A great end to a day


"What the hell?" Katy shouted.
The doorbell rang repeatedly. Katy hopped to the door, her large breats jiggling all the way. Katy was a short girl she wasnt skinny but she was far from fat. She had a large lucious ass that boys fantasied about, and chocolate brown hair that almost reached to her breasts. She had blue eyes that looked were almost silver. She was beautiful.
"Hey Babe!" John said to Katy.
He knew he looked rough. Ever since Katy and Jon\'s phone call last night he could hardly concentrate on anything but her. They had planned him coming over when her mother wasn\'t home. All Katy did was look at him and he knew there was know reason to talk. That was all it seemed they ever did but toay was going to be a different story. They hadn\'t even kissed really.
Katy pulled Jon in by his pants loop and shut the door and locked it. Once the door was good and shut Katy became a little shy.

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   Jon realized he was going to have to take control of this situation. He wrapped his arms around her he wanted to do this right. He smelled her hair she must have just took a shower but then she always smelt good even his buddies admitted that her scent teased them.  God if she only knew what she did to him. She literally drove him nuts! Right before there lips met Katy pulled his head down to her face and went to his ear. She slowly licked his ear and giggled. Jon felt his stomach tighten. He pulled her closer to him almost trying to weld them together. Katy gasped in surprise. Jon pulled her face to his and he kissed her. There lips melted together. He could fell his tongue plunging into his with force to match his. He opened his eyes and at the moment she opened hers. She pulled apart from him gasping for air.
"I want this" she stated.

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He nodded in agreement, he picked her up and went upstairs to her room. He plopped her onto her bed. As she dropped her tits bounced and he felt his dick well up a little more. He layed down next to Katy. Her shirt was ridding up her side. He brushed his finger tips up her stomach and under her shirt. Her eyes closed. He began to shake. Why now he thought to himself. He pulled of her shirt. He started massaging her massive breats. She moaned. God this might be easier than I imagined he thoughtshe seemd easy to please. He moved his mouth slowly down her throat to her cleavage.  Her body wiggled in agreement.

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   Her back arched for him to remove her bra. Jon did it with an unbearble slowness his was teasing her. Her breasts finally escaped. Her nipples were hard, Jon brought one to his mouth. Katysphone rang she pulled him away. She rolled ove answering it. It was one of her friends she tried to interrupt the girl but she kept chattering, finally Katy just hung up on her. She looked back at me a smile on her lips. Jon\'s breathing was rapid he couldnt calm down he was sweating his body was aching for Katy and it seemed everything was getting in the way.
"I\'m sorry baby, where were we?" Katy said suggestively.
Thats all it took for Jon to get revamped. He kissed her harder than he meant to. He kissed her shoulder and felt the urge to bite her, so he did. Katy\'s body shook and she moaned. Jon moved back to her breasts which were still hard.

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   He sucked her nipples like he\'d never seen a breast in his life. Katy\'s breathing started to get as rapid as Jon\'s.
"Baby?" Katy said.
"Huh" Jon managed to choke out.
"Can we play play a game?" Katy teased.
"Sure hon, what do you have in mind?" Jon said.
"Ok do you want to be the slave or the master?" Katy said seductively.
"Slave-" he kissed her,"always a slave to you baby. "
Katy suddenly grabbed Jon\'s pocket and got out his cellphone. And before he knew it she was calling his grandma. Katy put the phone to his ear. His grandma was talking already.
"Shhhh, if you stop talking I stop to. " she smiled.
"Hey Grandma!" Jon agreed.

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Katy slowly proceeded pushing him down on the bed. She pushed his shirt up and kissed him all the way down to his belt buckle. Katy paused at the silence. Jon quickly said yeah to what his grandma was saying. Katy smiled. She curved her fingers into his pants. He quietly moaned. She slid down his pants, and grabbed his dick. It was as hard as a stick now. Some pre-cum dribbled out and Katy licked it up. Katy felt Jon\'s whole body tense up. she liked the effect she had on him. She licked Jon\'s dick like a lollipop, to lube it up. She was worried about fitting his 8 inch dick in her mouth. She needed all the help she could get.

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   Jon\'s words were unintelligable now. She began slowly but surely working his dick farther and father down her throat. One she was satisfied and she could hear Jon\'s agreement. Katy began pumping up and down. Jon\'s head was scattered his head was flashing with images. He couldn\'t make since of it all but the only thing he was sure of he loved this girl.
"B-aby, uhhhh, ahhh, keep, i mean wait im about to cuummmmmmmmm if you dont stop!"Jon shouted.
Katy started bobbing faster and faster. Jon stopped her and pushed her down as far as she could go. He shot hot cum down her throat. The both stopped suddenly to hear someone at the door.
Tell me if you would like me to continue. . .

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