Wishing Well


“Hi Megan” I said. She smiled and took off her headphones and said hello.
“Whatcha up to?” I asked, in some quasi-casual way.
“Nothing much, I was just listening to some music cause I was bored. ”
She sat up and sat on the edge of her bed, and I closed the distance between us again.
“Bored, eh? Want to play a game?” I asked.
“Sure, I guess. ” She replied.
“Great, come sit on the floor next to me. ”
She did as I asked her to do and sat down Indian style against the edge of the bed. I could see the highlights of her nipples through the thin fabric of the tank top she was wearing. A bra would have been a waste for her at this point. Her breasts were barely a year old and stood out beautifully as if carved from stone. Once her legs were crossed the low cut shorts she was wearing barely covered her crotch. I took a sip of beer, and set the bottle to the side, now fully determined to do something crazy.
“Okay, this game is called the Wishing Well.

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  ” I said.
Megan gave me a puzzled look, but was also growing interested.
“I will grant you a wish that can be anything within my power for the price of you granting a wish for me. How’s that sound, Megan?”
“I guess that’s okay. But what should I ask for?”
“That’s up to you. I’ll grant any wish that’s within my power. ”
She thought about that for a moment, and I sat in silence wondering if this was really going to work.
“Okay, I wish for $100. ” She said.
“Sure. ” I replied.
I took a $100 dollar bill I had out of my wallet and laid it on the floor between us. Megan’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the money, and was now taking the little game quite seriously.
“Is that all you want Megan? Just $100?”
“You mean I can have a second wish too?” she asked innocently.
“Sure, of course you can.

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“Well, I really want this dress I saw at the mall, but it’s almost $400. ”
“I’ll tell you what, if you grant my one wish, then I’ll buy you the dress and you can keep the one hundred dollars, okay?”
She eyed me suspiciously for a moment, but greed quickly got the better of her.
“Okay, so what is your wish. ” She asked.
I paused to think for a moment and considered that I had done anything wrong at this point and it wasn’t too late to turn back, but then I glanced down and saw that Megan was leaning forward on her arms and pressing her breasts together.
“My wish is for you to do everything I say for the next ten minutes. ”
She looked surprised and I thought she was going to get angry and offended, but I don’t think she really had any idea what I wanted.
“Is that all?” She asked.
“That’s all. ”
“Okay. ” She finally answered.
“Then it’s ten minutes starting now. ”
I smiled reassuringly and stood up.
“I want you to close your eyes and open your mouth, Megan. ”
I could barely believe it as she did exactly as I commanded.

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   She closed her eyes innocently and opened her mouth, letting her tongue hang out a little. My cock was throbbing away in my pants as I slowly unzipped my jeans to make as little noise as possible. I pulled my jeans and boxers all the way off and moved forward so my 8 inch hard on was only a centimeter or two from her moist tongue.
“Open your mouth a little wider. ” I commanded.
She quickly obeyed and I had to wonder whether or not she knew what was coming next. The look on her face a moment later made it clear to me that she didn’t.
I let the tip of my dick rest on her tongue. She made a face and started to close her mouth.
“Keep your mouth open!” I barked.
She quickly complied and opened her mouth even wider this time. I rubbed the head of my cock back and forth across her tongue. It felt so good I thought I was going to cum all over her face right then. I took a deep breath and eased my cock directly into her open mouth until my balls rested against her chin. She began to gag, but when I didn’t pull back she was able to stop her choking.

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   She closed her lips around my base and let out the occasional cough as I stood there with my cock buried in her throat. I looked down at her innocent face and saw tears running down her cheeks, but her eyes remained closed.
I didn’t move for what seemed like five minutes. I just stood there listening to her stifled gagging as my cock throbbed away deep in her throat. Megan was starting to drool a bit from her bottom lip so had begun trying to suck in her saliva which was making her tongue move against the base of my cock while her mouth sucked all around it. I pushed my cock in as far is it could possibly go and was forcing her head back against the bed. I began to thrust away at her face. Megan began to push me away with her arms but I quickly knocked them away and told her that she had to let me finish my wish.
I started fucking her face for all I was worth. The bed was creaking from the pounding I was giving her head. I reached down and massaged her firm tits with my left hand while holding myself up with my right. Megan tried to push me back again but I was too strong for her. I heard her trying to say something but it sounded like mumbled noise and was enjoying her throat vibrating against my every thrust. I had quickened my pace to a fevered pitch when I glanced over at the door and saw Megan’s parents standing in the doorway to her room. Megan’s mom, Jane, managed to release a sentence:
“We forgot our tickets to the show.

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  ” She said in a coma like trance.
The sight of my two old friends standing there shocked, while my cock was deep in their daughter’s mouth, was too much for me and I started to unload a flood of cum down the poor girls throat. I let out a moan that sounded more like a roar as I stared at the faces of my friends who stood there stunned. Megan was choking on all of the cum that was now oozing out of the sides of her lips. Megan’s mother, Jane, glanced at her daughter’s face and passed out.
Megan’s father, my friend Bill, was standing there speechless as I withdrew my shrinking cock from his daughter’s lips. I broke the angry confused stare he was giving me and looked down at Megan’s beautiful and shocked face. She had lines of cum running down from her lips, trails of tears down her cheeks, and her left tit was hanging out of the stretched tank top. I broke the silence by saying the only thing I could think of.
“Swallow it, I said. ”
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