I set her down upon the bed, and, sitting next to her, I held her facegently as I kissed her again. She was very responsive, meeting my tonguewith her own, and we kept kissing. My hands slowly trailed form her faceto her bosom. Her nipples were hard as pebbles, and she was breathingheavily. As I circled her breasts gently with my hands, she began tostroke my crotch in a pleasing rhythmic motion. "Take it off," she said, gesturing to the back of her dress. Still fondling her left breast, I reached around he back and slowly, care-fully, pulled the zipper down to the small of her back. She stood up before me, kicked off her pumps, and removed her dress,revealing her beautiful breasts clad in a black strapless bra. She wasalso wearing a pair of scant black panties, and a black, frillygarter-belt. She raised her leg and placed her small foot between my legs. I eyed the garter she was wearing and, stroking her thigh, I slowly pulledthe garter down her leg, and off of her foot. I stood up and removed myjacket. Placing it on my nightstand, I slowly removed the remainingclothing from my yearning body. I looked deeply into her burning coal eyes, and I kissed her passionately,our tongues fighting for space, as I reached around and gingerly unhookedthe clasp of her bra. I took it to my nose and gently inhaled the sweetperfume of her breast. Her beautiful boobs were a sight to behold, firmand round, topped with soft brown nipples, and her flushed areola was firmand hard.

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  As I caressed her smooth breasts, she reached to my ass and gave me a goodsqueeze as she removed my underwear. Her eyes opened in awe as my alreadystiff penis popped free, all seven inches. I was not exactly monstrous,but my erect phallus was an inch and half wide. She planted a soft kiss on the head of my cock as I reached for the pin inher hair. She stood up and removed it, and her long, curly black hair felldown over her shoulders, and between her lovely breasts. I gently pulled her panties down her lithe, sexy legs, and she stepped outof them. We embraced, our lips locked in a sexy, tonguing kiss. As weslowly rocked to and fro, my dick between us, we slowly caressed eachother. She spent a lot of time squeezing my butt, as I gently rubbed herasscheeks. We kissed long and hard, and we both got very aroused. Soon, we broke andshe gave my dick a gentle tug. I lifted her in my arms, and I placed afinger in her vagina. It was nice and wet, and she moaned as I played withthe folds of her pussy. I lay her down on the bed, and she parted her legs. I held my dick in myhand, but she said, "Not yet.

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  . . Eat me. "As she pulled her supple body to the end of the bed, I knelt between herlegs. I took my hands and rubbed her legs all over, and she squirmed inexcitement. I slowly caressed her breasts, and moved slowly down her body,rubbing her flat stomach. As I got to her pussy, I slowly massaged aroundit, kneading her mound, which was covered with a thin patch of dark, softhair. She smelled wonderful, the blend of her sweat and her juices. As I massaged her pubic area, I made my way to her labia, and slowlyteased it with soft strokes of my fingers. Her lips parted like a buddingrose, and she was panting with desire. I placed my fingertip at theopening of her pussy, and slowly inserted a finger. Pulling it out, Islowly touched the nub of her clitoris, and she jerked in pleasure as herbreasts heaved with every breath she made. I placed my hands around her thighs as I slowly lowered my head betweenher legs. I softly kissed her pussy, and I inserted my tongue in her openvagina. I lapped up and down her slick pussy lips, again and again,tasting her sweet honey, as she mumbled incoherent breaths.

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   Gently, Iflicked her swollen clit with my tongue, slick with her cum, and rolled itaround, gently biting it. Her breathing became faster as I increased mylicking, and soon enough, her hips bucked against my face as her bodyrocked with orgasm. As slowly as before, I worked her up to a frenzy, andshe came again, coating my face with her sweet juice. She motioned me to her, and she took my face and kissed me again, and oursaliva mixed with her cum. She loved it. She took my hard cock in herhands as I lay back on the bed. She placed her hands between her legs andused her juice to lubricate my swollen penis. She slowly pumped on my dick as my body shook with waves of pleasure. Asshe bent down, I felt the warm, soft feeling as her mouth engulfed mydick. She playfully tooled with the head of my cock, gently biting on thebase of it as I had her clitoris. She slowly lapped up the sides of mypenis, as my pleasure grew. She slipped the head into her mouth andlovingly sucked on it, sending shocks throughout my body as I lay back andcaress my chest. She lowered her lips down my organ, and slowly withdrew. She went down again, and up. Slowly, she worked her way to the base of my cock, my shimmering pubiccurls tickling her nose.

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   Coated with saliva, Aylin slowly worked up anddown on my dick, getting faster and faster until I was writhing withpleasure. She looked at me with those eyes of hers, and I told her I wasabout ready to cum. Undaunted, she increased her strokes, alternatingbetween her hand and her lips. Soon, she felt my hips begin to shake, and she kept stroking my dick. Sheheld my dick to her chest as I came. Rocking with the waves of orgasm, Ishot a load of semen onto her breasts. She licked the excess from mydeclining rod, and raised her boobs to her mouth and began to lick of mycum. She asked me to help, and I gently massaged her breasts, as she moanedwith pleasure. I tweaked her nipples, and they hardened in my fingers. Irubbed her front again, from her breasts, I rubbed her hips and her waist. I grabbed her firm ass and gave it a good squeeze as she kissed me again. I lay down on the bed as she straddled my chest playfully. I could feelher trembling pussy on my nipples as I reached up and fondled her breastsagain. She rocked back and forth, rubbing her vagina on my chest as Igently massaged her tits. My dick began to harden again.

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   I told her to jerk off over my face. Will-fully, she complied by rubbing her vagina. She held her pubis over my faceas she slowly inserted one, then two fingers in her aching pussy. She gotwetter as she increased her strokes, and I began to rub her waist . .