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That day we were looking after my baby brother. We were sitting in the living room, with my dad in work and my mom was on her computer in her room. I was feeling somewhat horny this day, for an inexplicable reason, and I began rubbing her leg. I slowly made my way up…and when nothing halted me, I continued. I reached up to where her pussy was, and began rubbing her through her jeans. She continued watching TV, and I assumed she hadn’t felt me since her jeans were quite heavy. I proceeded to slide my hand up under her top, and laid my hand on her stomach. I began slowly inching my hand down the front of her trousers, and still she made no attempt to stop me, but continued watching the TV. I got my hand down, and began rubbing. Having no experience I couldn’t tell whether she was enjoying it or not, but I assumed not since she didn’t even stir. I kept at it for about 10 minutes, until my brother came down and asked me to bring him into town. I sighed, and on the way out my girlfriend whispered into my ear “I see your hand was busy…”I was surprised at this, I assumed she hadn’t even noticed. However she said it in a teasing way, and I knew that she had enjoyed it…When we got home, I got her into the living room, turned down the TV and slid my hand down the front of her panties. I kissed her deeply, my tongue entering her mouth as I slid my hand down. Her pussy was soaked, and even I knew what that meant. I began rubbing up and down, not sure what else to do.

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   She began moaning in my mouth, and I could tell she was loving it. She then unbuttoned my trousers and put her hand down and began rubbing my hard cock through my boxers. After 5 minutes of this I broke our kiss of and said jokingly “you can go under you know, it won’t bite. Will you do it or will I have to do it for you”She refused to answer this question, so I slid her hand down my boxers, and allowed her to do as she wished. However, she was so inexperienced that all she done was fumble about a bit, and didn’t know what to do. I took my cock out of my boxers, and wrapped her hand around my rock hard dick, and began stroking her hand back and forth. She continued at the pace I set her at, and I put my hand down her trousers again, and began rubbing her wet pussy again. Having my cock stroked by a hand other than my own was heaven, I’d never felt such pleasure. Soon I felt my balls ready to explode, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stop her, so I said nothing. My come shot out all over her jeans, her top and her hand. She didn’t know what to do. I began to mumble a feeble apology when she put her hand up to her mouth, and licked my cum off her index finger. This practically made me rock hard again, watching her suck my semen off her fingers. When she had cleaned up her hand she looked into my eyes, took my semi-hard cock in her hand and dropped to her knees.

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   She then proceeded to place my cock in her mouth, never once breaking eye contact with me. I moaned in ecstasy as she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and sucked it. My knees weakened at the sensation, and I fell back on the chair, pulling my hardening dick out of her mouth. She then grabbed my shaft and began stroking, but lowed her head onto my left testicle, and took it into her mouth. At first she sucked a bit over anxiously, causing me to flinch, however she took heed of this and sucked lighter. I felt like I was going to come again any minute, this just felt too good. I didn’t want to shoot my load on her yet, so I pulled her to her feet, and switched places with her. I put her on the seat, and proceeded to inch her trousers down bit by bit. I couldn’t pull them all the way down, as my mom might enter any time soon, so I pulled them down just enough to allow me to access her cunt. Her pussy had quite a few hairs on it, however not disgustingly hairy. Her pussy lips were glistening with her juices, and I just had to taste them. I stuck my tongue in between her pussy lips, and she let out a load “Ohhh” as soon as my tongue made contact. I told her to keep it down, as my mom might hear. I then proceeded to eat her cunt, licking up and down, watching her expressions change. She opened her mouth in an “o” shape, and closed her eyes.

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   Her breathing was quickening, and she began to thrust her hips forward into my face. I knew she was close, so I began circling my tongue around, what I assumed, was her clit. My assumption was correct, because two seconds later her hands grabbed the back of my head, her hips thrust upwards and she buried my head in her pussy with a loud “ohhhhhhhh”. When she finally stopped cumming, she lay back on the seat, quickly pulling her trousers up. I zipped my semi-hard cock up in my trousers, and sat beside her to watch the end of our show. Just in time too, as my mom entered the room, looking confused. “What’s up?” I asked her. “Oh, nothing, I thought I heard… never mind…” With that she left the room, and left us to finish the movie…alone…To be continued?.

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