abused by neighbor


Topic: abused by neighborThis is a story that happened to me when I was 13 years old. At that age I was kind of interested in everything concerning sex. We had a computer at home and my parents used to work late and my older sister often had music classes so I had no problems what so ever surfing the net for free porn sites. One day I came across a gay site, this was not really my fetish but it got me curious, later on I found another gay site with cross-dressers, this got me really interested about how it would feel to do so and what I would look like. So I decided to go upstairs and get some of my sisters panties and try them on in my room, just to know how it would feel and look on me. The tight panties felt really good and looking at myself in the mirror got me really horny, so I laid myself down on my bet and started rubbing my 5-inch cock. After a short while I exploded like never before and I was hooked. Since then I began to do this quit often also late at night when everybody was already a sleep. That summer, my sister went on a trip for a month with some friends so I was alone with my parents and alone with the clothes my sister left behind, I tried on everything and each time I would get hard and had to masturbate. After 2 weeks my parents came to me and asked me if I would mind staying with the neighbor for a couple of days, because they had to go on a business trip. I said I didn’t mind and so it happened that I was going to stay 4 or 5 days at my neighbor’s. They dropped me of with a backpack with some clothes and personal stuff. We waved goodbye to my parents and then went inside, he took my backpack and laid it on a chair. He said, he was going to show me the room where I would be staying. So I followed him upstairs to a teenage girls room. On the bed were some girl’s underwear and I looked at my Neighbor, and he smiled saying, “I know how much you like to dress up in them, I’ve been watching you for quit some time now”.

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   I turned bright red. “So I decided you should walk around in those panties while you are here…off course if you don’t want me telling your folks what you are doing with your sisters lingerie! You better get changed!!!”I was shocked but knew I had no way out so I started undressing and when I was totally naked he saw the few pubic hairs I had and said “well we’ll have to shave you, nice young girls are smooth and have no hair there” he went to the bathroom and came back with a razor and shaving cream and he shaved me clean. Then he ordered me to get into the panty that was lying on the bed. Although I was being humiliated, I kind of liked it so went along with it. Suddenly he told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. Not knowing what would happen I got on my knees and he came to me unzipping his pants and taking out his 8-inch hard cock. I was terrified by the largeness of his cock. He said ‘ open wide” and shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged - “ now suck on it, you little whore” so I slowly started sucking this enormous hard cock the best I could. Sucking this big cock made me hard as well and my erect cock was hurting because of the tight panties I was wearing. Suddenly he stiffened and I felt the flow of cum shooting in my mouth “swallow it, you cum-slut, swallow it all” I tried to obey but it was just to much and some dripped on my smooth chest“You little whore you spilled some of my precious cum, you better clean it up with your fingers and put it all in your mouth!!!” He put his cock back in his pants and smiled at me while I was putting all the cum in my mouth and swallowing it, “Nice, good little whore”. When I was finished he told me to find some clothes and come down when I was ready and left the room. I stood up and looked in the closet and found all girls clothes, so I picked out a skirt and a matching tight top and went downstairs. I found my neighbor in the kitchen, when I walked in he looked at me and gave me a big smile. “Look at my little whore slut, come and eat your lunch” I walked up to him and sat opposite of him and start eating my food.

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   ‘So slut did you like having my cock in your mouth?” I looked at him confused so I decided to pull up my shoulders. “So you don’t know he, well I show you something else” he said with an evil grin. He took my hand and pulled me along to the basement where he undressed me roughly and bent me over a little table, he told me to put my hands out and he chained them, then he also chained my legs, I had no way out. He walked up to my head pulling his pants down, showing his semi erect cock. Already knowing what was expected of me, I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in my mouth and I started sucking. When I felt him becoming hard, he took his cock out of my mouth and walked around to my ass sticking in the air. Suddenly I felt something pushing against my tight anus. He pushed real hard and slowly I felt him entering my asshole. I was crying with pain, his huge cock was slitting me in half filling me up completely, stretching my beyond my limits. I was crying and begging him to stop, but that seemed to make his cock even harder and thicker. I felt his head being inside me then suddenly he pushed real hard pushing his cock completely inside me making me scream from pain. He than relaxed a bit making my asshole accustomed to having this huge cock inside it. The pain subdued a bit the pain was still very strong. Suddenly he started pulling his cock in and out my asshole, fucking me with strong trusts and with each trust I screamed with pain. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity I felt his cock swelling and then I felt his cock shooting his load into my little ass filling me up and giving me a warm feeling inside which felt really great.

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   He pulled out and I felt his cum leaking from my open ass and flowing down my legs. “I hope you liked it, you little slut” he untied me and told me to put all the cum coming out of my ass in my mouth and eating it all up, cleaning myself. It smelled strongly to the smell of my ass. After I was done cleaning myself he told me to get dressed again. I felt my ass hurting, but at the same time it felt warm and nice, yet again I was confused. .