A Great Vacation


This all started out as another boring family trip, I'm Joe a 17 year old senior from immaculate high school in Bethel Connecticut . My family and me took a one-week trip down to Williamsburg Virginia over spring break. As usual my mother decides to go down to the pool and drags the rest of us with her. I decided to hit the hot tub for about an hour. There were so many people there. I was looking around for someone to talk to because by this time I was bored out of my mind. Most of the people there were old or below 10, so I just kept soaking up the hot water.
            About 30 minutes later I saw her, she sat down a table across the pool. All I could think was OMG. She was gorgeous, she had long red hair that flowed over her shoulders, she was about 5'6'' and what looked like rather large breasts, and dam what an ass. I was checking her out for at least 15 minutes when I noticed that she was wearing a shirt from Bethel Food Mart, which is a store from my town. I was wondering if she was also from Bethel . I couldn't take my eyes off her, she must have noticed because she started to look right at me. I decided to go walk over, and ask her if she actually was from Bethel .
            So I got up out of the hot tube, grabbed a towel and walked over.
"Hi" she said
"I'm Joe"
I sat down in the chair next to her.

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"This might sound strange" I said
Jen gave me a strange look, so I continued
  "I saw the logo on your shirt and was wondering if you were from Bethel Connecticut ?" she had a small smirk.
"Nope, sorry. Why do you ask?"
"That's were I'm from" I said
"I'm from Brookfield ". She said as she put her book down
Brookfield is literally 3 minutes away from me.
We exchanged phone numbers, and room numbers in the hotel
"So what are you, I'm a senior?" I asked
"Junior" she said and she and handed me a soda.
"Thanks" I said
That's when my phone rang, it was my dad.
He said that they were going out to dinner
I told him that I was going to pass, and I would catch up with them later.
Now the blob in my head started to tick.
Parents gone, I'm with a gorgeous girl.
"You like scary movies?" I asked
"Yea I love them" she answered
"Want to head back to my room, I brought a bunch of them with me?" I asked her
"Umm. . Ok" she said
"ok cool, lets go" I gave her my hand and we walked back to the room.
I was a little hungry so I decided to order a pizza.
"Jen, you want some pizza?"
"Are you kidding I love pizza!"
I called village pizza and ordered a large and a bottle of soda.
"Joe, what movies you got?"
"They are over in that bag" I said as I pointed to my bag.

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"How about House of the Dead?" she said
"Sure that's one of my favorites, just give me a minute"
I ran to the bathroom, took a quick piss, and sprayed some axe on.
"Ready to start?" I asked
"Yea put it in already"
            I popped in the DVD in and took a seat next to Jen.
I started the movie, I could tell Jen was one of the people that liked to get scared bye the movies, because after 5 minutes she was already leaning on my shoulder and squeezing my hand. I put my arm around her and held her tight for what must have been half of the movie, when there was a knock at the door. It was the pizza guy. He said it was $13. 00, so I handed him a 20 and told him to keep the change. Making sure to show off the wad of 20's that I had in pocket to Jen.
I Put the Pizza and soda on the table, and sat back down with Jen.
            She looked at me with a gaze that looked like se was staring in to my soul, I was tingling all over at this point I leaned in, she leaned toward me, and we shared our first kiss. We must have been kissing for over an hour, when she broke the kiss, told me she would be right back, and ran to the bathroom. She came back out a few minutes later asked me what she missed, I pulled her down to the couch, laid down next to her, continued to kiss her, while I massaged the rest of her body. Every once in a while rubbing one of her nipples. I could tell the see was getting horny, as our tongs twirled around each other. We were both filled with lust.

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   I slowly slid my hand down her back and noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. She must have taken it off when she was in the bathroom. we continued to make out as we lay back down and I massaged her breasts through her shirt. I could tell she loved it because she was moaning every so often as we were kissing.
            I slid my hand up Jen's shorts, rubbing her thighs. I had to break the kiss one last time, to ask her something, "Jen do you want to go out with me?" I asked, she quickly kissed me and said "Yes, Hell yes" by now it was around 10:00, and I could tell that she was getting hungry, I started to get up, she got up with me still kissing me, as we walked over to the table. Jen sat on my lap as we were starting to eat the pizza. Her ass rubbing against my semi-hard cock. I picked up a piece of pizza, and put it near our mouths as we kissed we were taking small bites and sharing it between both of us. She was such a great kisser, I had never been with someone who was as in to it as she was, and I loved it. The phone rang again, and it was my dad they said that they were on the way home. I told Jen, and said that we better get back together tomorrow. She agreed, she didn't want them to walk in on us. I told her to meet me by the pool at 6 am the next morning. Kissed her one last time before she walked out.

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            I went to my car, drove down to the local store to pick up some flowers for Jen, I had to give her something tomorrow morning, while I was there I also bought a pack of condoms, not sure if I would need them in the upcoming days with her. I took the car to the car wash to get it ready for my plans, and set up some reservations at a really nice restaurant back home. I got back in my car, and drove back to the hotel room got some sleep for the great day I was having tomorrow.
            It was 5:00 am when my alarm went off, I got up took a shower, got dressed, graded my keys, and headed out to the pool area to go meet Jen. I made sure to get there a few minutes early. So I got by the pool at 5:50 , and waited. At 6:05 she still wasn't there so I picked up my phone and called her. There was no answer, so I sat down on a bench. 30 seconds later I felt 2 hands on my back, I turned around and gave Jen a kiss. I told her that I had some plans for the day and to tell her parents that she would be gone till tomorrow. She told them, I handed her the flowers, and we got in my car and were on the road for a nice long trip back to Connecticut .  
            We started on our seven and a half hour drive up the side of the country. Ever few hours we would stop at a rest stop to go to the bathroom and snuggle in the back of the car. Then it was back to driving. By the time we got to Connecticut it was 5:30 pm .

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   I told her that we were going out to a fancy restaurant, so we stopped at her house so she could change. So told me to make myself at home so I sat down on the couch and waited for her to come out. About 15 minutes later she came out of her room and my mouth almost hit the floor. Jen looked great, she was wearing a very sexy dress, low cut, and tight. It showed off how large her chest was. We got to my house, I ran upstairs, changed, and got back down in a few minutes. We got back to the car, and headed down the road to G, some fancy new contemporary restaurant. I booked the secluded room in the back of the place and ordered 2 chef specials. We stayed at the restaurant for 2 good hours, we talked for a long time, and I think I was falling in love with her.
            We got back to the car and headed back to her house were I told her to grab a bathing suit, and a change of cloths for the next day. We went back to my house, I went to go change it to my bathing suit and told Jen that she could change in my sister's room. Of course I was out first, so I went out back and turned on the hot tub on the deck. I waited outside of the door to my sister's room, wanting to see how great Jen looked in her bikini. The minutes that I waited for her seemed like hours, I finally heard the door start to open so I hid behind the door. When Jen walked through the door, I came up behind her and picked her up, it must have scared the crap out of her because she screamed so loud.

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   I was holding her up by her ass and dam what an ass she had. We kissed as we walked over to the hot tub. I walked up the stairs, slowly walked in the tub and placed my sexy friend in the chair, and I sat down next to her, and almost as soon as I sat down, she was on top of me, rubbing my cock with her ass as she kissed me. By now I was hard as steel. I put my hands around Jen's back and unhooked her bikini top, and slowly let it fall off her shoulders exposing her large firm breasts.
            I slowly massaged her bare flesh letting small moans escape form her, she was grinding her ass even harder against my cock now then she was before. I felt like I was going to burst. Once again I picked Jen up not stopping kissing her, and walked back inside, and sat her down on the couch, slid off her bikini bottom, and spread her legs. I started to kiss her thighs getting closer to her pussy ever time. She shaved her pussy bald and it looked great, her lips were so puffy, I couldn't hold back any longer. I plunged my tong in to her tight pussy, finding her silt right away. In only a few minutes Jen had her first orgasm. I came up form between her legs and gave her a deep kiss.
            Seconds later, Jen Rolled me off her, I could see the fire in her eyes, she was burning with lust. She pulled off my board shorts, and stared with awe at my hard cock.

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   I don't have a huge cock but I was proud of my 6 inches of steel. Jen slowly started to lick the head of my cock, I let out a small moan. She started to lick the shaft of my cock before burring all 6 inches in her mouth massaging it with her tong. I had been with plenty of girls but Jen was definitely the best cock sucker I had ever had. She was sucking my steel for a good 7 minutes before I started to feel my balls tingle. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked off all over her chest. She rubbed my cum all over her chest and stomach, then licked her fingers.
            We both laid back down on the couch and made out while we watch 28 days later. We fell asleep naked on the couch, and when I woke up the next morning I felt great, and when I looked down Jen was back between my legs, sucking on my newly hard cock. My god I never had a girl that liked to suck cock as much as much as I liked to have it sucked. This time when I came she swallowed it all. God I did love this girl. I got up, and headed to the kitchen to make us some breakfast, before we got back on the road to go back to Virginia . She got a call from her mom when I was still cooking, she told her that she was home so now we didn't have to go back. That was a relief for me because I didn't really want to drive that far again.

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   Plus it gave us more time with each other. A half hour later I finished making breakfast and we sat down to eat. I really hoped that Jen liked the omelets that I made. I can't resist a good sausage and cheese omelet. We sat down to eat and she told me that she wanted to take a shower, so I told her that I would head out to the store while she was in the shower.
            After we finished eating, I gave Jen a ride back to her house so she could shower and change, and I went to a ring shop. I decided to ask Jen to marry me. I'm not sure why but it just felt right to me, and we hadn't even fucked yet. It is a good thing that I had finally got a good job, or I couldn't pay for the ring, it was $1,700 with the largest diamond I had ever seen in a ring, ok not really but it was the biggest one that I could afford. I headed back to Jen's house to pick her up, and once again I couldn't believe how good she looked. She was wearing a mini skirt and tight belly shirt. I told her that we were going to go to a bar that my friend owns. That's were I was going to pop the question. She hopped in and we were on the road again. We stopped off at the bar.

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   I ordered us some margaritas, and went to go with Jen, after our second round I could tell that it was starting to go to her head I had to ask her. I got up, and grabbed the box in my pocket, Jen tried to get up, but I told her to sit back down. I held her hand and got down on a knee, and said "I know that we just met 3 days ago, but I have never felt this way about anyone before, Jen will you marry me?" and with my luck, she said yes. I kissed her and we ran out of the bar and back to her house.
            Jen, My fiancŽ told me to sit on the couch and enjoy the show, having an idea of what she meant, I sat down put my arms behind my head. Jen put on some techno music and started dancing around, she was going to strip for me. She started to lift her shirt, but stopped when I could see the bottom of her bra. She undid the bottom of her skirt and the zipper exposing the front of her sexy pink thong. She had her hair up in a bun, but she let it fall covering her shoulders, she took off her heels. Then she slid off her skirt, spinning around, and bending over showing off her great ass. Then she slid up her shirt and through it at me. I could smell her, she smelt great. She took off her bra, and through it on the floor, and then slowly she slid of her panties exposing her freshly shaven pussy that I had meet the night before. Jen started to dance around the room coming over to me only to strip me of my close. She lead me to her room, were we would be spending our first time together.

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            I followed her up the stairs up to her room, she had a queen size bed in her room perfect for us. She laid down on the bed and kept saying "Fuck Me", I wasn't sure if she was still a virgin so I was going to take it a little slow at first didn't want to heart her.   I climbed on top of my gorgeous girl, made sure she was wet, so I played with her clit for a few minutes to get her juices flowing. I grabbed my cock and lined it up with her pussy. I started to push the tip of my cock, she was so tight, after I got about 3 inches in I felt her hymen, not only do I get to marry this gorgeous girl I get to take her virginity to, what a day. I pulled out, bent over and kissed her hard, gave her my hand and told her to squeeze it until the pain stopped. In one large motion I broke her hymen and 5 inches of my cock in her pussy. She singed with pain and squeezed by hand. I stopped moving until she let go of my hand. I started off slow, but when Jen started moaning I picked up the pace, still never getting the full 6 inches in her. Jen had 2 mind blowing orgasms before I came deep on her tight pussy. We laid together for an hour before getting up to take a shower together. We got dressed, and went downstairs to watch the queen of the dammed, we got about 10 minutes in before we fell asleep on top of each other.


Chapter 2 ???