Adam's Party


“Hey, I’ll be right back,” she heard him say to his friends. He sat down in an empty chair beside her. “Hey, Chloe, lookin’ good. ” “You, too,” Chloe replied coolly, acting as if it were normal for hot guys like Troy to approach her. “Hey, Adam’s having a back to school party on Friday…do you wanna come with me?” Troy asked, trying to look down Chloe’s low cut shirt. “A back to school party?” Chloe asked, amused at the idea of a back to school party and the fact that Troy Henning was looking down her shirt. She leaned forward slightly, giving him a better view. “I did have plans, but it sounds like fun. ”Troy smiled and stood up as the homeroom bell rang. “See you Friday, then. ”“Yeah,” Chloe replied quietly. Natalie gave her an accusing glance. “What ever happened to ‘All he wants is sex?’” Chloe smiled at the familiar line. It was what she always said when she would see Troy with another girl. “Well, if that’s what he wants…” she replied. Truthfully, that was what she wanted, too.

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  On Friday afternoon, Chloe sped home and searched through her closet for the most sexy and seductive thing she could find. It took two hours, but she did look great. Once again, she checked herself out in the mirror. Under a short pleather skirt, she was wearing a cut sheer thong. Her shirt was extremely low cut, but accentuated her breasts amazingly. Luckily, her parents were out…they would never allow her to go out dressed as she was. A horn beeped in the driveway. Troy. Chloe rushed out without a second glance and sat in the passenger’s seat of Troy’s SUV. “Wow,” he breathed, his eyes traveling down Chloe’s body. “You look…hot. ”Chloe smiled. Hot. Definitely what she wanted to hear. Troy pulled out of the driveway and put his hand on Chloe’s bare knee.

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   She rested hers on top of his. His hand slowly inched up her thigh, but they arrived at Adam’s before his hand reached her wanting pussy. The first hour of the party was…normal. Chloe had a little too much to drink, and was coming onto Troy pretty hard. “Let’s go upstairs,” she whispered, giggling. Her hand brushed against his crotch. She giggled again at the hardening of his penis. “Okay, okay,” he whispered back. She stumbled up the stairs and opened a door, entering Adam’s parent’s bedroom. She sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes. “Come here, Troy,” she said, patting a spot on the bed beside her. “Chloe, are you sure you want to do this? I mean…”“Troy, you’re making me sad,” Chloe replied, pouting. “I’m here, all alone, and you won’t even sit by me?”Troy smiled. Chloe was really wasted. Chances are, she wouldn’t remember this in the morning.

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   “Ah, what the hell,” he thought, and joined Chloe on the bed. Chloe leaned forward and kissed him passionately. Their tongues met and circled as Chloe kneeled on the bed and tangled her fingers in Troy’s hair. Troy could feel his penis pressing against his pants. It was throbbing with excitement as broke their kiss and unbuckled his belt and threw his jeans on the floor. Chloe followed suit and pulled her skirt off of her hips. “Mmm, look at this…” she whispered, pressing her hand against the lump in Troy’s boxers. She pulled her shirt over her head and set her breasts free from her bra. “Your turn,” she said, signaling for Troy to strip. They sat naked on the bed staring at each other. Chloe leaned in and they kissed again, and Troy pushed Chloe over so they were laying down, him hovering over her. Troy broke the kiss and brushed his thumb against her nipple, making it harden instantly. He lowered his mouth to her left breast and kissed it. Chloe moaned as Troy’s hand massaged her right breast. “Do you like that?” he whispered.

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   Chloe nodded. “Mmm, baby, you’re so hot…” he panted, kissing a trail down to her shaved pussy. He separated her legs and flicked his tongue over her swollen clit. “Oh, yeah…” Chloe moaned, massaging her breasts. Troy’s tongue entered her tight depths, causing her to moan louder and louder. “Shh, baby, there’s people right outside,” Troy whispered, running his tongue over her clit one more time and then pulling his head away. “Oh, God, don’t stop,” Chloe begged. “Please…”Troy smiled and inserted a finger into her warm, moist mound. Chloe moaned with pleasure. “More,” she said. Two more fingers joined the first. He pumped them in and out, causing her sweet juices to coat his fingers. “Mmm, faster, Troy, ahhh…” Chloe screamed as a shudder swept through her body and a strong orgasm overtook her. Troy pulled out his fingers and licked them as Chloe recovered from her first orgasm. “I want you inside me,” Chloe whispered.

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   Troy climbed on top of her and placed the head of his bulging dick at the entrance of her pussy. With one swift shove, he was inside of her, causing her pain, and at the same time, pleasure. He kept pumping faster, faster, faster…Chloe screamed again as Troy caused her to have a second orgasm. He quickly pulled out. “Take it in your mouth,” he said urgently, and Chloe kneeled and deep throated his throbbing penis. He pushed it in and out, and within seconds he came in her mouth. Chloe swallowed it all, gagging slightly. Troy collapsed on the bed and moaned. “You’re amazing,” he whispered, kissing her passionately. .

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