A School Sex Lesson Part 2


But it was not the two sexy women that shocked Jason. He was used to seeing the two babes often. However the room was much different then he expected, it looked like it did all the time, not the way Rachael had arranged specially for their sex games yesterday. Jason knew now that it may all be a scam, they were just talking, he possibly was going to be in trouble so he turned to leave. However he stopped when he heard his name called by Rachael as both women looked up. "Jason, come in please," Rachael spoke with a hint of mischief in the sexy voice. Both his girlfriend and teacher were smiling as he walked in and sat down next to them. "Alright Jason," she spoke with passion. "Let's cut the crap. We all know why you came. And were glad you did, you have passed your lesson, however it is time for Ashley to be educated. You will help me teach this naughty little girl how to behave sexually won't you?"Jason nodded, he could see Ashley was excited about what was going to happen. "But, what about the room?" Jason questioned his teacher. "This room is too small for what I have in mind, follow me. "Without another word Rachael got up and left the room her two sexually aroused students hurrying behind her. Rachael led them down a hallway and to a large exit way.

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   She opened the door and headed out onto the large forest grounds of the school. The walked for what seemed like hours but was more likely less then 5 minutes. Jason was so eager to fuck that time seemed to pass very slowly for him. Finally when Rachael had reached a small stream with oaks surrounding it and the ground was covered mud and dirt, she stopped. "Here?" Ashley spoke with her sweet child like voice. "This is were we're going to um… well… do it?" She may have been talking to Rachael boldly about sex and such. But when it actually came to the point of committing the action she was at a loss for words. She had never done something this dirty in her life, and all she knew about sex was probably from Rachael. "Yes, but you had better not get your school clothes dirty so take them off," she was sitting against a tree on the other side of the stream from the teenagers. Seeing them hesitate she spoke again with a much more commanding tone. "Jason, strip NOW!"He immediately began taking off his clothes and discarding them near a tree. Once he was down to his underpants Ashley was mesmerized at the bulge protruding from his undies. When he finally pulled his last article of clothing off Ashley gasped very loudly while Rachael just smiled and walked towards him. Jason was glad to be rid of the clothing seeing how hot and humid it was for September. The weathermen said it was the warmest in over a hundred years.

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  "It's gorgeous isn't it?" Rachael grasped his 6 and a half-inch long penis. "He has a marvelous dick. Don't you just love it?" she began kissing him passionately their tongues moving all around both mouths. Then she began caressing his neck with her lips, and she moved up and licked his ear. "Your turn Ashley, you see it is fun to be naughty," she spoke while going back across the stream where she sat again at the base of a tree. Ashley pulled her eyes away from his cock as she regained her composure. Now Jason had never visited a porno site, but with guys bragging all the time and talking a lot, as well as his experience with Rachael the day before. He knew about sex very well. Still he yearned to see his girlfriend naked. Slowly but surely Ashley unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it down her luscious, athletic thighs. Her blouse was long and covered any undergarments but it was thin as well so Jason could clearly see the outline of her underwear. Once the skirt was down to her ankles she slipped it off along with the socks that she was wearing. She unbuttoned the first two buttons of the blouse, revealing her cleavage and the top of her white bar that guarded Jason's desires. The blouse went over her head revealing her white cotton panties with frilly lines along the edges as well as the cute training bra she had at her chest. Once her shirt joined the pile of discarded clothing she unclasped the bra.

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   As her chest sprung free it was Jason's turn to gasp. The bra was much too small for her needs; the milky white breasts were enough to make a priest lose his chastity. The pink buds of her bosom were clearly hard due to the breeze in the air and as the panties slipped from her ankles he could see the few wisps of blond hair growing on her mound and along her asshole. Jason's penis became even larger because of the sex juices bursting to get free. He however turned to see his teacher with her pants at her ankles and her right hand down the silky underwear because she had just spoken. "Didn't you hear me Jason, lie down Now!" she assumed the commanding role again. As Jason did so his back and butt began getting sticky with dirt and mud. "Now you Ashley suck him off! Quickly!" Both could tell that Rachael was probing inside her pussy obviously turned on by both the children's private parts. Ashley lay down on her stomach her face inches from his cock. She slowly slipped the head inside her lips. The heat and dampness astounded Jason. She slowly bobbed her head up and down taking in the penis ever so slowly. Her tongue was everywhere, especially lingering on his piss hole. She got farther and farther going as slowly as possible with her lips clamped as tight as she could around his shaft. Drawing the orgasm slowly as she could out of her boyfriend.

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   She hesitated at when the dick reached the back of her throat. But then kept going, gorging the thing as if it was a banquet and she were starving. Jason through his ecstatic pleasure turned his head and gazed at his teacher. She was very wet; he could tell and had probably already orgasmed, wasting no time. "Ashley is a very quick learner," Rachael spoke threw her gasps of arousal. Jason was breathing heavily feeling so wonderful. Her tongue flicked inside her mouth. He grew closer and closer. It was very near. "I'm…. Gonna… CUMMMMM!" he shouted between his gasps. He moaned and moaned as he spilt his sperm directly into the back of her throat. Ashley greedily gulped it down taking all of the hot sticky liquid into her stomach. She pulled out coughing and gasping for breath. They were both very covered in mud now.

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   Rachael had all her clothes off as splashed some cooling water out of the stream and onto the warm entwined bodies. Jason began to kiss passionately the girl he desired. Giving her the first French kiss she had ever had and more. He stoked her hair and squeezed her boobs in passion. "Alright now," she pulled apart the two lovers. "You passed the first test Ashley, but it is time for you to lose your virginity," seeing Jason's worrying she spoke again. "Don't worry just take her hard and fast, I'll help you. " She licked his cock and balls to give them lubrication and then Rachael sat with her ass on her feet. She pulled Ashley's head on top of her thighs and let her breasts hang loose over onto the young girl's face. Ashley grabbed these for handholds. Giving Rachael pleasure by squeezing hard and occasionally licking them. Rachael then forced Ashley to bend her knees with her feet resting on the slippery mud and her legs spread as far as she could. Now Jason positioned himself as best he could for the most adequate thrusting possible. He then rammed his long meat as hard as he could into her vagina. He reached the hymen and popped her cherry leaving blood as he pulled back for another thrust.

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   Ashley's enjoyed the rubbing around her clitoris so she screamed in enjoyment. "YES! YES! Oh…" she gasped as he began thrusting in and out. Jason was ravaging her pussy. Now Ashley was helpless against the pleasure she received, she grabbed on to her teacher's boobs and pulled bucking back and forth, humping into the thrusts of her classmate. All three were having the time of their lives. Jason feeling his hard cock get the pressure of the moist, hot, tight cunt of the 14-year old girl. Ashley getting rammed by her sexy boyfriend, feeling the body heat of both her comrades. And Rachael feeling the joy of her breasts being pinched and grabbed. As well as the feeling of pride for what she had accomplished with two of her students. As Ashley orgasimed thunderously and a few seconds later as Jason cummed into her womb, Rachael knew that both her prodigies would be getting A's this term. They pulled out licking and kissing each other. Legs and arms so close together you couldn't tell which ligament belonged to which person. The gasped for breath covered in mud on the hot day. Once they were all ready Rachael spoke "Alright then, you both are excellent, however you have been very naughty. Jason discipline your bad little girl.

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  " He did not hesitate being caught up in the moment. He grabbed her sat down and yanked her naked body over his knee as if she were his mischievous daughter caught lying. SPANK! SLAP! Her buttocks was quickly turning bright red, as he slapped both of her butt cheeks faster and faster. She screamed in pain, lust, and pleasure all in one. He finally finished disciplining the teenager and she sat down in the stream washing off the mud and cooling her red bottom. "Well done Jason," she paused. "However naughty little boys need to be taken care of as well, Ashley if you please. "Ashley smiled, sat down and clumsily pulled the unresisting Jason over her knee. She was not so good at this, hitting softly and without consistency. Rachael interrupted her "No here let me show you," she grabbed Jason and stood him up. "You don't always have to spank them. " Without another word she pulled out the ruler she had concealed within her discarded clothes and slapped his dick hard a couple of times. Jason cried out as his little soldier now stood at attention instead of hanging limp. "And when you do spank him do this. " She practically threw the naughty teenage boy over her knee, grasped his penis tightly between her legs giving pleasure and pain while spanking the boy.

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   She did it with strength and it lasted a good five minutes. When it was over Jason was really hurting he used the cool water to massage his pained butt. She grabbed both their arms and with clothes in hand they sneaked into the almost empty parking lot, completely nude. A passerby might mistake them for streakers. They were still muddy but the stream had taken a lot off. They climbed into the teacher's car and drove for ten minutes until they reached a large house. The went in, climbed upstairs and tumbled into bed. As Jason drifted into sleep from the day's exertions he thought how wonderful it was that he had two beautiful women, naked, who he had fucked, sleeping beside him. This is the second part of a school sex lesson, I think it is better then the first, tell me what you think and maybe Jason will learn even more from his teacher. .

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