Anna has a perfect body, long ash blonde hair, down to her swaying hips, a cute round ass, and gorgeous 32C breasts. Up until now, that was all I knew. Up until now. . I liked the sound of that…I looked at the room in the gloom. On the floor there was a pair of jeans that I recognised as Anna’s, next to a top that said “Please speak slowly. I’m Blonde!”So, I mused, here is my best friend in bed with me, that I’ve lusted after for years but never dared say, wearing, at the most, a bra and panties. She must have realised what I was thinking, because the covers were currently tented. ‘Eddy? You awake?’ she asked me. ‘Huh? Yeah, just slightly confused. Why are you here exactly?’‘Oh God,’ she laughed. ‘you can’t work that out? Since I moved here, I’ve wanted you. But I never thought you liked me. Until something you said this morning. . well, yesterday morning, I suppose.

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  ’‘What’s that?’ I asked, puzzled. ‘You called me darling. You never called me that before. It’s always Anna, babe, or hun. ’She rested her head on my shoulder, and I stroked her hair. ‘Y’know, I’ve loved you for about, oh, 7 years. ’ I said, casually. ‘Well, what have we been waiting for?’‘Anna, we can’t, not yet. ’‘Why not?’‘Because we’re not going out. ’‘Oh. ’‘Anna, Will you go out with me?’‘Err. . Sure. Why not?’‘Cool’ I repliedI turned to look at her, and smiled. I moved to kiss her, and our lips met for the first time.

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   She prised my lips open with her tongue, and mine met hers, eagerly. We explored each other’s mouths, hungrily. My hands roamed her body, and I was right. She WAS wearing a bra and panties. Well, hopefully we’d soon change that. She broke away from me, and looked into my eyes, breathlessly. I moved my hand to the small of her back, and slowly inched up, towards her bra strap. She moved slightly, probably expecting me to fumble. I quickly snapped the catch, having practised with one of my sister’s bras around a cushion, like in American Pie 2, when Michelle’s teaching Jim. . . She pulled her bra off, and I gazed at her magnificent breasts. Her nipples were hard, so I reached over and shut the window. ‘What did you do that for?’ she asked me, a smile on her lips. ‘Well, you’re apparently freezing’, I smiled back.

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  ‘You’re so sweet’ she laughed. I lowered my head to her breasts, unsure of myself, and started to suckle on one of her nipples. She uttered a low moan, and I moved over to the other one. It came to me naturally, and I sucked harder. I gripped it gently between my teeth, and started to lightly flick my tongue over the top, and she groaned again, louder. I kissed all down her body, licking and sucking anywhere I could. I moved over her smooth belly, and met the top of her panties. I started to pull them down, and she stopped me. ‘Wait…’ she whispered to me. ‘I have a better idea. . ’She sat up, and moved down the bed. She pulled my t-shirt up, and looked at my boxers. ‘Are you going camping?’ she asked, giggling. She pulled them down in one swift movement, and my erection sprung free.

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   She looked at it hungrily, and started to kiss the tip. She opened her mouth wide, and slid it in slowly, flicking her tongue all round it. Suddenly, her nose was buried in my pubes, and her tongue snaked out to my aching balls. I let out a low guttural sound, and it motivated her to work on me faster. She moved back up my penis, and then suddenly dropped again. She repeated this for a while, until my balls tightened. She sensed it was about to happen, as she pumped even faster, until I came into her mouth. I reached for a glass that I kept on my bedside table, but she swallowed it all. ‘Mental note: no need for a glass’ I said, dreamily. She seemed to love the taste, as she licked me completely clean, and then got out of he bed. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and slipped them off. In one fluid movement, she was standing straight up, her breasts jiggling around, and she held her panties in one hand. She dropped next to her jeans, and climbed back into bed. It was my turn to move down the bed. I stared at her shaven pussy hungrily, and she spread her legs expectantly.

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  ‘What do I do, exactly?’ I asked, once more nervous. ‘What do you mean, what do you do?’ ‘Well, I don’t wanna mess this up…’‘Don’t worry, it’s as easy as riding a bike, and as natural as breathing’Great. That reassured me. I’m asthmatic, and I kept falling off my bike… oh well, here goes nothing…I thought. I lowered my mouth to her lips, and slipped out my tongue, and licked the entire length. It was like licking a beehive full of honey. It didn’t sting, but it was sweet, and exquisite. Slowly, my tongue began to work itself inside, and I licked up to the top. I’d read a little about this on the web, so I kinda knew what I was looking for. Ahah! Found it… I flicked her clitoris until it poked out from underneath its little hood, and I gripped it between my teeth, like I did with her nipple. I then began to flick it with my tongue, whilst sucking. It was easier than riding a bike, and she soon squirmed in delight, as she came all over my face. I licked her clean, and moved back up, to kiss her. She tasted herself in my mouth, and grinned happily. She got out of bed again, and I looked at her.

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  ‘Is that it?’ I asked, clearly disappointed. ‘No, silly. I’m just getting something. She bent down to her jeans, and I admired her pussy from between her legs. She came back with a small foil package, and tossed it to me. I tore the end off, carefully, and pulled out a condom. She took it off me, and slipped it into her mouth. I wondered what she was doing, and she crawled down the bed again. She looked at penis, now erect again, and proceeded to give me another a blowjob, but stopped. She came off, and she had put the condom on quite stylishly. ‘How do you want it?’ I asked. ‘Well, for now, lets just be boring. ’ She answered, so I let her lie down. I lay down on top of her, and guided my tool to her haven, and slipped it inside quite easily. I started to move in, but I was met with a barrier.

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   I looked at her, and asked her;‘Are you a virgin?’Shyly, she nodded. ‘Well,’ I Started, ‘We can learn together…’I slowly pushed against her hymen, and I felt it break, slowly. She let out a soft scream, and I saw blood trickle out of her. ‘Do you want me to stop?’ I asked slowly, hoping she’d say no. ‘No, carry on. It’ll get better soon, I’m told. ’‘I pulled out again, until just my head was left inside, and then slowly entered again. I repeated this a few times until I had built up a steady rhythm. She looked at me, and I kissed her, softly, as I worked her down below. I felt her muscles tense, as she came once more. As I had already come before, I knew I would last, so I pumped faster and faster, and she began to scream in ecstasy. Fearing she would wake someone up, I kissed her again, muffling her screams. I felt my balls begin to tense up again, so I kept going, steadily, and she began to buck against me, hungry for more. I came with a grunt, filling the end of the strategically placed latex with semen. As I began to become flaccid, I withdrew, and took off the condom.

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