Anthony & Lynn


Then with a serious tone in her voice Lynn said. "Listen Hun, I love you, and I know you love me, but IM not just going to fuck you because its been three months OK?" Deciding he was walking on thin ice now he let the subject go and instead turned his attention to the curse word he had never heard her use before. "Since when do we have a potty mouth miss?" he inquired playfully. Inside he wished he could be like some of the guys at his school and just dump a girl if they don't put out, he cursed his heart for loving and knew that he would wait as long as she made him, he soon shook the idea out of his head. "You would be fucking surprised!" she replied jokingly. The next day was a Sunday and since it was the summer time and Anthony didn't work on Sundays he figured Lynn would come over earlier. Lynn arrived at Anthony's house and knocked but no one answered. Figuring Anthony's mom had left for the market and he was sleeping she let herself in with the key under the door mat. As quiet and stealthy as she could she let herself in the house and then she crept down the hall and finally she let herself into Anthony's room locking the door behind her. She found him sleeping. Anthony had been asleep enjoying an unusually good sex dream. As slyly as she could, Lynn peeled back the blankets and first took notice of her boyfriend bare chest, this was the first time she had seen him without a shirt, and then she noticed the huge tent his boxers made and wondered to herself what 'it' looks like under the thin cloth now covering it. Trying to ease herself into the bed she slipped and landed right next to him with a thud. Anthony sprung up startled. "WHAT THE FUCK!" he yelled before realizing it was Lynn. Rubbing his eyes and giving a yawn.

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   "IM sorry Hun you scared me" he apologized. "Its OK babe I was trying to surprise you," she frowned. "Well, you did!" he said. "I did?" she said already knowing the answer. "Yes, you did. " He said in a playful tone and kissed her. Anthony glanced over to the door and realized the door had not only been shut but locked. "Hrmm and why is the door locked young lady?" Lynn just smiled and kissed him again more deeply, slower, and much more passionate. Lynn soon found herself rubbing his arms, then his chest and soon her hand was traveling south. . For the first time. "Ooh what are you doing?" Anthony said nervously. "Nothing!" she replied playfully. Anthony suddenly looked down and became distant. All his life Anthony had been a little over weight, all though in the last year he has lost a lot of it he is still unhappy with his weight and very insecure.

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   Realizing he had no shirt on he suddenly felt very sick. "What's wrong?" Lynn asked. Sheepishly Anthony answered "IM sorry . . . my stomach is . . . fat. . gross" Lynn simply replied "I don't know what your talking about" She continued her journey down south slowly. Anthony had been overjoyed by her response, no one has ever made him feel so good about himself. By the time Anthony had snapped out of his confidence high he realized Lynn was about to pull his boxers down and see his penis for the first time. Over the past three months Anthony had 'groped' her lucious 36 D tits, squeezed her tight ass, fingered her virgin cunny a few times, but no one including Lynn has touched or seen his penis outside his pants and he was a tad worried about size. Before looking at it she shoved her hands down his boxers and grabbed a hold of his long thick cock, she noted how her hand could barely fit around his shaft, she ran her index finger and her thumb from the engorged mushroomtip head all the way down to his scrotum.

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   Anthony sighed a little in delight. She could not believe what she felt, although she has felt it through his jeans a number of times she decided it had to be smaller than her hands are telling her. The look on Lynns face told Anthony she approved. Anthony laid back tucked his hands under his head and smiled. "Go ahead Hun. " He sighed blissfully. Lynn said nothing, she closed her eyes and pulled his boxers down the rest of the way. She slowly opened her eyes and thought to herself. 'Holy shit, this has to be at least 8 inches . . . there is no way this is going in me. . . 'Lynn smiled and threw his boxers into an open closet door.

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   She turned her head and looked at Anthony who was laying back with his eyes closed. Although this was her first time giving a handjob she had an idea on what she had to do. Lynn began to stroke Anthony's cock slowly, at first there was a lot of friction and she was afraid she would hurt him, but when she noticed the pre-cum form on his mushroomtip head she was relieved to find it became much smoother, although Lynn didn't know what it was called, she noticed the extra skin on Anthony's uncircumcised dick and was glad that the pre-cum had lubed it up for her, with this she quickened her pace. "Ohh baby. . Ohh baby, that feels soooo good please don't stop!" Anthony cried out. Lynn began to jerk him off rapidly, her hand became a blur. Anthony's body began to buck and his breathing got much heavier. "Uhhhh" he moaned. "You like when I stroke your big cock?" she said seductively. Anthony could not believe what was happening, his sweet angel of a girlfriend was now talking dirty to him! With that Anthony could not stand it any more, his balls tightened and he came ropes of hot sticky white cum all over his pubes and stomach and her hands before he could spit out he was about to cum. His sudden spasm suprise the girl a bit, but she soon became mesmerized by the long strands of cum now ejaculating from his hot prick. "IM so sorry Hun, did I get it on you?" he said quickly. "No baby its OK it just got on my hand. .

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  . " she wiped the cum off her hand onto his chest and then found a dirty under shirt on the floor near his bed and cleaned the sticky mess off his body. Suddenly feeling underdressed Anthony sprung up from the bed and went in search for his boxers. After a minute he got frustrated and went in search for a fresh pair. "Baby. . Please don't. " Lynn said. "Don't what Hun?" He replied. "Don't get dressed. . . " she said "Why Hun?" he said, but he had an idea. "IM not done with you yet!" she said half serious, half joking. "In that case.

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  . . " he said and sprang onto the bed on top of her. "Whoa mister!" she said rolling him off her. "Not so fast . . . close your eyes" she commanded. "Wait one minute. . . " he started "If IM going to be naked! You have to be naked!" He announced. Lynn began to protest until Anthony threatened to get dressed again, she soon gave in and sat up to strip. "All right!" she groaned. Anthony's eyes lit up, this would be the first time he has seen Lynn or any girl for that sakes naked up close and in person.

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   Lynn slowly, seductively peeled her form fitting shirt to reveal her 36 D perfect teenage, gravity defying tits, in a lacy, nude color bra. She smiled slightly embarrassed. "You like?" she said sheepishly. "Ah-HUH!" he replied With that she turned around, lifted her hair away from her bra strap, and asked him to unhook her. After about twelve tries he finally managed to unhook all three clasps. She turned toward him and crossed her arms over her tits, wiggled her bra straps loose till they fell down her arms, then all at once, she let her bra drop exposing her round quarter sized aerolas topped off with quarter inch hard nipples. It took all of Anthony's will power not to pounce, but he wanted to see more of her naked body. She gently pinched her nipples in each hand between her index finger and thumb then asked Anthony to unbutton her jeans for her. Not having to be told twice Anthony stumbled less with the jeans than with the bra and had it UN buttoned and UN zipped with in seconds. When he finished she stepped back out of his reach, put her hands on each hip and slowly pulled down her jeans and the tiny bit of cloth she called a thong down her shapely hips down past her tight calves and finally to the floor exposing her naked body for the first time to any man who hadn't changed her diapers. She stood straight up and stepped out of them. Anthony couldn't help himself, he stared openly at her crotch. Over his 18 years of living Anthony had seen a lot of pussy in porn while surfing the net, but none had been so sexy so perfect so beautiful as Lynn's pretty virgin cunny. Lynns pussy was neatly shaved into a single thin line above her crevice, her shapely hips made a perfect 'V' topped off with beautiful youthful puffy pussy lips. Lynn had the kind of beautiful cunt that deserves worshipping.

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  "Baby your so incredibly sexy. . . " he said at almost a whisper. Lynn jumped into the bed next to him. "Hun. . Um I told you that IM not ready yet so please don't get the wrong idea. . " She said slowly. "I know babe. . " He replied. Anthony knew, but he had hoped otherwise, not wanting to ruin the mood he stopped thinking about sex and started thinking about where to put his hands, this was a new experience and he didn't want to mess up. "I love you.

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  . " He said not knowing what else to do. Lynn smiled nervously, she also has never been in a situation like this, this was the first time he has been naked for anyone to see besides her mom and the pushy sales lady at Victoria Secrets who comes walking right in the dressing rooms. "I love you too. " She replied. Very unsure with himself Anthony began to kiss her gently and probe her young body with his inexperienced hands. Lynn started to feel a tingling between her legs, and before long her pussy became a fountain of sticky wet pussy juice. "Ooh baby your making my pussy so wet. . " She whispered. With that, she grabbed his hand and guided it to her pussy. "See?" she said with a sigh. Before this Anthony had only fingered her pussy a couple of times, always with her clothes on, this was new and exciting. "Like this?" he said unsure. Lynn didn't answer she just moaned a little and nibbled on his ear.


   Anthony probed her slit with his middle finger till he found what he was looking for, her tight little honey pot, the object of his desire, her sweet virgin pussy hole. Anthony could feel Lynn's juices flow over his fingers making a light 'swish' sound. "Mmmmm" she moaned into his ear. He pulled his middle finger out of her tight hole for just a second, by now he could not only see the juices on his middle finger, but smell and almost taste it in the air, Anthony wanted nothing more than to taste it even though he has never before. "Is something wrong Hun?" Lynn said praying he would just stick his finger back in her. "Baby. . Can. . I uhhhh. ?" he started. "Can you what? No sex!" she said quickly. Lynn was really horny now, her pussy was aching with pleasure and she knew if Anthony kept persisting she would give in and fuck him right here right now in his bed. "Can I go down on you ?" Anthony asked. Lynn smiled.


   She grabbed him by his curly hair black hair, kissed him hard and then shoved him into her pussy. Lynn was so horny she needed something, and the idea of him licking her pussy sounded like exactly what she needed. "Eat my pussy baby!" she cooed. Anthony caught off guard by her lewd language suddenly found himself staring right into her beautiful puffy pussy lips. In porn he had always seen girls with stretched out pussy lips, with dark red meat, and huge ravaged holes, Lynn had none of these qualities. Lynns pussy lips were perfectly tucked and where they should be, she had a perfect pink hue to her pussy and Anthony couldn't even spot her hole barried under the folds of her perfect cunt. "Lick it baby!" she moaned. Anthony could smell her sweet juices and he longed to taste them. Lynn wasn't going to have any of this slow love crap, she wanted her young pussy serviced and she wanted it now. Lynn grabbed his hair and shoved his face into her cunt. "Baby lick me!" she cried out. Not wanting to disappoint her, Anthony closed his eyes tight and started to lap at her pussy. This was the first time he had ever tasted pussy juice, it wasn't exactly what he expected but not bad at all. Soon he felt at home in her wet cunt, he slowed down his tongue and probed for her clit, after experimenting in different areas of her pussy he finally decided he found her clit when she bucked back and shivered. "Oh.

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  . Oh. . Baby lick my clit!" she said wildly. Wanting to put her over the edge Anthony sucked her clit in-between his lips and then began to rub his tongue over it. Lynn began to buck, she held his head into her pussy and ran her hands back through his hair. "Uhhh Baby don't stop IM going to cum! Please don't stop!" she yelled. Anthony stopped sucking, found her tight hole and forced his tongue into her tight snatch. Lynn moaned loudly, bucked her hips, and came hard into his mouth. Anthony felt her buck and noticed her pussy juice became slightly more salty. Anthony, quite pleased with himself, lifted his head out of her snatch. Lynn noticed most of his face was covered in her pussy juices now glistening in the dim light now showing through his vertical blinds and could smell the musky odor in the air. Out of breath, and without the will to move, she just laid and tried to steady her breathing. "How was that?" Anthony said trying not to smile. "I bet your just soooo proud of yourself!" she said with a smile.

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  Anthony licked his lips and smiled. "Ah! Shut up!" Lynn said with a smile and a hint of embarrassment in her tone. Anthony just laughed. "Soooo, what do you want to do now?" Anthony said in the most sexy tone he could. "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Lynn replied in her most sexy tone. "How about. . . " Anthony started slyly. .

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