A bomb-ass weekend, part 1


Topic: A bomb-ass weekend, part 1God this day's never gona end, I said to myself, 3:00, 30 more minutes till I'm outta here. This was honestly one of the worst days I've had at the office. But at least it was Friday and I had a 3 day weekend coming up. I had a frige full of beer, enough movies to last me a month, and 500 dollars worth of the finest Kush Orange County has to offer, yessiree, this was gonna be one bomb ass weekend.
Finally, 3:30, I turn off my computer, said "See ya on Tuesday" to my boss and I got the fuck outta there. I leave the office and am home by 3:48. I get out of my work clothes and into some adidas track suit pants and a wife-beater. I get my nug jar and proceed to my balcony where my mighty bong awaits. I pack a decent sized bowl and toke. After about 45 minutes on the balcony I'm good and high. I walk in and plop down on the couch turning the TV on, baseball game, finally the Dodgers are winning. About 5 mintues passes then a light knock on my door. I get up and slowly make my way to the door, I stop and look into the peep hole. Staring back was probibly the most gorgeous young face I have ever seen. I opened the door slightly and peeked out, she smiled at me. Smiling back I say, "Can I help you?" "Ummm, we're you just smoking on the balcony?" she asked.

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   Oh, shit, I thought. Now I don't know if I was too stoned or what but I forgot to filter my thoughts and actually said "Oh, shit. . . Ummm, no?" She just laughed. And I looked her up and down, my god was she gorgeous. She had a tiny frame, 5'1" 90 pounds, her chest was about a 36B as far as I can tell and a tight litte ass, the kind guys would kill for, and that wasn't even her best feature. Her best feature was her face, I know people say they look like moviestars and everything, but this girl looked almost exactly like Anne Hathaway, she had the brightest smile and the most beautiful face I have ever seen.
But, uh, I think she noticed I was checking her out. . . mainly cause she fake coughed to get my attention. "Yes?" I looked up. "Um, I was wondering if I could smoke a bowl or something? I can pay you for the pot I smoke. " She pulled out a wad of cash from her purse.

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   "Don't worry about it, I'm in a good mood, and it's your lucky day, you smoke free me-lady. . . Goddamn I'm stoned. " I led her in and to the patio where I had my haven, it came complete with chairs and a mini-frige with some tasty refreshments. I pack a bowl and hand her the bong. She takes a large hit and holds it in for nearly a minute, then she grabs my head and moves it infront of hers, and I'm talkin inches here, and I open my mouth a little and she shotguns me. After holding the smoke for about 20 seconds I let it out. She giggles and takes a small hit and another and another. She then sets the bong down and pulls her knees up to her chest and she turns towards me. "I'm Christy. " "Tom. Your with the family that moved into 210 at the beginning of the year, right?" "Yea. " "Where'd you guys move from?" "Seattle. " "Cool.

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   Welcome to California. Have a smoke!" She laughed and picked up the bong and took 2 more hits. Blowing out the smoke she asks me about myself.
"Well, I've lived here for about a year, grew up in LA came here for college, tried it for a couple of years, wasn't for me and I dropped out. Then I got a job for a construction company and I've been there for 3 years now. " "What do you do?" "I'm a crane operator. " "Sweet!" "I take it your still in high school?" "Actually I'm gonna be a freshman. And I skipped a grade. " "Damn, now I feel dumb" I laughed. She laughed. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said no, she's never had one, my mouth gaped open in astonishment. She looked at me funny. "Sorry, I find that hard to believe. " "Why's that?" "Come on, you are so freakin hot!" Her cheeks turned bright red and she buried her head in her knee's, but I saw the corners of her mouth curl up, forming a smile. I too smiled, inwardly.

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   I asked if she wanted to go in, she said yes and followed me in. I sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote, going up a few channels I found a good episode of Scrubs and set the remote down. She sat next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and she inched in closer to me. Towards the middle of the second episode she laid her head in my lap facing the TV. When the episode ended she picked up the remote and turned the TV off. She then turned on her back and looked up at me, grabbed my face and pulled me down to her lips and gave me the roughest, messiest, sloppiest, sexiest kiss I've ever had. I started to get hard and I know for damn sure she noticed cuz it was poking her in the back of the head, and also cuz she stopped the kiss and sat up, oh, shit, I thought to myself.
Thank you for working mouth filter. But she turned around and slid her right hand into my pants and grabbed my cock. "Jesus Christ" she said. "I've gotta see this, stand up. " I did as instructed and she grabbed my pant legs and pulled them down to my ankles. "Damn" is all she said and understandibly so cuz staring her in the face was my 9 inch long 2. 5 inch thick monster of a cock at full attention.

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   She pushed me down then got back on her knees. She grabbed it with both of her hands and positioned it infornt of her of mouth and she opened her mouth wide and took a little bit more than half before I heard her choke and cough. She pulled off and immediately went right back at it with a vaccum like suction gave me the best blowjob I've ever had, and from a 13 year old for fucks sake. Her tongue ran all along the bottom of the shaft and then in circular motion, I was in heaven. I could feel the cum moving up my shaft and I grabbed the back of Christy's head and thrusted a few times and shot my load down her throat. She coughed and I grabbed her by the head and pulled her into mine and kissed her hard, her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up her arms went up and she pulled away and let it slip over her head. She then backed away and pulled down her jeans and then her thong. Christy walked up to me and got on the couch and stradeled me face to face and I held her close as I guide the head of my cock into her tight, wet, pussy.
Damn she was wet, but it did take some work to get the rest of my cock into her. But I stopped when I hit her hymen. "Fuck me as hard as you want" she said and kissed me. I held her up and began to pull out. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Wait for it.

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  " "Wait for what?" "This. " And I thrust up into her with all the strength I could muster, shreding her cherry and she let out the loudest scream I had ever heard. You'd think someone had choped off her leg, thank god no one heard that, I thought. And I kept on pumping in and out of her pussy, fuck she was tight but her juices were flowing. She had stopped screaming and started to moan, and it was the sexiest sound I had ever heard. Her small titties bounced and jiggled. Her nipples were hard as little pebbles, I leaned down and took the right one in my mouth and nibbled on it. She wrapped her arms around my head. "Oh fuck yea" she moaned. I felt her shiver and then her pussy clamped tightly around my cock. I stood up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Holding her up I thrust up and down, in and out, and fast. She threw her head back and her long brown hair flew everywhere and she screamed in pleasure, she was on her fifth or so orgasm. "Fuck me, fuck yea, fuck me, fuck me, oh god keep fucking me!" and that went on for about 3 more minutes. "Oh god.

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   I'm gonna cum. . . where. . . " "My pussy, leave. . cock. . in me!" she panted. And dumped the biggest load of cum I have ever unleashed, and held my position.
She moved her face to mine and kissed me. My cock went limp and slid out of her soaking wet pussy and slapped against my balls making a slight sound, she pulled away and giggled and she unwrapped her legs and I set her down the rest of the way. I looked at this young girls tiny nude body and it glistened in the sun light that passed through the window.

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   I wrapped my arm around her and held her close. "That," she said breathlessly, "was amazing! I need to lay down now, you wore me out. " I let her go and she layed down on the carpet and grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the carpet, I got behind her and we spooned. My cock started to get hard again and was poking her ass. A few minutes later her cell phone rang, she reached up to the coffee table and grabbed her purse, pulling out her cell and answering it. "Hey! What's up?" A pause. "Oh fun" she said sarcasticly and laughed. "I'm at this guys place. He lives in the place under me. . . Shh, yea!. . . Lemme ask.

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  " She turned to me can my friend Jessica and a few of our other friends come over?" "Sure" I replied. "Yay. " She kissed me and turned back to her phone. "Yeah. " Then she she whispered, "And wear something slutty too. Yeah," she raised her voice back to normal, "Ok, see you in a few. " And she hung up. She rolled over to face me. Lets take another hit. Then she got up put her pants on and then her shirt and I did the same, tossing our underwear to the floor next to the couch and went back out to the balcony, packed a small bowl. She was on her second hit when the doorbell rang, she jumped up and went to the door. I picked up the bong and took a man sized hit. I held the smoke in for about 90 seconds, letting it out when Christy walked up behind me and rested her arms on my shoulders aswell as her tits on my head. I heard three other young sounding girls giggle behind me. .



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