My first time with Amy was one of the best days of my life. She was just 18 and had an innocent beauty that I was unable to resist.
I was 44 at the time and Amy was our babysitter. She had been in our employ for three years and was quite reliable. I never mistrusted or believed that she was anything other than honest.
She is hot. Yes I know the same old cliché but damn it she is. I thought so when I first met her at 15. She was a budding young woman then blossoming into a developed teen. I wanted to see her naked beauty even then but what with the laws against sex with a minor were the contributing factor that kept me from acting anything other than her employer.
Nothing came more of a shock when I found her sleeping on the couch, the night the wife and I had attended an awards banquet that her employer sponsored every year.
My wife had won Employee of the Year and she had celebrated a little too much. Never one that could hold her liquor (I always considered her a cheap date) she stumbled into the house after the banquet and giggling she bumped each wall as she made her way to our bedroom. She almost made the door but the heel of her shoe caught the last stair and if I hadn’t been behind her she would have fell ass over appetite back down.
I helped her to the door of our room and she fell onto the bed, where she immediately passed out. I took off her high heels and proceeded to undress her so she would be more comfortable to sleep off her drunkenness.

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   She lay there on top of the covers in just bra and thong underwear and I had a brief notion to take advantage of her but I remembered the sleeping Amy on the couch.
I did not want to make a lot of noise making love to my wife and get caught by our babysitter so I changed into a pair of jogging shorts, a t-shirt and proceeded to head back down stairs to wake Amy and take her home.
I almost had a heart attack as I entered the living room. Amy had been dressed in a little crop top and short denim skirt when she had arrived earlier in the evening and where she lat on the couch on her side with her legs drawn up in the fetal position I could see directly up to her bottom.
Her cute pink bikini panties were the only thing that covered what I so desired to see. My mouth went dry and my pants bulged. She was of course unaware that she was on display and I felt a little guilty that I was standing there gazing with lust at her. But that aside I did stare and felt a drop of pre-cum forming on my now hard cock.
I stood there staring at her almost naked ass for what seemed like hours nut really was only a few minutes. I decided I wanted a closer look so I made the few steps that was away from the couch and stared down at her. I noticed as I looked at her chest that her left nipple was erect and there was an abundant amount of cleavage exposed.
She was not overly endowed in the breast area but she was what I considered equally proportioned. The swell of her boobs were exciting and I couldn’t resist the urge to tweak her little eraser size nipple just once. As my hand reached a little closer I had to jump back because it was at this time that she decided to change positions and rolled on her back.
I waited for several moments to determine if she would awaken, but soon her breathing once again became shallow so I was confident she was still soundly sleeping.

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Her right hand was perched squarely on her right breast the left hand down beside her. I was shocked as I stood there when I realized she was actually lightly kneading her boob. Her bra encased nipple turned erect and she pinched at it with her thumb and first finger.
She unconsciously spread her legs a little more as the erotic sensations she was causing herself was obviously sending sparks of horny feelings to her young mound. A slight smile formed on her mouth as she now fondled her breast more aggressively.
She draped her left hand across her partially bare stomach and I noticed goose bumps forming on her exposed flesh. I was now more excited than I had been in a long time and I wanted to take over caressing her but I didn’t want to waken her form the sexy interlude so I instead grabbed my erect cock and lightly stroked the length as I stood glued to spot.
It wasn’t too long that her left hand slowly dove under the elastic at the top of her skirt and came to rest on the top of her tiny pink underwear. I moved a few steps to the side so I had a clear view of her hand as she caressed her covered mound.
Her breathing I noticed had become heavier and she parted her lips slightly that she could gulp more air. The smile was gone to be replaced with a alight moan as her middle finger delved between her legs and lightly stroked her little love button. Her legs spread further to give her better access to her damp mound.
I was beyond excited! My raging hard on was threatening to peek out from the bottom of my shorts so I reached in and brought my cock out in the open. The cool air inside the living room caused me to shiver as I grabbed the shaft just below the mushroom head and lightly stroked my hand up and down.
I went slowly so I didn’t blow a load before I got a chance to see how far Amy would go masturbating herself.

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I did not have to wait long because she had now taken to try to stuff her panties in her wet hole with three of her fingers. I could detect the distinct odor of her arousal and knew she was getting wetter and more excited as she humped at her fingers.
I was now jacking off with wild abandon and I lost my head as I dropped to my knees and brought my face close to her inner thighs. I watched closely at her fingers fucking herself over her underwear and I looked up to see her eyes tightly shut and a frown that I took to be frustration.  
I dared moving her hand away from her pussy and grabbed at the elastic of her underwear at the V of her legs and pulled it back there by exposing her little pink pussy. I took her hand and put it back on her mound and she realized still in her sleep that she now had complete access to her dewy hole. How she kept from waking up was beyond me as she inserted her middle finger between her slightly parted lips and buried it deep inside her pussy.
I watched for a few minutes as she fucked herself before I got brave or stupid and leaned in and licked at the clit that had peeked its head out from the protective hood. I heard a sharp intake of breath and she tried to remove her finger and rise up. I grabbed her wrist and held it to her and put my other hand on her stomach so she couldn’t get up.
“Oh my God Mr. Walker what are you doing?”
She was embarrassed that she had been caught asleep on the couch and didn’t know how or why she was in the predicament she faced herself.
I only licked her faster and used her wrist to fuck her tight hole faster.
“Mmmm, Mr. Walker you shouldn’t please let me up.

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I shook my head and lapped at her button more and more. She laid back and I wondered if she was just appeasing me or if she really wanted me to continue. I got my answer as she sighed and reached her hand and caressed the back of my head lovingly.
I knew I had her and I let go of her wrist. She did remove the finger from inside her probably embarrassed to be found masturbating with her own digit. That was OK I took advantage and inserted my much larger finger in to the first knuckle.
“Oh, oh, your finger is too big, Mr. Walker,” she whispered. “Please don’t put it in any further. ”
I decided that I would grant her wishes and fingered her no deeper. I did notice however that she was leaking copious amounts of sweet juice and I removed my finger to replace it immediately with my tongue.
 I extended my tongue as far as I could in her humid depths and licked upwards hoping to bump her G spot. She hips bumped up into my face crushing my nose against her pubic bone.
“Mmmm, no one has ever done this to me. Oh it feels so good.

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   I shouldn’t let you Mr. Walker but what you are doing is so good. I feel so naughty but I can’t help it. Unhh, your tongue is so big in me. ”
I continued to lap the nectar that seemed an endless flow, my face now covered and running down my neck. I had to finally wrap my arm around her waist to keep her hips still. I was having a hard time licking her as she was wiggling her lower half all over the couch.
I reached with the hand that was wrapped around her and spread the upper half of her vagina and attacked the little button that was rearing its head begging for attention. Sucking her clit in between my lips I furiously licked it with just the tip of my tongue. Attacking with a renewed vigor I sucked and licked her little button. Her moans of ecstasy were like music to my ears. I wanted her to cum and cum hard.
I brought my other hand around and inserted my middle finger in her tight box and crooked it upward searching for the rough spot I knew would give her the ultimate climax. I found the G spot and rubbed vigorously. Her hips bucked up violently and she gasped.

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“Oh, oh, what are you doing? That feels wonderful, Mr. Walker. I feel like…Oh yes I’m going to cum. Oooo yes lick me harder. ”
She actually shot a small amount of clear liquid from her pussy that I felt hit m chin but as much as I wanted to lap up those juices I sucked at her clit harder and rode the waves of her orgasm.
She grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face harder into her mound and fucked her hips up and down on my face and chin as she succumbed to the passion of her climax. Her pussy was squirting again and I pulled my finger out of her box and clamped my mouth around her whole mound and sucked the juices that flowed from her hot cavern.
“Oh God Mr. Walker stop, please you have to stop. My whole body is tingling. ”
I slowed my sucking and lightly licked the fluid from around the entrance and rested my head on her thigh.
Her lower body finally stilled and her breathing slowed.
She was first to speak. “I’m so embarrassed that I let you do that. I know it’s wrong and I should have stopped you but I couldn’t help it.

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   What you were doing I’ve never felt like that before. ”
“There really is nothing for you to be ashamed about, Amy. I am the adult and I should control my actions but you are so beautiful and sexy I couldn’t help but to kiss your sexy body. ”  
To be continued.
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