a day i'll never forget(true story)


(true story)
Long story short
well it was a friday just getting off of school and i went to my house and played the play station and the x-box then my mom said we were going to go to candie's house which was my mom's gf so we went to her house and they have i went swimming  then later  i went on the internet looked at some porn then her daughter caught me look at porn and came in the room and started sucking on my dick  then we stoped after about 5 mins then we went into the dinning room then my mom said let go then i asked can i spend the night she said yes so i did then thier dad left to go to work the we started fucking aging then i put my dick in destiny's ass then we started to anal fuck she was moaning a little louadly then candie walked in on us then she came in and watch us for about 5 minutes then said my turn she took off her pj's and started blowin me then pused me on the bed and said im gunna rock ur world  then we had anal sex then i tity fucked(she had a size 34-38) her then i sucked on her shaved pussy she moaned and moaned and said my name like 50 times then we started to do 69  then destiny came back in and i did 69 with her and her mom was sucking my balls then tit fucked her while her mom made her get an orgasim then we finished with a little mom and daughter hot lesbian action(hla) then i cumed in both of there mouths and then we went and then we were done
(true story)
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