A Day in the Life Part 1


"A.   Fucking.   Dead Man.   That's what I am, James.   And you, nor anyone else can tell me otherwise at this point. "
That was the words spoken by Vaughn Calloway on June 17th, 2005.   Vaughn stood sullen in the hallway of James K Polk Highschool next to his best friend James Pratt.   Vaughn, slouching against his locker wasn't nearly showing off his true figure.   5'11" 198 pounds, mostly muscle.   He was on the track team, baseball team and lacrosse team at this point in his Highschool carea and it was all possibly crashing down on him.
Vaughn was quite the attractive young man at James K Polk.   Short cropped black hair that was faded towards the black, sideburns-less.   His grey-toned blazing eyes stared intently towards every person that walked up to him in severe nervousness.   Dressed casually in a button up black t-shirt that had a guitar on the left ribs in a vertical manner and a pair of faded bluejeans that were practically tucked into his black and white ADIDAS hightops.
"I'm a god damn patsy for those Senior fucks.   They tell me 'Oh hey, go to the conference room.

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    Piece of paper on the far right edge of the table.   It's the combonation for my locker!  Nah nah nah!' I'm a fucking MORON!" Vaughn proceeded to throw his elbow against the locker, which was rather dumb on his part.   Drawing it back now, he cradled it with his free hand.
"Chill. . out" James slowly spoke up.   Pratt was the more calm of the two best friends.   They had been called the Torrid Two, The Terrible Two, The Polk Twins.   Everything.   They had been best friends since Kindergarten and James had always been the levelheaded, laid back anti-Hero type.   Dressed just as casual as Vaughn, James was wearing a black and red t-shirt with a track coat over it and a pair of black dress pants, with a pair of black shoes.   Standing about 5'8" and 178 with piercing blue eyes and shaggy dirty blonde hair.   Placing his right hand against his sturdy chin and tapping it a few times, James snapped his fingers and looked up.
"What?!" Vaughn snapped as he quickly forgot about the striving pain in his elbow.   Looking towards James, Vaughn moved in closer and was anxiously awaiting James' idea.

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    James had always been the problem solver and revenge plotter while Vaughn had always been more aggressive and ready to strike without plan.   James gave Vaughn a glaze and stepped back once.
"I have a way we can get them back" James smiled as he spoke. . and Vaughn looked extremely unimpressed.   Nodding for a moment with a sarcastic smile, Vaughn just kept nodding before finally breaking the smile and outbursting,
". . GET THEM BACK?!  I gave them the combination to 3 different new students lockers because some idiot kids left them in the conference room during a parent teacher meeting.   First of all, getting them back is the least of my worries.   I went in the conference room unattended and TOOK something out that I wasn't supposed to.   I'm going to get suspended or hardcore deten--" Lips going a mile a minute, the speech was suddenly halted by James' finger to the lips of Vaughn.   Sighing, James slowly pulled his finger away and grinned.   "Follow me, my friend. . "
And down the hall James went.

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    He got about 15 feet before he realized Vaughn was still at the locker behind him.   One glare was all it took and Vaughn came running.   Vaughn was only 3 months younger then James, who was 16, but it always seemed like James was ten times wiser then him.   Always with the logical plans.   Trotting down the hall, James slowed down and pointed to a sign on the outside of double doors.
Vaughn just gave James a look.   He raised his wrist and took a gander at the watch on it.   Looking back to James, Vaughn rolled his eyes and turned to walk away.   James threw his hands up. . "Where are you going?"
Vaughn spun on one heel and stared back at James with a blank look on his face.   "You ran me down this hall. . during a crisis. .

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   to watch a bunch of skanky cheerleaders do backflips.   Thank you.   I'm gonna go slam my head in my locker door repeatedly"  But before Vaughn could walk away, James said something that caught his friends attention almost immediately.
" Squad Captain: Clarissa. . Mooney. . "
Vaughn froze.   Staring down the hall, his thoughts started racing.   Mooney.   The same last name of the senior, Ted Mooney, who set him up to get the combinations so they could raid lockers.   That was his sister Clarissa and James was an A Class genius.   Slowly turning around, Vaughn approached James and got right up to his face. .
"You're telling me.

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  . you want to bang the most respected senior at Polk's. . sister?" Vaughn had a blank look on his face yet still.   His emotions were running wild and finally the ones that were the most dominant took over.   A twisted grin came across his face, matching that of James'.   Nodding abit, Vaughn extended his hand and clamped hands with James.   The fix was on.
Around the time that school let out, James and Vaughn were out towards the back half of the school.   Clarissa left there every single day and sure enough, today was no different.   The maroon colored door swung open down the courtyard and from behind it came one of the most recognized girls at Polk.   Clarissa was a stunner.   It was impossible to count how many times her looks had been compared to that of famous American Idol singer/winner Kelly Clarkson.   Long, black, semi curly hair that was pulled tight into a pony tail, tan skin and standing about 5'2" and 115 pounds.   Wearing a simple white tank top and a pair of sweatpants and sneakers, Clarissa was also known as one of the hardest girls to "get with" in school.

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    Everyone knew she wasn't a virgin at 16, but everyone also knew she was no whore.   She had been with maybe 2 or 3 guys at school.   Period.
James and Vaughn had talked it over and the plan was to seperately both get Clarissa.   Not at once, but seperate times.   Staring down the court, Vaughn was chosen in a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors that he would try to court Clarissa first.   A brilliant formula of decision making that they had come up with.   Their plan was one person tries for Clarissa while the other fights off the principal, Mr. Restovich.   Vaughn nodded towards his friend and took off, leaving James behind.
Approaching Clarissa, Vaughn had to stop, staring at that heart shaped, perfectly round butt from behind.   Almost mesmerized, Vaughn suddenly felt something hard slam into the back of his neck.   It was a piece of gravel thrown from James.   Spinning around, Vaughn shot James a look and James gave Vaughn a "GO" signal.   Sighing, Vaughn ran up beside Clarissa.

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"Hey!  Clarissa!" he let out and the beautiful Cheerleading Captain halted mid-stride.   Vaughn smiled goofily and nodded towards her.   Holding onto her backpack and gym bag, Clarissa just stared at Vaughn, waiting for him to speak. . but nothing.   Vaughn had found himself staring into the eyes of Clarissa this time.   A sparkling baby blue.   Vaughn once again snapped out of it as soon as Clarissa spoke, her voice a soft, low key tone.
"Um. . Do I know you?" She raised her eyebrow and cocked her head to the side as Vaughn stood in awe of her beauty.   "Er. . uh. .

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   aw. . um. . Yeah I think so. . We talked one time during lunch.   I was like 'Hey, gonna eat your muffin' and you gave me a weird look and just gave me it--. . uh. . Yeah.   You do. "
"Oh!  Right. .

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   Vaughn, right?  You're in the paper all the time for sports. .  Did you. . need something?" Shaking her head abit, she just stared towards Vaughn.   He was cute indeed. . but so goofy.   She recognized him from the school paper.   She knew he was talented and cute, but not this nervous or completely uncharming.   Crossing her arms, she hiked the two heavy bags up on her shoulders abit farther.
"Um, well. . I was wondering if I could carry your bags and maybe if we could go out tonight?" He flinched as he asked the question so effortlessly.   It was unexpected and Clarissa had even flinched by now.

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    Looking towards him, in decision making mode, Clarissa slung her bags off of her shoulders and handed them to Vaughn.   He grinned and nodded.   "What time should I pick you up?"
Before Vaughn Calloway knew it, he was at the movies with Clarissa Mooney.   Nervous and tenative, he was like a fish out of water sitting next to her.   Maybe it was because he knew James was in a higher up seat, staring down on them and monitoring the situation.   Suddenly, Clarissa's hand fell ontop of Vaughns.   Flinching, Vaughn glared over, almost sweating by now and smiled, hooking his fingers around Clarissa's.  
Clarissa had barely watched the movie.   All eyes were on Vaughn who had been so awkwardly cute tonight that she was loving it.   Every move.   Smiling as she looked deep into his eyes, Clarissa slowly leaned in, placing a small kiss on his lips and nuzzling into Vaughns neck.   Vaughn sat completely still, his eyes gazing back to James, who was giving him the cheesiest thumbs up in history.
The movie concluded and in a flash, Clarissa and Vaughn were sitting outside of her house on the front porch.   Vaughn had lightened up and cracked a few jokes, but was still quite nervous.   Being in a suburban town with hardly any nosey neighbors, or for that matter, any neighbors at all, the town was quiet and the sky was pitch black.


    It was around 10:15 and at the Mooney house, nobody was home.   Clarissa smiled tentatively at Vaughn before tracing her hand slowly down his chest and moving closer.   Her hand found his belt buckle and her lips found his neck as he tilted his head to the left, allowing room for work.
Clarissa had only been with a couple of guys and given a few more handjobs or blowjobs and this was only the 2nd time on a first date that it had even gone this far.   Clarissa had begun kissing up and down Vaughn's neck by now, tongue flicking at his skin.   Slowly standing up, Clarissa had gripped Vaughn's hand and drug him in the front door.
Pushing Vaughn back, Vaughn landed butt first on the nearby loveseat as Clarissa slipped down to her knees.   Flattening out her long, white skirt, Clarissa smiled up towards Vaughn and moved her hands to Vaughn's waistline, unbuttoning the button with a bit of struggle and dropping the jeans down around Vaughn's ankles.   Slowly running her hands up and down his clean shaven thighs, Clarissa ran her fingers up underneath the leg holes of Vaughn's briefs, momentarily brushing her fingertips against his balls.   Kissing up his right thigh, Clarissa suddenly yanked his briefs down around his ankles as well before looking up towards his cock.
Vaughn was well endowed indeed.   9" long and quite thick, he had been with 4 girls in the past, but plenty of blowjobs and handjobs to account for.   He leaned his head back as Clarissa slowly wrapped her small hand around the swollen shaft of his semi-erect cock.   Running her fingers up and down the shaft, Clarissa leaned in and lightly traced her tongue up the underside of Vaughn's cock, tracing up to the head and popping it into her mouth with a slight sucking noise.
Vaughn had placed his hands behind his head like a typical laidback male as he pushed his hips forwards abit, wriggling underneath Clarissa as she took his now fully erect cock deeper into her mouth.

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    Sucking tightly around Vaughn's dick, Clarissa hooked her hands around the lower-shaft of his cock, taking the member deeper and deeper into her wet mouth.   Slowly pulling her lips off of his dick, Clarissa began rubbing and stroking his cock furiously, her tongue running down and circling around his balls.  
Vaughn had began to moan quite abit now, his hands running through Clarissa's long, wavy hair.   Closing his eyes, Vaughn would thrust his hips into each fist pump, groaning louder with each one.   Clarissa sat up and spun around, turning her back to Vaughn.   Tossing her skirt upwards to reveal an off-white thong, Clarissa slowly leaned down, rubbing her plump, juicy ass against the tip of Vaughns cock, which was covered in a coat of precum.   The precum had rubbed off on the ass of Clarissa, causing her to bite her bottom lip and let out a soft moan, feeling the head of Vaughns cock rubbing furiously against her ass and pussy lips.  
Vaughn wanted so bad just to rip the thong off and fuck her right there, but he had to contain himself.   Clarissa soon turned back around and dropped to her knees, grabbing ahold of the base of Vaughn's cock and staring up at him with a devilish grin.   Surely she wasn't about to. . .
Suddenly, Clarissa's mouth engorged the 9", thick cock as it disappeared deep inside of her mouth.   The cock slowly slid further and further into her mouth and all the way into her throat as she tightened her lips around his swollen dick.   Apparently, she had no gag reflex.

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    Taking the entire cock into her mouth, Clarissa tightened her lips even more, almost vicing it inbetween her lips as Vaughn began to fidget.   Letting out a loud groan, Vaughn tapped her on the shoulder and jutted his hips.
Clarissa slowly came up off of his cock, hooking her hand tightly around the thick shaft and stroking it as fast as she could.   Her small hand quickly pumped up and down from the tip to his balls.   In a flash, Vaughn jutted his hips one more time as he let out a loud groan.   A long white strand of cum came spurting out of the tip of his member, smacking Clarissa right in those pouty lips.   She quickly licked her rose colored lips and took the next spurt inside of her mouth and the 3rd and final one in the same place, swallowing it all rather quick.
Leaning down further, Clarissa sucked on the now softening cock of Vaughn before climbing up on top of him, resting her head on his chest as he breathed as heavy as she had ever heard anyone breathe.   He grinned and placed his hands on her hips.   He could tell this was going to be one hell of a situation.
(( Part 2 will be posted after some good feedback or whenever I type it up.   Hope you enjoyed.   Look out for my other series starting soon, "My Big Happy Family" ))

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