Amanda from the Video Store continued


"Oh my god that was awesome!" Amanda sighed as I slid three now very wet fingers out of her soaking pussy.
"Let's go inside," I suggested.
She slipped her shirt back down over her massive boobs and we both got out of the car. Before we went into the house, though, I told her to take off her panties. She did so and when she bent to put them in her purse which she'd left on the seat, I moved behind her. My cock was already out of my shorts and I rubbed it against her butt through her khaki skirt.
"Not here!" She said. We were in my garage with the door open but it sits at the end of a hundred foot driveway and there were no lights on. I was incredibly stiff and ready. At fifty, the opportunity to fuck a teenager doesn't arrive often and I'd lusted over Amanda and her incredible tits for six months at least.
I lifted her skirt and rubbed my cock first against her ass and then between her legs. I'm normal in length, a little over seven inches, but most women I've had comment on its thickness, especially the thick, circumsized head. Amanda proved to be no exception.
"Damn that's thick! But we can't do it here. . .

sweidish harmony 

  you aren't wearing a condom. . . "
Even as she spoke, however, she reached down and rubbed my cock against her pussy lips. That was all it took. I lifted her polo shirt again and this time she helped me take it off.
"Bend over damn it," I said and pushed on her back.
"I'm not on the pill, I can't. . . " but she bent over holding onto the doorframe and in one fast motion I shoved my dick into her wet nineteen-year-old's pussy!
(Much More to Come)

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