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hi im luisa im 5 1 i have a cokebottle shape big ass 34 C boobs fair skin black wavy hair hazel eyes im spanish and white but ne ways  when i was 13 me and my friend erica where swiming in the lake in front of her neiborhood the neiborhood she lived in was still being built and she was one of the first people to live there so the lake was clean. erica asked me if i had brought the towels i said no but i would go get them so i walked back down to her house it was hot that day so didnt bother to but my dress back on over my bikini when i was half way to her house one of the concution workers that was workin on a house close to hers said something to me i kept walkin when i had got the towels and was starting to walk back the road was really hot so i decided to walk throught the back of the houses and the same guy that had said something to me before whisled at me and waved for me to come here so i walked over to him and he asked me my name i told me luisa he said his name was carlos he asked  how old i was i said 13 he said he was 23 he asked if i was spanish i told him i was mixed he said he was from honduras and he asked if i spoke spanish  i said yes  he told me in spanish to meet him in the house  two doors from the one he was workin on so i did when i got to the house  he wasnt there yet the house wasnt fully buit everything on the outside was done and it looked like they were doing the drywall so while i was waiting on him i was looking at my body in the reflection in the glassliding door and he came up behind me and slide his hands down my stomach it sent chills down my spin i droped the towels and he untied  the top to my bikini and he took it off and layed it on the floor he grabbed my breast and started kissing my neck i turned around and kissed him back and i backed up and grabbed the towels and layed them out on the floor i layed down on them and spread my legs he sat between them and untied my bottems and took them off  "ay mami u gotta pretty pussy " i giggled and said thanks he ran his finger over my clit i gasped  it felt so good i was staring to get really wet he leaned down and ran ran his tounge over my pussy and started playin wit my clit i started moaning he leaned up on his knees and undid his pants and pulled them down then  he wet my pussy  and put his dick inside me ayy papiii mmmmm it feels so good  i lifted my legs up and looked at him and said fuck me hard i wanna feel ur dick deep in me and he started goin harder and i put my hands on his cheast and said wait i got up and got on all fours he smacked  my ass "que rico culo" (nice ass) and i gasped and said mmm  he put his dick back in me and starts going hard ayy papitoooo fuck my pussy hard i gasp and yell omg papi im cumming im cumming  "ayyyyy papiiiii me gusta tu pinga" (ohh daddy i like ur dick )  mami im cumming too he pulls out and i turn around real fast and sit on my knees cumm onmy face papi i look up close my eyes and open my mouth i feel his cumm hit my face and in my mouth .......to be continued