuristic thrill.
Her eyes seemed to drink him up as she started removing his pants.   I felt weird when his bare ass came into view.   I started to move to the right so I wouldn’t be staring straight at it, but then she knelt in front of him and I changed direction.

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    I’d never seen another guys hard dick before, but I really wanted to see his go into her mouth.
She licked at it as she fondled his balls and then she took the whole thing in his mouth in one swallow.   I was unbuttoning my pants to free my cock when she beckoned me nearer.   I took a few steps but she kept motioning me forward so I kept walking and unbuttoning until I was right next to Tom, standing over her.
She took her mouth off him.   “Take it out,” she panted.   “I want to see you.   I want to see you make yourself cum while I suck him. ”
I kicked off my boots and pulled my pants off.   My socks did that really cool trick socks do when they come off with your pants.   I had lost my uniform top sometime so I was just standing there in my T-shirt.   I took hold of my cock for the first time in 6 months and started stroking it.   Andy’s head was bobbing up and down on Tom’s dick not 6 inches in front of me.   I felt the cum boiling in my sack and with a series of loud grunts I shot my load all over the right side of Andy’s face.
For the first time since I was about 14 my dick stayed hard after I came.


    I kept stroking it and milking it until Andy took me into her mouth.   I shot another full load into her mouth and it built in intensity when I realized she was swallowing.   I’d never met a chick that swallows before!
Tom was standing next to me stroking his cock as Andy milked the last drops from me.   He had a smile on his face when I looked at him.   “Told ya, man.   She’s the greatest!”
I nodded my agreement and closed my eyes.   I nearly fell over when Andy took her hands off my ass.   I was so drained that I could barely stand.   Andy led me to the couch and lay me down.   She did a little strip tease in front of me before climbing on top.
“Tom, honey, I’m going to fuck Jake really hard while you watch.   I want you to shove your cock in my ass just before you come. ”
I almost came myself when she said that.   It had been so long since I’d had my dick in a wet pussy and as she slid down on my member I thought I was in heaven.   She was breathing very heavily and her tits were bouncing up and down in front of my face.

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    I was thrusting madly upwards, trying to match her stroke for stroke when I felt Tom shove into her.   Feeling his cock through her wall made every thrust into something so exquisite I never wanted it to end.
He let out a low groan and then they both stopped moving.   About 10 seconds later I felt his cock pulse and then the cum emptying into Andy’s ass.   Each shot created another pulse and the sensation it caused running up my own hard shaft made me blow my wad, too.
“Oh, god, oh, god, oh my FUCKING god!  You’re both cumming!  I have a man cumming in my ass and a man cumming in my pussy!  Oh!  My!  God!”  Andy shrieked.   With that I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick and her orgasm flooded over me.   Tom and I both had our arms around her but that didn’t stop her from shaking uncontrollably as she came.
I’ve always been jealous of how long the woman’s orgasm is.   It seems to go on forever and that night as I felt her pussy convulsing around my cock as the last contractions in Tom’s balls pushed his cum upwards against me, I came again.
I fell back on the couch and let my arms fall by my sides.   I felt Andy relaxing on top of me and then she and Tom were laying down on me.   I had never been so satisfied in my life.   I would have slept there just like that if it weren’t so risky.   We didn’t need the office owner to come in next morning and find us there like that.


I could hardly get dressed and they had to help me gets my boots tied.   I waited in the hall, retrieving our weapons while Andy and Tom said their goodnights.   I was so tired that I didn’t have a single thought in my head.   As Tom led me back to our tent he asked if I wanted to go back the next night.
“Dude, are you kidding?  What do you.

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