A night of freedom


My name is Jacob. I am 17 and will never forget the first sexual experience I had. I had been good friends with this girl named Jessica for a few years now, and we were very close. I had loved her since the first time we really talked in 9th grade, but we never dated for fear of messing up our friendship.
One night after I got off work we were talking on the phone. She said her parents would be gone for a couple days, and she wanted me to spend the night. I didn’t think anything sexual would come of this because she never sent any signs like that to me. Of course if I asked my parents they would have said no, so I called up one of my good friends Hank. He said he would cover me and that I could say I was staying there. So about 10:30 Jess called me and said I could go ahead and come over. My parents believed that I was staying with Hank, and Jess’ parents wouldn’t be back until the next night, so everything was looking good.
I drove over to her house, and she answered wearing a sexy gray top that cut off just above her belly button, and white pajama bottoms. Jessica had just turned 18, she had 2 perfect c-up breasts, a gorgeous body, long blonde hair, and a nice little round ass.
She invited me in, where she had her futon already set up with sheets and pillows. We sat down and watched T. V.

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   for awhile and made fun of the infomercials. After a while she asked the three words that always turn out good in this kind of story. “truth or dare”. Well not wanting to seem eager for something to happen, I chose truth. She asked if I had ever masturbated to thoughts of her. With a red face a said “yes”. “oh really?” she said in a sexy voice. She smiled and said “ok, your turn”. I asked her and she chose dare. At first I was nervous to ask her anything, but the next thing I know I was saying “take off your clothes”, she smiled and blushed and said “ok, but only if you do to. ” without hesitation we both stood up and started undressing.
I took off my t-shirt and shorts and threw them aside as she slip off her pants and top. We were left standing there, her with both her naked breasts exposed and in a purple thong, me in boxers with a hard on pointing straight at her. She saw it and her eyes widened. “well I see your in a good mood” she said.

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   I smiled and replied “I cant help it, your just fucking hot. ” ”thanks, you aint to bad yourself” she said with a wink. With this we both slipped the last of out clothes off and sat down.
“Well your turn” she said. “uhhh dare” “ok then. What can I have you do? Oh I know, how about you let me suck your cock. ” my jaw dropped because I had never heard her talk like that. “you mean you really want to?” I said, trying to hide the excitement in my voice. “well ya” she said. I didn’t need to be told twice, so I laid back and let her take charge.
She leaned over and took my throbbing 7 inches in her hand and started stroking it slowly. A small moan escaped my lips as I felt the heat from her breathe as her mouth lowered towards my dick. Then she took it all and deep throated it like a pro. “Fuck ya, suck my cock baby” I said and she looked up at me and smiled. I moaned louder as her talented tongue swirled around the head of my cock, and down the shaft.

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   She played with my balls and made it feel incredible. I knew I was going to cum soon so I told her I was on the verge of cuming, and she just smiled and went on sucking. I knew she was going to swallow and I wanted to make sure to cum as hard as I could for her. After a few more minutes of her talented mouth work, I grabbed the back of her head and yelled “IM GONNA CUM” but before I even finished saying it I shot a huge hot load into here mouth, and she just kept suck until she swallowed every drop.
I fell back onto the futon as she climbed on top of me. She laid there as I fondled her fine ass and tits. Then she said, “fuck the game, lets just do it“. “ are you sure” I asked, because of us both being virgins. “of course, I have always loved you and there is no one else I would rather lose it to. ” “well do you have any rubbers?” “nope but I hoped this would happen so I’m on the pill. ” “ok” I said. Then she spread her legs over my body, showing off her trimmed virgin pussy. I was already hard and ready to go again. “be gentle” she pleaded. “don’t worry, I will” I assured her.

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Then I slowly slipped my cock into her dripping pussy. I felt some resistance, told her to brace herself and then I thrusted into her and heard her yelp as I popped her cherry. A small trickle of blood ran down my dick, but I didn’t stop. I kept slipping in and out of her until she started moaning. She planted her hands on my chest ,started ridding me and screaming, “FUCK YES JAKE FUCK ME HARDER HARDER HARDER!!!!” I grabbed her hips and pounded deep into her as she kept screaming for more, then I told her to get on all fours. She happily obliged and climber off me onto the futon. She took her position as I grab her ass and shoved my cock deep into her. She squealed with pleasure and I fucked her harder and harder. “MORE JAKE, FUCK MY CUNT MORE!” as I did I could feel her start to tighten “OH GOD IM CUMMING JAKE, DONT STOP IT FEELS SO GOOD AHHHHH!!!” she screamed as she came all over my cock. I could feel her walls contracting and that sent me over the edge. I screamed as I shot off inside her. After this we collapsed on the futon, curled up under a cover and went to sleep.
I left early the next morning, kissed her goodbye and said call me the next time your parents leave. I showed up at home and no one was the wiser.

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