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I'll wear it first" I watched her put the huge strap-on on,and then she walked over to me. Wrapping her arms around me we began to kiss. My hands roamed up and down her body,and she ever so slightly rubbed the engorged black head of thedildo up and down my pussy lips. When she knew I could stand it no longershe sat upright on the edge of the bed and I straddled the monster cock. Still kissing, I rocked back and forth on the cock until I could stand it no longer. I pushed her down onto the bed and rolled so she was on top. She began quickly thrusting into me,almost pulling all the way out each time beforedelving into me so hard it made our flesh slap together. I bit into her neck to stop myself crying out. "Sream. Scream for me!No-one is home!"And with that Ilet let out a loud cry of extasy. Hearing this made her fuck me harder. Therewas no talking anymore. Just the slapping of bodies and moaning of pleasure. Like animals we fucked for hours,before she turned me over and fucked me up theass,using my cum as lubricant! After sex,we talked through a plan,not only might I get to fuck David,but wewould also find out whether David was open for affairs!It was perfect. All I hadto do was wait till Wednesday. Wednesday finally came,and David was going to sleep at my house.

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  He arrivedin Coventry at 2:00 on the Wednesday and we spent some time shopping. Half way through our shopping adventures Lucy recieved a text off her dad. Giving me a quick wink,she exused herself and said she would meet us at my house at about 11:00pm. "Oh well. "I said to David,"We will have to shop alone. "Then I walked into a shopcalled Ebony Nights. It was kinky gothic shop full of sharp spikes and sexy clothes. Glancing through the rails I picked up the shortest skirt and lowest top I could find!"I'll just go and change into these and then you can tell me what you think of them. "I picked up a few things on the way and went into the changing room. About ten minuteslater I came out of the changing room wearing a short black skirt,low black top with longbell sleeves,cobweb stockings with the tops extremely visible by about two inches and a huge pair a flat boots with buckles all the way up. I looked fabulous!Everyone in the shop was staring at me in awe. Even the attendants. "You like?" I asked him in mock model style. I could hear him gulp. "You look.

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  . . . good. ""Then I'll take it!"and I began browsing for a spikey collar to suit the look. Finally deciding on which collarand a couple of braceletts I then picked up another spikey collar and a couple of badges with various "slut" slogans on. "The badges are for Lucy"i said"and this collar is for you!"He took the collar and gave me a sexy smile. I could tell he was gonna go for me! Later on when we got back at my house,my mum wasnt home. She went out for the night just like I had asked her to. She knew what was on my mind. She just didnt care. Any excuse to go out!We went straight up to my room and sat on the bed listening to music. After a while I thought the time was ready to really put my plan into action. I sprawled across the bed next to him,and put my arm on his leg. I heard his sharp intake of breath I sat up and looked into his eyes.

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  Now, people have always told me that I have beautiful eyes but I don't have any self confidence so I never believed them but now,in my sexy new get-up I felt sexy!I fluttered my eyelashes and gave him a knock-out smile. "what are you looking at?"David asked. I told him I was looking at his lips. "I wonder what it would feel like to kiss someone with a pierced lip?"I said. He looked at me. I put my hands on his face and drew his lips to mine. Just as I thought!No resistence. My tongue slipped into his mouth and found his. I bit his lip ring and lightly pulled. I heard a soft barely audible moan muffle into my mouth. Drawing my hands down his back I moved them round to the large hard-on trapped in his pants. Breaking off our incredible kiss I pushed him backwards onto the bed. Slowly,I undid his pants and pulled off his shirt. Then I carefuly pulled his boxers off. I almost gasped.

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  His cock must have been 9" at least!I looked up and saw his eyes closed tight in anticipation. Licking my lips I let out an inward laugh. What a meal!Leaning forward I flicked my tongue over his sensitive tip,braced myself then took all of it into my mouth trying not to gag on the sheer size of it!Deep throating him was wonderful!!I sucked as hard as I could and fondled his balls with my hands. David was lightly thrusting into my mouth and so I sucked harder. I heard him gasp as if for breath and I timed my breath intake with each of his thrusts. Feeling his balls tighten,I raced myself or the cream I was about to recieve. I had never swallowed before so I positioned myself righ at the tip so I would be sure to get every last drop. I felt his whole dick stiffen upand could almost feel the cum running through his shaft. I closed my eyes when he came so I could concentrate on swallowing every bit. The taste was salty but I liked it. It made me feel sexy,being able to drink it like a slut. It powered me on to go back down on his dick before he had even finished cumming!I sucked which brought out more cum. Then when I had finally sucked his sack dry,I sat up and looked at him. He opened his eyes slowly. "That was fucking hot!"he made out.

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  "Its not over yet,what about me?"Then grinning at him I stood up and did one of the most daring things I had ever done before. I started to strip for him!Seeing what I was doing brought his limp dick back to life again!I started with my top,slowly removing it so he could see my erect nipples through the sexy bra I wore for the occasion. Then I removed my skirt,teasing him and wiggling my ass in front of him. He tried to touch but I pulled away shaking my finger at him. Then I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked on it before running it down to my panties. I slipped my finger in the crotch and pulled them down over my stockings. Then lastly,I unclipped my bra and showed him my full breasts. Slowly,I crawled cross the bed over to him. I lifted my leg over. I had left my stockings on and he ran his hands over them. I lowered myself onto his now fully erect cock. "oooooooooohh!"I gasped. I began rocking back and forth on his cock. His hands lifted to my tits and began to play with my engorged nipples. We rocked in unison and I began to get a rising feeling in the pit of my stomach and pussy.

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  We rocked faster and faster until I as riding him like a rollercoaster!"Oh!Fuck me baby!Yeah!Thats it!"he cried. I began to moan with the knowledge I knew I could not last forever. I had to cum soon!I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my ass,our sweat and heat made our bodies slick and we were banging together so hard the bed was rocking against the wall!I felt my orgasm rising inside the walls of my steaming pussy. "FUCK ME HARDER!I'M CUMMING!"I cried. I felt my pussy tighten and I tightened my knees together as if riding a horse!"IM CUMMING TOO!"Davd shouted and at the same moment my wole body shuddered I felt his wave of cum rush through my pussy. Well spent, I fell on top of him and we lay there,our sweating bodies entwined together like wild flowers. Lucy came round at 11:00. The minute she looked at me she knew. I had the biggest smile on my face!Definatley the cat who got the cream!David didnt snuggle up to Lucy that much that night. He felt guilty. Even though David turned out to be a cheating lying bastard Lucy kept him. After a while we could stand it no more and we eventually told him. After that we often had threesomes and David thought he was the luckiest guy in the world!Sometimes we would go out and all snuggle up together,just to make other people feel jealous!I have had many wild nights since then with other people but none have matched the ones I had with Lucy and David. Me and Lucy are still the best of friends and sometimes we still meet up with David. The End! This is my first ever time at writing stories and everythingin this story was true.

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  In fact, I still have the outfit I boughttht day. I have had many good nihts with it since and it still fits me!Please send your comments in and I hope you ejoy reading this story asmuch as I enjoyed writing it. I got so horny I had to make three tips to the bathroom!love jelly ;).

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