At the family picnic


Hi, my name is Jack, I am 15 years of age, 5'10,183lb,Blondish Hair and Blue Eyes. I am the middle of 3 children. Our parents mean well but they have traveling jobs, so they spend 25-30 weeks of the year else where, so me and my siblings have had our fair share of parties. My families not rich, but we are pretty fucking wealthy. We live in one of larger houses "in" our town, truthfully like 90% of Iowans we live out in the country. My siiblings are Eric,hes 17,6'1",Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, and my little sister Amy,13 5'6". Most of all I hear at school is how hot my entire family is from my friends, as I made a terrible mistake of invinting some of my friends over during a family reunion at our house, and they spent the whole time hitting on my cousins. Due to a recent wedding on my dads side we where all up in Minnesota, and relatives where there from all over. Figuring it would be just a snore fest I didn't really dress up all that much, and hung around the horses after we where done eating. Thats when everything change. A strange car pulled up and Mike, the husband of my aunt, ran over to say hi and thank them for coming. Out walked the Paige. Now I had seen my share of woman, and while Paige wouldn't pull as much attention in as some girls I know, I felt an uncanny urge just to be by her. We instantly clicked off as we where among the oldest of the kids, Mike's entire relative list of kids where all under 11 years old. Paige's family where friends(this news cast off some guilty feelings of "cousin lovin") and where just gunna be in town for a few weeks. We talked for most of the time over by the horses alone.

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   She was 14, 5'7, had Blonde hair and Blue eyes,140lbs, 32Cs, and fine ass. She was dressed a little more weather appropite then I, as I just had on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, she had jeans, and a sweater. The sweater did nothing if amplify the roundes of her rack. Putting a tight strain on my self I focused on talking to her instead of staring. We swapped jokes, turned out she had a sence of humor almost, if not dirtier, then mine. We where shocked almost at how much we where alike. After a while the adults came over with a swarm of kids"Hey Jack, Paige? Would saddle up some horses and give the kids some rides?"Peg asked as she was trying to get all the kids to stay together. "Yeah sure, mind if we go for a trail ride later?"I asked, I knew she couldn't say no as my horse was here, she just took care of it during my vacations and I had some trips planned for a few weeks"Yeah sure, just make sure you guys are back before dark, its supposed to rain  tonight, a real thunder storm" Peg said, praticly shoving the kids in the stable. In about 15 minutes we had 6 horses saddled and ready to go, it went pretty fast considering all the kids kept asking questions and somehow getting in the way. Puttinig my horse and the horse I intended for her to ride to the side, I didnt expect the kiddy rides to go more then 20 minutes, half feared horses. Taking them out to the ring we did a few loops, giving the little ones enough time. The whole time I caught glances from Paige, the nature of them I was unsure, but between watching the kids and making sure none fell off or ran infront of the horses kept me occupied enough. After it was finished we went back into the stable and unsaddled the 4 horses and gave them a quick bursh before letting go out into the pen. Saddling Comet, my horse, I led Paige down the dirt path that twisted through the woods. I knew I could stall in the woods long enough to keep some time to our selves.

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   After a 15 minute ride and some small talk, plus a few river crossings, we came to the spot I was looking for. An old fire ring with a burnt out cabin stood in a small clearing, with enough cover that no one would spot us till they where on top of us. Fishing out a blanet and some rope, I secured the horses and through down the blanket and laid down. By now the sun was under the trees, so it was a shady spot. She came and lied down by me. "So Jack, do all your first dates go like this?"Paige teased me, on the way here idle chat let the fact that I was single slip, and with enough clues that I liked her where enough for her to find out. "Well. . . if you mean the preschool round up?Not usually, only if the girl is really worth taliking to does my luck go that bad,"I said smilling and looking over to her. Some how I missed her taking off her sweater and tieing it around her waist, wearing a tank top with a low collar, if she was wearing a bra, it was not visible by much. Putting her arms around my stomach I looked down and saw her suddenly blush,"whats the matter, did I say something wrong?""No, it just doesn't feel right, this is a family reunion of yours, what if they find us?""Oh don't worry about that, only 6 people rember this spot, Peg is one of them but she never finds it till i show her where to look. " That was not far from the truth, and this placed looked untouched since my last voyage out here with a now ex-girlfriend. "I know this is gunna sound odd, but, well. .

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  . you. . . "She stumbled, with words, like she didn't want to scare me away, I had been in the same position earlier on many occasions. Getting the drift I leaned down locked lips, she was a surprisinly good kisser, and knew how to use her toungue. Suddenly she rolled off of me and started fumbling with her belt. In one quick motion she had it off and her pants undone done to her knees, showing off her spotless white panties. Pulling off my shirt and throwing it aside I leaned down and started to rub her special area through her underwear. Moaning softly she was already wet, and now I understood why her little bathroom break 5 minutes back was so long. Pulling her pants down to her ankles, then eventually off with here shoes, I grabbed her waist band and pulled it down, and my bulge in my pants felt like it would shoot through. Her shaved clit was the sweetest thing Id ever seen. I knew a virgin pussy when I had seen one, as I had gotten to everybase but home before. Leaning in I kissed her pussy sofltly as I rubbed it and slowing put in my tongue. She pushed her hips up as she leaned back, pulling off her T-shirt revealing 2 perfect tickts restrained by a white bikini top.

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   Had I not been preoccupied wit her pussy I'd have sucked her nipples till they fell off. Pushing my tongue in farther with each lick, she suddenly stop caring about being cauhght and moaned eventually louder. After what seemed eternity I had my toungue fully emerged in her pussy, it was already soaked, and I knew if she didn't have an orgasm soon, she would never have on in her life. Look up, her face was beet red, she hand one hand under her "Bra" teasing her self, and her other supporting her. "Oh god! Don't Stop Baby!! Don't Stop!FUUUUUUCK!"She moanded, almost incoherently, she was getting ready to cum any second, suddenly I started sucking on her, and she put her hands straight to my head and bushed me into her hips as she start to buck,"OH GOD! FUCK!IM CUUMMINGG!"She screamed,diggging her nails into my scalp as her nector filled her pussy and my mouth. Liking as much up as I could I finally sat up and wiped off my mouth, while her juices were sweet, she was sticky. "Damn, I don't what to say" Paige said catching her breathe as she leaned in towards me putting a hand on my crotch, feeling an erection she slowing undid my belt and unzipped me. Don't ask how but she made sexy enough that my erection stiffed up more and was larger then I ever remember. My virgin dick poped out almost as soon as she  had my boxers pulled off. We both sat on the blanket naked as she started to stroke my 7 1/2 inches. Her begginer hands fumbled at first, then sudddenly she put her mouth on my tip, and like an expert, ran her lips up and down my cock sucking and using her tongue in ways I never thought possible. I had some blowjobs before, but this took cake. Leaning back I put one hand on her head and carrassed her neck to try and show I liked it, I didn't dare open my mouth as I'd probally groan and moan as loud as her. Gritting my teeth tried not to cry as her free hand started to fondle my balls, I was in pure heaven and was almost beginning to wish I'd never cum. As my breathing deepend I found my self breathing heavier, and as she read my body languege, she started to suck harder and put my cock fully in her mouth.

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  "OH God!Keep it up!Im Gunna Cum!"was all I could manage before she plunged down onto my dick, I realized she was trying to gag herself and my cock exploded in the biggest load of cum I had every made shot down her throat and into her stomach. As I pulled out, or rather she pulled off, cum dripped down my shaft and from her lips. "MMMMMMMM,this taste really good, but a tad bit salty"Paige said, licking her figners and my shat clean, she looked hungry at my cock"Id risk pregnacy to get a load that big inside of me"She said as she got an evil grin. A war was tearing me up inside, half of me wanted to fuck her right now till my dick used all the cum left in my body, the other half was yelling me to sneak back to the car to get a condom or 2. "if your worded about cumming in me relax, my fertile period passed and I had my period just 3 days ago,you couldn't inpregnate me if you came for the rest of the day like that last valcano of yours. . . "She said as she leanded back and spread her legs, she just quelled any argument with something like a simple fact. Saying a small thank you prayer to god, I got in between her legs, and slowing putting my dick into her pussy, I suddenly realised what she lacked. . . "Your not a virgin?!"I said almost shocked, her Hymen was gone, and it must have left her a while ago as there was no trace of it. With and evil grin she looked at the horses"You get bored in South Dakota, and most of our horses can't keep em in. " She had me speechless. I had heard of girls fucking horses, some actually letting the horse mount them, but this was ridiculess.

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  "If you want, after we finish I will give you a show, but for now, quit teasing my and use ur fucking penis that god blessed you with. "With that my hips started to restart fucking her, and soon her hips bucked in sink with my as her legs went around my waist. Even if she had fucked a horse, she looked to be in pure ectasty right now, and I felt similar. Blanking my mind fucked her harder, I knew shed have a rug burn on her ass if this went on for much longer. With a suddenly groan of pleasure, I came a load to match the one in her throat, and my load triggered her orgasm, which equally flooded her vagina and lubricated my dick, but I wasn't about to stop fucking her till my dick refused to stay hard or she was begging me to stop. She seemed to be in total compliance as she continued to buck her hips, though she elevated her butt by putting her hand under her to support her. Almost like standing up, I dragger her up so i was almost in a standing position, and to my suprised I didn't lose any momentum, she flung her head back on the blanket and let out another cry as her 2nd orgasm came, and I could tell by her face she had 3rd one coming real soon, with her body shaking as I had her leaning back, almost drilling her into the ground she suddlenly reached up lactched her mouth into my neck and sucked, tring to muffle her cries, she was hanging almost like a rag dull, as I came again she bit down pretty hard, and I felt her pussy flood again. I knew we could both keep going, but I need a rest and she looked like it to so I slowly pulled out, my dick making a popping noise as if it had tried to merge with her, and I sat down, she never budged. Looking down I saw her ass was all red and almost raw from earlier. Gently I rubber her as she almost seemed to cry, but she never to her mouth from my shoulder, I knew I would have hicky under my shirt for a while now. With all said and done I laid back and took a nap, she went to sleep pretty quickly when I rapped the blanket about us. Completly Losing track of time, when I woke up the sun was almost set, Paige was just waking up to. With a smile she looked into my eyes,"For your sake you better come visit me later. . .

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  "She said as she sat up. Reaching up I cupped  her tit in my hand and started to rub them. "Sorry buddy, we don't have time for one more go, we better get back to the house before they come looking for us. " As I stood up I thought I saw some movement by a bush by the  trees, but shrugged it off. Looking at mmy watch I realized we slept for 10 minutes, and where gone for about 1/2 hour now. Slowly putting on my clothes I put my arms around her again, Had I a choice I'd have married her on the spot. I was deeply in love with a woman I met a family reunion, I see what she ment, It sorta felt like redneckish, but I hardly cared. Kissing her neck, we had one more patient kiss before saddling up and head back towards the house. Before I could make up an excuse we came across my Aunt and her Husband at the creek"well there you 2 are, we thought you where gunna run away. Your parentes left a short while ago Jack, they said you can drive home but watch for deer. . . "I didn't really pay attention sudddenly I heard Paige speek up,"You should have seen in Mike, Jack found a buntch of deer, they wher marvelous, we would have came back sooner but we didnt wanna spook them. "From the way she said it, I almost belived her. "Well we didnt find them as much as stumble on them.

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  . . "I started before we all headed back to house, exchanging smiles with Paige I figured we where home free. Getting back I realized suddenly my clothes where mudding and soaked as I had thrown them in a puddle, while Paiges where perfeclty dry, if you didnt count her panties, which where another story. My cousins instantly ran up and asked if I fell in the river or something, shrugging I unsaddled Comet, and as we had some talking in the stable, we went over the campfire and all the kids tomrent the adults who where planning on staying as they where drunk beyond recolection. Suddenly I spotted my little sister off to the side, walking over to her "Why didn't you go home with mom and dad?" I asked"cause Im staying here with Drew and Megan tonight, Moms coming back tommorow to pick me up, Id ask why you didn't leave when Eric did, neither of you wanted to show up. "I suddenly reaslised why she had a grin and what I saw in the forest. Dragging her over to the food table, away from everyone else,i quickly interrigatded her"What did you see, and who was with you?""Oh I was alone, but how much I saw was enough, your lucky they had music blaring over here or they would have heard everything. " Amy said, I wanted to hold her head in the melted Ice,"Oh relax, I havent told anyone. . . yet""Alright what do you want, you little con artist"I said in tone sharper then I intedned, I surley thought no one would find us, and now that I learned my sister was spying on me while I had sex, it was to much for me. "Well, we will talk about that when we get home till then, you gotta treat me nicely. . .

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  "I knew a little of what she had in mind, my sister always blackmailed me and Eric, but never had power like this. Growling I headed back to the fire and whispered into Paiges ear about how my sister saw and that I'd handle it, she gave me a look with slight horror,"We better keep some distantce,"She said"No, we spent most the day together, I suddenly we stood on opposite sides of the room now, somebody would get sucpicious, and my sisters first demand was that I spend the night here, Ive talked to Peg and Im sleeping in the trailer she set up for your falmily, she said there was an open couch in the house if I didn't wanna sleep with strangers. "I knew a good weekend just my go my way, if I could keep my sister in check and my pants in line while in public with Paige. . . To Be Continued. . .  .