A College Tale


Jackie was a freshman when I met her, anxious to get out from under her parents and experience something other than small town life. She had auditioned for and been cast in A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, getting the part of Sister Woman, a particularly fertile mother of many rambunctious kids , and I had gotten the part of Big Daddy, the patriarch of the Estate.
After our first evening of rehearsal the entire cast went out to a local bar fro an night of dancing and conversation. Jackie and I sat next to each other at a large table and it soon became obvious we weren't going to be doing much in the socializing mode with anybody else. i was drawn to her sensuous ,full lips, her smouldering dark brown eyes and, not the least her magnificent tits. At least 36C's, she had opted for no bra that evening, and her nipples were at full attention in the cool air conditioned room. Iwasn't the only one to notice, but i was the one to compliment her on her upright condition. She looked at me , then glanced at my crotch and remarked that I' too, seemed to be straining the bounds of my clothing. my cock was nearly full hard just looking at those tits, not a bit of sag or droop to them as only a teens boobs can be. one thing in the conversation led to another and it was only a matter of a short time before we made our excuses and left, my amr around her waist, feeling her supple body swaying next to mine as we exitted the door.
 Jackie wanted to head back to her dorm room, but there was the matter of her roommate to consider. I was in the same boat, so we headed out of town to a very quiet and romantic overlook of the town. On the way she snuggled close to me, her hands working at my cock as I drove. Generally I was about 7 1/2" but that night the excitement pushed me up to nearly 81/2 " thwe head of my cock was huge and throbbing and thick. When we got parked our clothes found  their way to the floor as if by magic. No finesse, just rip and they were gone.

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   She bent to my crotch sucking my cock into her hot and ready mouth, doing her best ( and damned good it was, too) to deep throat me. I waqs meeting her every stroke of her lips and hands nearing my first cum of many, emptying myself into her mouth, cum sqeezing out past her lips as she tried to swallow and suck. Spurt after spurt pumped into her mouth. Her lips were slick with cum as she kissed me afterward, By this time, I was feeling her fine big tits , making cicrles around her erect nipples with my fingers , and alternately squeezing and kneading those mounds of pleasure. Pleasure for bi=oth of us, me as I found my cock getting hard again, and her as jolts of sexual energy shot down through her tits to her cunt, now wet and slick and ready.
I spread her legs and drove my tongue into her pussy, licking and sucking. I practiced a method she later referred to as the 'alphabet lick', tracing out the shape of each letter on her clit until she shuddered into orgasm.   She thrust her mound aagainst my mouth, her smooth slit impaled on my tongue as I held her ass in my hands, my fingers playing with her asshole as she slammed against my mouth. My cock was, if anything bigger and harder than before when she gasped she wanted me to fuck her, not slow, not gentle, but hard and fast and deep and NOW. Happy to oblige such a request, I pushed my cock into her waiting cunt in one thrust, soon met thrust for thrust by her hips as we fucked with abandon. In what was easily too soon, I came  again, this time pumping copious amounts of cum into her pussy, which was soon leaking out , down the crack of her ass onto my seat. She squirmed around, taking my cock in her mouth, licking me clean.
Even though the evening was young Jackie suggested we didn't have to fuck ourselves out in one night. It promised to be a fine year in school and that certainly proved out to be true. We fucked in the theatre, backstage, in her dorm, in my dorm, in the library, just about every place that had ever seen vaginal penetration saw my cock slamming into her cunt.

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Jackie left school the next fall, tranfering to another school farther away , but we still got together from time to time. A year or so ago  an email showed in my inbox from her. Now living in Atlanta, she wanted to reignite the old flame. I want to.  I can't imagine knowing where she is and not fucking her. Now a full woman, her tits are even bigger, 36D's , har ass still tight and firm, and from the pictures she sent me, her cunt is still tight and still shaved smooth. Airplane tickets aren't that expensive