Amanda from the Video Store (Final)


"No," she said and put her hand on mine. "That felt so awesome, with your whole hand? But could you, like, curl your fingers and do it again?"
My cock jumped into hardness. "You mean fist fuck you?" I said and twitched her clit a bit. "Tell Daddy what you want!"
"Oh,man. Oh. Fist fuck me, daddy. Fist my pussy and make me cum hard!"
I leaned over her and started sucking her tits while I put one, two, three fingers into her. She began to move her hips and slowly I slipped my thumb and smallest finger inside then slowly curled my hand. Amazed that she could take it all I started squeezing my fist back and forth. She started humping and crying out and that made me go faster until I was punching into her pussy with hard sharp strokes. She cried out and then began screaming "Daddy, fist me daddy!" as she began to spray her girl cum all over the bed.