After School Special


It was one friday afternoon I came home from school and waited for a girl from my english class to get home to call me I never really got along with her until one day which was yesterday she left a note on my desk that said do you want a blowjob I thought it was a joke until today she left another note that said I was serious yesterday so I looked at her and she nodded so waited til she got home from school to call her so when I finally knew she was home I called her and she said she wanted to come over so who was I to say no?
so when she got to my house she came in and we went up to my room where we talked about it for a while let me describe her she is about 5'4 long black hair and a 36C bra she was very nice her name was alex so we talked about it and she said she would do it but we couldn't do it there incase my roomate came home so we went into the bathroom and I sat down and she got a little anxious and started wriggling and I said "do you want to see it?" and she responded very quickly yes so I unzipped my pants and out sprung my very nice cock its about 7 inches and very well kept so she stared at it for a few seconds letting her mouth drift over to it until finally her lips touch it and I felt it jump and she said "a tad horny are we?" and I said "yea I guess so" I had fantasized about this girl before but never thought this would actually happen so as she had her head there lips pressed against it she finally opened her mouth and took the head of it in and I let out a sigh of extasy and when she heard this she knew I loved it so she started bobbing her head up and down going up and down 2 or 3 times then taking her mouth off it to lick the head and tease me a little and so shes going at it and she stopped and took her mouth off it and I said "whats wrong?" and she said "take off your pants all the way" so I did and sat back down and as soon as I did she went and started sucking my balls it felt so good she would take the entire thing into her mouth and make them pop in and out of her mouth and the she would lick them and it felt so good then she went back to sucking my dick and as she knelt there between my legs sucking my dick I wanted more so I told her to sit down and take her pants off so she did and she spread her legs and so I got between her legs and put my cock between hersso that it touched her cunt but just barly I felt like shoving it in and just ripping into her but she was a virgin so I couldnt so I had the head pressed against her cunt and she asked me to put it in so I did I pushed a little and it popped in and she said oh my good it feels so good go deeper so I went in further and further til she had all 7 inches of my cock in her so she said oh thats good fuck me hard please fuck me hard so I pulled it out a little and rammed it back in and went on and on for about 10 minutes til I felt her start wriggling and she said go faster go faster so I did and she screamed and I just gave her an orgasm but I wasn't through yet so I had her get on the floor doggy style so she did and I put my cock right up to her asshole it was so tight I didnt think I would put it in all three holes but I did so I pushed a little it was lubed enough from the other two holes so I pushed it in and she screamed and told me she liked it better in her ass so I started pumping and pumping for 5 minutes until I felt my orgasm mounting so I pushed and pulled my dick in her ass until I felt my hot seed steaming up and I unloaded into her ass and just collapsed after that I took it out and we laid down next to each other and she grabbed my cock and started jerking me off and I loved it it felt so good she had soft little hands that just felt so good then she rolled over and started sucking my dick again and she was moving her head faster and faster then I felt another orgasm coming so I stopped her and laid her on her back and tilted her head back and put it in her mouth and I started pumping it and went a little further until she had it all the way in her mouth then I kept pumping it into her mouth until I felt it again so I was pumping and pistoning and then I unloaded it deep in the back of her throat and just laid back again and this was the first time I fucked alex but it wouldnt be the last