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I was 13 or 14 years old, I can't remember exactly, but I went to Alaska one summer to visit my family and all my cousins.   It was a great summer and my grandpa had a cabin 20 miles from the highway on a secluded lake in the middle of no where.   We took a float plain there my cousin Tim, my grandpa and grandma and myself.  
 Tim was my same age so it was tons of fun exploring the woods and shooting our BB guns at anything that moved.   We were there about 4 or 5 days enjoying the summer.   Us boys slept in our own smaller cabin about ten feet away from the big main cabin my grandpa built.   The small cabin was really made for sauna's but it worked great for us kids to camp in.   It had two benches that we slept on that formed an L shape.   Well we were young boys just having fun laying in our sleeping bags talking about random things and what not, and we both were in agreement that it was way too hot in there to be sleeping in our bags so we were just laying on top of our sleeping bags.  
 As you may or may not know Alaska is light pretty much all night, so it makes it hard to fall asleep.   The light was dim so you could make out shadows and things inside the cabin.   I looked over and saw my cousin laying on his back and he had his hands laying at his sides and a large bump pushing up his big tee-shirt that he was wearing right at his crotch.   I wasn't sure at first, but at a second glance i noticed he was pitching a tent. . . he had a strait hard-on and it was standing strait up.

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 I didn't notice at first but after a second of watching him, i began to get hard myself at the sight of what I could tell was my cousins hard boner.   I was wearing one of my grandpa's tee-shirts and it fit really big on me.   I wasn't wearing any underwear and I couldn't hide the fact that I was pitching my own tent not more than a couple of feet away from my cousin Tim.
I know he saw me too because the air suddenly became thick with our quiet hornyness even at our young age.   He broke the silence as I was too afraid to make a noise, and partly too turned on to move.   He said "doesn't it feel good when you spit on your hand and rub it on your dick?"  I was kind of taken back by his sudden forwardness but I replied honestly, "I've never done that before. " 
I watched Tim as he slowly lifted his hips in the air and pulled his shirt up a little so he could easily grab his hard dick.   He said "watch i'll show you, here is all i do, I spit on my hand like this. . . and now i just grab my dick like this and move my hand up and down. "
I could definitely tell this felt good because he pretty much forgot I was there and began to stroke his dick up and down.   To my surprise he stood up and came over to my bench and said "move over" and layed down right next to me.   The bench was just big enough for the both of us to lay flat on our backs.
Tim again spit on his hand and started rubbing his dick back and forth.

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    I was so hard now just watching him rub his dick.   I had to try it.   I spit on my hand and did like Tim was doing and closed my wet hands around my hard dick and the touch sent tingles through my body.   I began to stroke up and down right next to my cousin Tim.
I closed my eyes and was just feeling the sensation when Tim said "hey I wonder what it feels like to suck on it. "  I opened my eyes and I was really curious now.   I wanted to know what if felt like.   Well Tim being the more adventurous one said he'd try it first.   So I let go of my dick and it flopped down pointing strait towards me.   Tim sat up on his elbow and leaned in and without using his hands put his lips on the head of my dick and put it strait into his mouth.   He kept it in his mouth and started sucking on it.   I couldn't believe how something like this could feel so good.   I just layed there with my eyes closed listening to the slurping sounds of Tim bobbing his head down on my now extremely hard dick.
Tim let go and said your turn after a little bit.   I didn't want him to stop, but I did want to try it.

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    So Tim layed down and I got on all fours between his legs.   My shirt slid forward exposing my bare ass and it felt good in the open air.   I leaned forward and licked his dick.   He kind of jerked as it felt so good for him.   I grabbed his dick with my hand and put his head in my mouth touching my lips as it went in.   I didn't really know what it was, but there was pre-cum on his dick and it got all on my lips.   I didn't mind, i just kept bobbing my head up and down on his hard dick.  
He then told me to stop and that he wanted to try something.   I wasn't sure what it was, but I was more of the follower so he knew I would go along.   He told me to stay on all fours and I did.   He got up and moved behind me and I kind of figured what he was going to do, but I didn't know exactly.   I just sat there and waited for him.   He slobbered on his and rubbed it all over his dick getting it really wet.   He leaned in close and holding his dick guided it towards my butt and touched my ass with it.   I couldn't believe just that felt good.

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He spit again landing it on his dick as it pressed against my butt.   This got it really wet and it started to slide in as he pused his hips into me.   I didn't mind as it started to spread me apart.   It kinda hurt but not really bad because it was so wet.   He then kinda pulled back and then pushed forward and this motion got my butt really wet from his slobber wetness.   He then pushed further and had his dick most of the way inside me.   I felt like he was so big, but it really just got me even more hard as i just sat there and let my cousin push his dick in and out of my butt.  
I licked my hand and started rubbing my dick like before.   I couldn't believe how good this felt.   Tim started going faster and faster.   I could hear the sloppy noise as his dick went in and out from all the spit he put on it.   Then suddenly Tim started grunting and saying "oh crap, oh oh that feels good. "  Then I felt his dick grow a little bit then start twitching in my butt.   He starting cumming inside me.   He pused all the way in as his last twitch happened.

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    He sat there for a second and then pulled out.
 I rolled over and layed on my back.   Tim started to go back to his bench, but i stop him.   I said "Tim, suck on my dick more, I let you do that to me. " (refering to him putting his dick in my butt of course).
He agreed and came over to me and started bobbing his head up and down on my dick.   It felt so good, but I soon wanted to feel what it felt like to put it in someones butt.   I told Tim that i wanted to try it.   He agreed and I figure he wanted to see what it felt like too.
So he pulled up his shirt and got on his hands and knees in front of me.   He layed his head down on the pillow and put his butt up in the air pointing strait at me.   I did what he told me and spit on my hand and rubbed it all over my dick getting it really wet.   I then moved up close to him and pushed the head of my dick on his butt.   I spit again getting it really wet and it slid in even though it was really a tight fit on my dick.   It felt good, but it really did squeeze my dick pretty hard.

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I began to rock my hips forward into him not really knowing what i was doing, other than the fact that it felt good.   I began pushing into him pretty much as far as it would go.   I leaned forward and felt his dick and it was hard again.   I licked my hand and began to rub his dick at the same time as I was pushing my really wet dick in his butt.   Without warning I started feeling really hot and I knew that this was going to hit me hard.   I pushed really hard into him and I felt like an explosion happened throughout my whole body.   I just let it loose all inside my cousin Tim.   I was cumming and it felt so good and it made me push my dick way more deep inside him.   I could feel my dick twitch and it just let loose.   It seemed like that lasted for a long time, but it finally ended and I pretty much woke up from that crazy daze I was in and pulled out and much like myself the cum that we shot into each others butts leaked out and kinda slid down the side of out legs.
I couldn't believe that just happened, but it wasn't hard for us to fall alseep.