A hot summers day


I was the same age as Jill, 14 but Jill was a lot prettier than I was. She had nice firm breast that filled out her dresses and bathing suits nicely. I had real small breasts. They were there but just real small. I wore a bra but not because I needed one but because mom said I needed to and that my nipples showed to much. I have long brown hair and I am
4’ 10” and weigh 70 pounds. I think my best features are my face, because everyone tells me I have beautiful features. My hair because its long and straight reaching top of my ass and my ass itself. I love the way it is rounded and fills my shorts or jeans or my skirt hangs over it. So that’s me and this is my story on how in one day a girls life can change.
It was so cool being at the Jill’s brother’s party. I wasn’t kidding myself, the only reason I was there was because of my friendship with Jill. It didn’t matter though, I was enjoying watching the boys and girls dance and listening to the music. It was a hot day and so there were a lot of kids in the pool playing water volleyball. Some just talking. I enjoyed watching the boys trying to impress the girls.

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   Suddenly a water balloon hit me and broke open soaking me on my blouse. This good-looking guy came and apologized to me and went his way laughing chasing someone with another balloon. I found a lounge chair by the pool and watched a few minutes. Jill came up and sat down on the bottom of the chair.
“Hey I have suit upstairs for you to put on. Sorry to see you get soaked like that. We can put you clothes in the dryer and dry them. Besides you could use some sun on you body. ”
She grabbed my hand and pulled me up and so we went to her room and she pulled out a cute white bikini.
She held it up to me and said, “Try this on. I think its perfect. Well except my breasts are bigger but it will look good on you. ”
I undressed and stepped into thong and pulled it up. Wow it was the first time I had something this skimpy on. My butt cheeks were all out there for all to see with the only cover stretched in the crack of my ass and a little patch covering my crotch.

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   I picked up the top and put my arms through the straps and Jill came behind me and fastened the hook.
Jill and I stood there looking into the full-length mirror at the exposure of my body.
If only my breasts were bigger, I think I would look really great in this suit. Jill must have been thinking the same thing because she walked to her dresser and opened the drawer and pulled out some flesh colored rubber pads. She walked up to me and pulled the top away from my breasts and began inserting the pads.
“Here this will help. I used to wear them before my breasts filled in. ” and stepping aside I looked and I couldn’t believe the transformation. God I wish I had real big breasts. I actually looked sexy.
“Come let’s get your clothes in the dryer and get back to the party. ” Jill said picking up my clothes and heading down the stairs. “I’ll take care of these go join the party again. I will join you in a minute. ” And she disappeared with my clothes.

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I walked out in the crowd and felt naked. Guys would stop talking and watch me go by and then turn back to their conversations. God I felt like every eye was on me. At first it scared me but then it was really kind of sexy, being the focus of attention. I sat down on the lounge chairs again and before I could even lay down a good-looking guy came up and sat down on a chair next to me.
“Would you like some sun screen?”
“Sure, thanks. ” I said.
“I’m Brent. What’s your name?” he said as he began to rub the oil in my shoulders and on my back.
“ Julie. ” I said enjoying his hands on my body. “Thanks again for the oil. ”
“My pleasure Julie. ” Brent said.
Jill showed up and took the bottle away from him and said to Brent.

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“ What would Monica say if she saw you putting your hands all over Julie?”
“ Monica is not here Jill. So she wouldn’t see me now would she. ” Brent said mockingly and walked away.
Wow it seemed like suddenly I was visible whereas before nobody noticed me.
Jill finished putting the oil on me saying, “ Sorry to run him off but Brent has a roving eye. Not the kind of guy you want to have his hands touching you. ”
I said thanks and laid back on the lounge. Oh the sun felt great. The music playing and the sounds of people talking, splashing, laughing was wonderful. As soon as I would close my eyes someone would come up and ask me if I wanted a drink. I don’t know how many glasses of purple punch I had as well as how many joints came my way. But before I knew it my head was spinning. I decided to get up and go inside to get out of the sun. I started to stand and suddenly Jill’s brother; Stan grabbed hold of my arm to steady me.
“Hey easy does it Julie.

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   Let me help you. ” He guided me through the maze of people and into the house. “Hope you have been enjoying the party. ”
“God yes! I think the sun got to me. ” I heard myself say.
“Well looking at your skin, I am in agreement. You will hurt later from that burn you got. ” Stan said. “ By the way you look great in that swim suit. Better than my sister ever looked in it. ” He then laughed.
The air conditioning felt great. I sat down at the stool at the bar in the recreation room.
“ Are you going to be ok?” Stan asked.
“ Yeah, I think I will call my brother to come and pick me up.

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   Do you mind if I use your phone?” I said.
“No not at all. ” And he handed me the phone.
I dialed the number and when I heard my brother Tom answer asked him if he could come and get me.
“Sure, Julie. I will be there soon. ” And he hung up.
I went to the laundry room looking for my clothes but couldn’t find them. All I could find was towels pilled up everywhere. I walked out to find Jill but she wasn’t anywhere to be found. So I just wrapped a large towel around myself and figured I would pick up my clothes another day.
My brother Tom came walking in the house and seeing me came over and asked.
“You ok sis? You look smashed! I am glad you called me instead of mom or dad! God they loose it on you. ”
“Thanks for coming Tom, I think I got too much Sun. ” I said trying to sound sober and straight.

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“Yeah right. Ok here it would be better for me to carry you. ” He said and in one swoop he had me cradled in his arms carrying me to the car.
Bob, Bill and Mike other brothers were in the car waiting. I felt kind of embarrassed as Tom stood me up so I could get in the backseat with Bob and Bill. I crawled in the middle between them and felt squished as Bob got back in and closed the door.
Tom got back in the drivers seat and off we went.
I just leaned back and closed my eyes. Everything was spinning faster and faster. The cold leather on my skin felt good. I listened to the conversation between my brothers as they talked about stopping somewhere and taking care of something. I had no clue what they were talking about and it really didn’t matter to me just as long as we got home so I could lie down and sleep this off. Mike said they would flip a coin to find out who is first. And then who has heads or tales.
“Julie, were going to stop for a bit so you can sober up before we get you home.

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   We would hate to have mom and dad see you like this. ” Tom said as the car came to a stop.
“Besides there is something we have been wanting to do for quite some time now. Do you mind?”
“No, I don’t mind. Just don’t tell mom and dad on me ok?” I said.
“Well we all have things that they don’t need to know, right?” Bob chimed in.
I heard the doors open and Bob got out and suddenly Bill reached over and pulled the towel open. I opened my eyes and Tom, Mike were looking at me from over the front seat. Bill put his hand on my thigh and pushing me down in the seat.
I yelled. “ Hey what’s going on? Leave me along. Stop it!” but that only brought laughter from all of them.
Bob grabbed my hair and pulled me toward the open door. I screamed in pain!
“Ouch, what the hell you doing! Get off me Bill! Get your hands off me!” but it didn’t stop them. I started to scream again and suddenly Bob stuck his hard cock into my mouth and rammed it to the back of my throat.

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   I gasped for air. I could feel Bill moving my suit aside and his fingers probing inside my hole.
All I could see was Bob’s pubic hair as held my nose into his crotch with his cock buried deep into my throat. I tried to hit him and push Bill off me. I tried to scratch and grab any flesh I could grab but my hands soon were pinned down.
One of my legs was hoisted over the front seat and I felt hands holding it there. I was spread wide open. Bill was between my legs and trying to stick his cock into me. I kept shifting my ass so as to prevent him. Everything was spinning around me. I need air! I felt like I was going to faint. But Bob kept my mouth and throat plugged with his hard shaft. I struggled and managed to get one arm loose and grabbed a handful of hair off Bills chest.
“OUCH!” He yelled. I was desperate for air! I felt like I was starting to lose consciousness.

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   My arm was grabbed and once again pinned down. Suddenly Bob pulled out of me just enough for me to gasp in some air and then he shoved my nose in his crotch again sticking his dick back in my throat.
I was choking, gagging, I tried to move my head but he had his hand on the back of my head and keeping me pulled to him. I felt Bills cock at the entrance of my vagina with the head of it pushing into me. God, I felt like I was being stabbed. I tried to fight but the more I moved the more he entered into me.
I heard Bill say, “ Oh man she is so fucking tight!” and he shoved deeper into me.
I wanted to scream! I was in pain, being ripped in two. I was gagging needing air. I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. Everything was getting hazy, blurry. Between the purple punch, the smoke, the sun and now lack of air.
I heard laughing all around me. The tears fell from my eyes. Bob started fucking my mouth slowly allowing me to at least breath.


   I would exhale when he pulled out of my throat and inhale before he could plug it up again.
“That’s it little Julie!” Bob said, “I think your going to be good at sucking cocks. ”
Bill was deeper in my vagina, shoving and backing off and then shoving his way even deeper. I couldn’t fight them anymore. Everything was spinning too fast. It was too blurry for me. The tears fell down my cheek and nose adding to the saliva on Bobs cock as he fucked my mouth and throat.
Bill was ripping me apart as he took my virginity. I was going to faint from the pain.
Bill suddenly stiffened and it felt as if his cock grew in me. Then I felt a hot sticky fluid shooting inside me. It felt good sense it helped to lubricate my insides. Bill was grunting and suddenly he stopped fucking my pussy. He just lay on top of me.
Bobs cock was getting harder and I felt the hot steamy fluid shoot down my throat just as I was breathing in.

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   I was choking on it. I didn’t have time to cough because his cock was deep in my throat again. I tried to swallow the fluid but it just kept shooting out drowning me as it poured into my lungs. I knew I was going to die. I gasped but it just seemed to bring more hot stick fluid. Finally he pulled out and I began to cough to clear my lungs.
He let my head drop and I banged my head on the bottom of the car door. Bill had climbed off of me and left me sprawled out with my gapping hole exposed, dripping blood and semen down the crack of my ass and onto the leather seat. I just lay there crying and trying to breath.
I felt strong hands reach in for me and I looked up and saw Tom gabbing my under my arms and pulling me out of the car.
“Sis, don’t get blood and cum on my seat!” Tom said and then picked me up and carried me to a blanket that was lying out on the grass. Tom put me down and as I looked up I could see Tom and Mike were both naked and looking down at me. All I could do was cry. I sobbed, “NO, PLEASE NO!”
Mike and Tom positioned me on my hands and knees. My legs were spread open and Tom was kneeling between them.

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   Mike was in front of me with his cock in his hand and pulling my hair so as to raise my head to its level. I cried out once more for them to stop but only to get Mikes cock in my mouth. At the same time Tom rammed his cock into my pussy. I screamed but no one could hear me! God Tom was much bigger than Bill. Tom must be huge! I would be totally ripped apart this time.
Mike and Tom soon began to fuck me in rhythm. Both would push in me at the same time as if they wanted to squish me between them. Tom was soooo big. God it hurt. The pain. I wanted to faint, but feared unconsciousness.
“Ummm, Damn she is tight. It’s a good thing you loosened her up a bit Bill. ” Tom grunted.
“Well hell, if I wouldn’t have there would have been no way you would have fit!” Bill said light heartedly.

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   “Didn’t I tell you Sis has a fucking tight hole?”
“Let me get this top off her and lets see those tiny tits. ” Bob said as I felt hands on the back of the strap unhooking the top. It fell loose and down my arms to the ground.
“Not much in the way of size but god I love those nipples. ” I could feel hands reaching under me and massaging my breast. Hands were everywhere. I had no idea whose hands were where.
Tom was fucking me harder and harder from behind and Mike fucked me in the mouth. His balls slapped against my chin. The heat was causing everyone to sweat. I could feel sweat falling from my body. Someone was pinching my nipples. Pulling on them.
“Well sis, you look like a real whore being banged. Shame we don’t have a video camera going.

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  ” Bill laughed.
Both Bob and Bill began to chant, “ Fuck the bitch guys. Bang the whore. Shoot your load. ”
Again and again they chanted spurring Mike and Tom on.
“Hold on a minute Mike. ” Tom said, “ I want to lay down and have her ride me. ”
With that they pulled out and Tom lay down and I was picked up and positioned above Toms huge cock. Hands pulled me down impaling me. Tom started fucking me again this time from underneath. Mike resumed his position in front of my face. I opened and took his cock in. I had no strength to fight them anymore.
“ Julie, use your tongue, and lick my cock. Around the head, ummmm that’s it.

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   Now lick all the way down the underneath side of my cock and lick my balls. Ummmmm, now that’s what a real woman does with a cock. Ummm that’s it just keep doing that. Ummmmm, Ummmmmm, now suck it in your mouth slowly. Oh yeah that it. ” Mike coached me.
I just wanted it to end and as long as I fought them it would never end. So I licked and sucked and then he began to shoot his cum in my face hitting me in the eye and on the forehead and in the hair. Bob and Bill were standing there with their cocks waiting for me to suck and lick. I began to alternate between then as they pulled my head to the next one for me to suck.
Tom didn’t miss a beat though, he just kept fucking me, pushing me up and when he fell to the ground I would fall with him pushing him deeper in me. I was in pain but also feeling feelings I had never felt before. My breathing was getting harder and harder as if I had been running. I was physically getting drained, exhausted. The world was still spinning out of control as if I was on some weird drug.

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Suddenly I began to convulse and shudder deep inside me. My muscles began to contract and my pussy began to flood with hot fluid. I couldn’t catch my breath. At the same time Tom also shuddered and Grunted and his hot sticky fluid was mixed with mine. I slumped over not able to hold myself upright anymore. As I rolled off of Tom and onto the ground everything went black.
I began to move but I couldn’t because of the pain. My face was filled with dried tears, sweat and cum. I could hear the voices of my brothers as they talked about their experience in fucking me. How I looked in that bikini when they picked me up at the party. How they had been watching me for some time when I would go from the bathroom to my room in my short robe. How I would give them a hard on when I would wear my short mini skirts and how my nipples would stick out of my flat chest.
I lay there not wanting to move but finally opening my eyes I realized that it had stated to get dark. Tom was the first to notice that I had awakened. He came over and I started to hit and scratch him.

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   He grabbed my wrist and sat on top of me. Holding my arms above my head, he bent over and kissed me. I spat on him and I found myself crying uncontrollably. He stood up pulling me up and to him and he pinned my arms behind me and just held me. Trying to comfort me.
“Its ok now. We aren’t going to hurt you. Were cool. You were a real lady and in time your going to an even better woman. ” He whispered into my ear. “ Come lets get you dressed and get you home. What you need is nice soaking in the hot tub. ”

With that Tom wrapped the towel around me and carried me to the car. So gentle, so kind, I was so confused. I got in the car wedged between Bob and Bill again not wanting their skin to tough me.

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   I curled up to protect myself sobbing. Tears falling on my knees as I rode home.

When we got home the house was dark and my brothers told me that our folks went away for the weekend and would not be home till Monday. God what was I going to do!!!!!

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