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Well anyways I was so excited to hear that he would be comeing back into town soon. I began to Plot how i would go about seeing him. because i had a very strict mother who didnt believe in dating. So i began Plotting on how i would go about seeing him,he came home The Following Friday so i had to think quick. well before you knew it,it was friday the day he was comeing home,i began to become nervous because i had not came up with a good enough plan yet. Than it hit me,i would lie to my mom and say that They were having a Church Function for the youth at the church down the road,because i always know there is someone there,because of the day care,so she dropped me off outside the church and pulled off,i took a moment to pat myself on the back for an excellent plan. I took out my cell phone and gave him a rang and he said he would be right over. I smiled when i saw his little White Ford Ranger pull in the parking lot,i ran and jumped into the truck. We Drove to Arbys and got something to eat and we began are drive back to his house,Now before this i was a virgin,Not in many ways but in intercourse,i never dared Do it,because the fear of getting pregnant,and my strict mother,would Have me sent off. Driving down the road He placed his hand on to my thigh. . . and Squeezed a little bit. . and i nodded my head in approval as he began to feel my pussy through my jeans after about 5 minutes of that,he pulled my arm towards his Crotch. .

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  and i begain Rubbing his very hard cock through his jeans. . placing my head on his shoulder. . as we appoched his house. . he stopped and asked me to run on to his porch to hide from his mom so he could sneak me into his house,i waited and waited for what seemed like forever and he opened his front door and told me to be quite and go up stairs. . i went and laid on his bed and started playing on his laptop. and a moment later he opens the door and locks it behind him and sits his beer down on the table. he laid on top of me and i could feel his very hard cock press against my butt,and it made my pussy wetter with antisapation. He began kissing on my neck and ear,and i turned and kissed him a very long wet passionate kiss. . and i grabbed his cock and he smiled with approval. .


  as i began unbuttoning his pants. . i slide them off. . and saw for the first time his Huge Cock,at that point i started to become nervous,but knew i wanted him to be my first. He slide off my pants,and then my shirt,and he started to feel my wet pussy,and i spread my legs to show him that i liked it very much,we started kissing,as he began to finger my pussy,my hips started to thrust up to meet his hand and thats when he knew i was ready. He got on top of me and Began getting his cock wet with my pussy juices rubbing it back and fourth along my Tight wet slit. . and then he kissed me and pushed in. . in one quick thrust. . he sat there and looked into my eyes as the began to fill with tears,he kissed me and said i love you. After a Moment of just sitting there,he asked me if i was ready and i nodded my head yes. .

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  and he began to thrust. . slow at first but than he began to go faster and faster the pain soon washed away but now it was a mix of pain and pleasure,i began to moan,and he told me to wrap my legs around him,and he began to go harder and harder,as are bodies begain to sweat,he pushed my legs further up and mumbled a "oh god yes" and i was moaning very loud,and he was gasping for air,my arms and legs wrapped around him. . and then he began to Cum,and that was to much for me,it sent me over the edge and i began to have a wonderful orgasm. he pulled out and rolled off of me,and put his arms around me. For the first time in my life,i felt loved,he kissed me and said I love you so much baby,we fell asleep in each others arms. please be honest and tell me what you think! :).

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