A Trip To The Mall


Lorna showed her a copy of a girlie magazine she found in her brother’s room. The girls were all totally naked except for a pair of heels, and most of them were all shamelessly spread eagle displaying their pink shaved slits or fucking them selves with a big plastic dildo. Lorna went into the bathroom and soaped up her dark pubic hair. She handed a razor to Lisa; and lay down on her bed with her legs spread wide. Lisa did as she was asked and before long, Lorna’s crotch was totally bald. Lorna asked Lisa to make sure her slit was smooth as well. Lisa ran her middle finger up and down Lorna’s slit; it was smooth to the touch. Lisa found it a turn on to rub her friend’s pussy. Lisa soon found Lorna’s clit and began to rub that. Lorna made no protest to Lisa’s actions. She spread her legs wider and begged Lisa to get the pink vibrator out of the nightstand and fuck her with it. The 9” dildo was soon buried in Lorna’s hot cunt. Lisa began to finger herself as Lorna reached orgasm. When Lorna regained her senses, she watched Lisa finger herself. Lorna got up and began to slowly undress Lisa; she unbuttoned her blouse, and undid the front clasp of her bra liberating her soft round tits and erect pink nipples. Lorna began to suck and caress Lisa’s breasts.

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   She then pulled her shorts and panties completely off, Lisa was still rubbing her clit, and almost ready to climax. As Lorna pulled Lisa’s hand away she gently pushed Lisa down on the bed. Lisa spread her legs wide with anticipation. Lorna did not disappoint her; she replaced Lisa’s hand with her hot, wet tongue. Lisa began to moan as Lorna’s tongue snaked its way to her clit; Lorna began to fuck Lisa with the vibrator, it slid easily up Lisa’s virgin fuck hole. Lisa climaxed and was silent for a few minutes. Her mind was trying to register what had just taken place. As Lisa lay there, Lorna began to shave the blond fur that covered her pussy. Lisa did not protest; soon her pussy was bald as well. Lorna and Lisa showered together, kissing and caressing each other as they washed. Lisa sat on the bed naked as Lorna dressed. She put on her tight rib-knit red tank top; it hugged her breasts as though it was a second skin. She put on her white spandex mini-skirt and her mom’s stiletto heels to round out her outfit. Lorna sat down in the chair and crossed her legs. Lisa could clearly see Lorna’s sweet slit as she sat there with her legs slightly spread.

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   Lisa put her clothes back on and they set out for the mall. They arrived at the mall around 8:45PM, about 15 minutes before closing time. Lorna walked into the mall and quickly entered the shoe store. He was all by himself this evening, and quickly look up at Lorna and smiled. She could see the brass name tag on his lapel read “Todd Martin, District Manager” Lorna wasted no time in asking about 4” red pumps, she sat down and waited for Todd to return. Lorna made sure the short skirt was well up her thighs to give Todd a good show. Todd quickly retuned with several pair of shoes, and began to try them on Lorna. Todd noticed quickly that his customer was not wearing panties and was doing nothing to deter his view of her crotch. Todd only half listened to Lorna’s part of their conversation, Todd slowly licked his lips as stared intently up her skirt. Lorna knew she had gotten his undivided attention, when he stood up to lock the door at 9PM, she noticed the large bulge in the lower half of his dark blue suit. Todd went into the back room after he locked the door, Lorna got up and followed suit. When she got back there Todd had taken off his suit coat and began to unbutton his shirt. He grabbed Lorna and kissed her, sticking his long warm tongue into her mouth. He squeezed her tits and pinched her erect nipples through her tank top. She loosened his tie as his hands made their way up her skirt to her wet pussy.

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   He began to finger her wet hole and she fondled the bulge in his pants. Todd finished removing his clothes except for the black silk boxer shorts. She pulled down the front of his silk boxers to liberate the throbbing monster within. Lorna was quite surprised to find that his fuck stick was huge. Lorna could barely get her hands around it. Todd quite fingering her slit long enough to insist that Lorna strip as well. Lorna did as she was asked and quickly pulled off her tank top, and slowly removed her tight skirt. Todd eyed his prize briefly before he grabbed his tie and secured her hands behind her back, thrusting her breasts out to him. Having her hands tied up made Lorna more excited. Todd removed is boxer shorts and stood before Lorna totally naked with his 8” cock fully erect. He began to suck and bite her nipples as he rubbed her smooth pussy lips, parting her slit and rubbing her clit. He continued to rub her clit until she was ready to climax. Todd stopped and pulled her head down to his erect member. He moved Lorna’s head back and forth while he fucked her mouth. Before he climaxed, he pulled her mouth off his throbbing cock, picked Lorna up and put her on the large table, he spread her legs apart reveling her wet pink pussy, he then began to lick and kiss her shaved lips and clit with his thick sensuous lips, while he finger fucked her.

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   Lorna could feel herself almost to the brink; Todd sensed this; and stopped licking her clit, she begged him to continue. Todd ignored Lorna’s pleas, picked her up and placed the head of his cock on the opening of her hot little box. With one push she was impaled on his hard fuck stick. She wrapped her legs around Todd’s waist as he fucked her fast and furiously. Lorna’s tits bounced as Todd delivered his thrusts. Lorna began to rub her clit as Todd fucked away. She soon climaxed; squeezing his monster with her tight fuck hole. Soon Todd climaxed shooting hot cum up inside her. They held on to each other panting for breath. Todd untied her hands and kissed Lorna tenderly. As Lorna stood up, she felt his sticky wetness run down her leg. Todd got a wet cloth and cleaned her up before helping her dress. Todd escorted Lorna to the door before he let her out; he made her promise to return the following evening. .