Babysitting With Jessica: Part 1


"Okay, why don't you call her and ask her? Tell her we'll pay her for it. " "Okay," and he went upstairs and called her. She accepted. By 9 o'clock Chris's parents had left the house. Jessica put David to bed after reading him a story while Chris made some dinner for them. After dinner they sat at the couch and watched some T. V. It was an akward silence for a little while, so Chris decided to change it to Comedy Central, maybe get them talking a little bit. It didn't work. There was still a weird silence, so Chris decided to say something. "So, how's your ---" "Have you ever ---" They looked at each other for a few seconds. "Go ahead, you started. " Chris replied, "No it's okay. " So Jessica nodded and spoke, "Have you ever let a girl. . .

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   you know?" "What do you mean?""Well, let a girl, you know. . . suck your ---" she stopped in mid sentence at the shocked look on Chris's face. He never expected a girl like Jessica to mention something like that. "Oh. . umm. . . well, no. Not yet at least," and he managed to muster up a smile. Suddenly Chris's pants began to bulge, he tried to cover it up, but it was obvious that Jessica had noticed. She smiled at him and put her hand on his chest. Slowly inching down his front.

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   Chris had never thought anything would happen between them. Don't be mistaken. She was a very pretty girl. Long brunette hair, long legs, large breasts for a girl at 15, big lips, and hazel eyes that would stare right through you. Chris came back to reality and noticed her hand on his fly. He adjusted himself uncomfortably as she put her fingers to the zipper. She pulled the button apart with her other hand and unzipped. He noticed her eyes widen at the sight of his 7 1/2 inches of hard cock standing straight through his boxers. She looked up at him and then back at his cock and made a questioning sound in her throat. He nodded and said, "Go ahead. " She lowered her head and holding his cock in her left hand began to kiss the head of his erect penis. Chris jerked a little from the unexpected sensation running through his body. She suddenly wrapped her whole mouth around his cock and began to suck it. He was amazed. He lowered his hand to her head and began to guide her sucking.

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   They were both moaning. Chris thought they would wake David for a minute and then remember that they were in the basement and David was all the way upstairs. Jessica started sucking harder and faster. She was trying different things too. Soon he felt he was gonna cum and said, "Jess, I think I'm gonna cum!" She looked up at him, taking her mouth away from his cock for a minute and said, "Don't worry, I want you to. " Chris didn't need any further invitation, he stroked her head along his cock faster and faster and felt the orgasm building up inside him. He looked at her face and watched the wince in her eyes as he released his juices inside her mouth. He was amazed, not one drop left her lips. She took her mouth away from his cock and gulped, looking up at him, smiling. He said breathlessly, "That. . . was. . .

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   amazing!" She answered in the same breathless tone, "I know, we have to do this again," smiling in a semi-wicked way. "Yeah, maybe a little more next time too," he said grinning. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Asked to babysit his little brother and ending up getting his cock sucked by an extremely sexy little girl. "So. . . when can we do this next? I mean, it's not every day my parents go out," he said in a worried tone. "Well, my parents are going to be out of town all of next week and the only person home is going to be Sherri. " Sherri was Jessica's extremely hot sister. "Sounds like a date," he said grinning again. He couldn't help but grinning with all his might, he was so happy. Suddenly there was a knock at the door at the top of the stairs to the basement. Jessica and Chris looked at each other and then up at the door. He went to open it.

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   It was his parents. "So, how was David?" "Umm. . . great! Didn't cause any trouble, Jessica put him to sleep at around 9 and I made dinner and we've just been watching some stand-up until now. ""Oh cool, well Jessica, I suppose we owe you some money now don't we. " Jessica responded, "No, that's alright, David was wonderful. This one's on me," she said as she winked at Chris. Check back here for part 2, coming soon!Comments would be very welcome!.

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