After School With Renee


Topic: After School With ReneeMichael and Renee had been together for a few months now, He was 16 with and althletic build and short blonde hair. She was 15, turning 16 in a few weeks, she had long, bottle-blonde hair, 5' 7 and a perfect figure with perky C cups and long, slender legs. They had organised the nights before that Michael would go to Renee's house after school, he had never been there before just as Renee had never been to his house either. It was a short walk, about 2-3 minutes from the school. While walking up her driveway, he realises that there is no car in the driveway and she tells him that her Mum is at work. She fumbles with her house keys at the door but finally getting the door open, she invites him inside.
It was a nice home, 3 bedrooms and a large sized kitchen and dining room. But Michael was more interested in seeing her bedroom. They hadn't done much sexually with each other, he had fingered her in the movie theatre the week before but that was all. They were both virgins but she had gone farther with other guys than he ever had done with girls. She showed him around the home, the tour ending at her bedroom where they sat on her bed and talked for a while. To break the arkwardness, she turned on the television and turned to the childrens cartoon shows. They were both horny and nervous and didn't know who would make the first move or how they would do it. Michael started thinking to himself that she wanted this just as much as him, maybe even more and that he should'nt be afraid. He lent over and started kissing her passionately on the lips, their tongues massaging each others. He slid his hand up her leg and into her short shorts that she had worn at school earlier, he rubbed his fingers on her lacey panties as she positioned herself more comfortably on the bed.

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"Take me. " was all she said, he didn't need to be told twice. He un-buttoned her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles, he did the same with the panties that she had bought just for him. He slowly pulled them down, revealing her wet, shaven pussy. He didn't waste any time, she was very tight, and could only take one finger. He slid in his middle finger and started off slowly, putting his finger inside her and moving it in a circular motion. "Oh, god. " She moaned as he started going faster, trying to get as deep as he possibly could and making her moan softly. After a few minutes of this, he slid his finger out and opened her labia to reveal her clit, he worked on it with his tongue, lapping up all of her juices and at the same time, fingering her with his thumb. This really got her going, she started moaning louder and louder. "Oh my god! I'm cumming, i'm cumming!" She panted. Her pussy suddenly contracted and sent her into a raging orgasm, probably the best she has ever had. "My turn. " She said to her lover while they swapped positions.
She did just as he had done, pulling his pants down to his ankles, revealing his cotton boxers.

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   His cock was rock-hard and just begging to be let out to play. Renee grabbed his member on the outside of his boxers, rubbing it gently until his pre-cum started flowing, seeping through the cotton underwear. She positioned herself on his legs, just below his knees and in one swift motion, took her school top off. This just left her bra, a match to her panties, red and lacey. She got straight to work, ripping down his boxers, causing his hard cock to fling out of them. He was quite big, 7 1/2 inches at least and thick. She wrapped her hand around it and took him in her mouth straight away. Michael had never felt this before, the feeling of his knob rubbing on the back of her throat. He let out some moans as she went deeper and deeper, holding back the gags. Michael sees that she still has her bra on so he fiddles around on the clasp until he snaps it open. Renee sat up and while stroking Michaels cock, she slid the straps off her arms and showed her nice, perky breasts. Michael licked her nipples as Renee took him in her mouth again, this time moving her tongue around his monster causing him to start convulsing. "Oh, fuck!" He moans. Renee takes this as a hint that he is almost there so she sits up again and wraps her hand around him again and strokes it fast, licking his knob at the same time. "Oh, shit!" He yells as she catches a load of his cum on her chest and face.

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   He takes his throbbing cock in his hand and slowly squeezes out the rest of his juice.

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