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She had dirty blonde hair that went down to her shoulder. C cup breasts and a large but firm ass and a hight of 5'11. Her husband was a deadbeat looser who couldnt hold down a job and she had to work hard to support the family. Her kids often made messes that her husband would not clean.     One day while james(my best friend) and I were playing nintendo I heard her voice. She wanted james to clean his room. I looked over at her and I could smell shampoo. Her shoulder, face, and nipple just barely peeked over the door frame. I immediately blush and put my face down as she walks to her bedroom in her white bathrobe. This was 4 years ago.     Now that I am 14 my tall physic has kicked in. I am now also 5'11, and jack off constantly to her . Once again I am at her house. James is cleaning his room again and tells me to wait in the computer room. When I enter the screen is already on and in the family picture section.   Spotting a picture of her I imediately lock the door and start to jack off.

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   As soon as I am about to cum I hear a knock at the door. It's her! She uses her key to open it while I close the file and pull my pants up. She comes in with a stern look on her face. My boner is still present and I start to blush again when suddenly she locks the door, jumps on my lap, and puts her tongue in my mouth. I'd never even kissed a girl much less french kissed. None the less I wrestle her tongue with mine. Her nice lips make me think of her giving me head. Now I suck her collar bone as hard as I can. I pull away from her beautiful face and ask if I could touch her feet. She takes off her work pantyhose and high heels and pulls me off the chair to her room. "What about your husband?" "He just left with james and the kids to the mall" When we arrive to her room I see her beautiful sleigh bed. She offers me her left foot and a bottle of baby oil. After twenty minutes of giving her feet relief she kisses me again as a thank you. She gets up and drys off her feet and sits on the bed next to me again. I agressively grab her perfect feet again and start to lick and suck on them.

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   Her moaning gives me an erection again.   When she notices this she asks if i am a vergin. I say yes and give a quizzical look. She whispers STD's and I reply quickly no. She told me earlier while we were kissing that her husband never made love to her anymore.   I ask if her tubes are tied and she says she has birth control. "Do you wanna . . . have sex?" I pause then reply shortly "yes"    "Do you know 69?" I say yes again and she tells me to lay down. Her violet work skirt suddenly pops off and my average 5 inch dick pops out . She jumps onto my face her her lucious hips and I start licking, sucking , and probing her already wet and juicy twat. Those perfect lips slide over my cock. My moan is stifled by her pussy and hers are by my cock. She soon gets tricky and twirls her tongue.

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   I push my tongue in deeper. I feel that I am about to cum so I stop licking and she soon rolls off of me. I said i've always had a crush on you. She replies then do what you've been fantasizing about. I place my cock at her ass and he gives a pained look. As I repoisiton she bites her lip and nods. Her asshole is nice and tight . It took me a good 15 minutes to get in and situated. As soon as I start pumping her cries turn into moans. She tells me to stop and I have a worried look on my face. I pull myself out of her and she goes into her nightstand and retrieves a bottle of lube. My worried look turns into a smile and I apply some and slowly but much faster slide back into her asshole again. I fuck her harder until I am about to cum . I rest slightly and then turn over to suck her right breast. Her nipples are already hard but I can feel them getting harder.

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   As I suck one I pinch the other . I am now ontop of her and I can feel her squirm under me. I want your finger in me. She guides my pinching hand to her twat and pulls my mouth from her nipples to her face. I start to suck her collar bone and finger her. Her voice is half feminin half deep(for a woman) so her moans make me pulse my finger more. 10 minutes later my fingers and lips are exhausted . We both lay next to eachother for a couple of minutes then she asks if I want her pussy. This time shes in charge and tells me what to do. I ask her why shes so tight and she says she hasnt been with a man for a long time and she goes to the gym everyday. While my question was being answered I stuffed myself in between her legs. Her juices were enough lube but it still look a while to get in. When I got in all the way her legs cross behind my back to pull me in more. She says oh god I am gonna have a orgasm. I think the same and decide to cum with her.

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   Her cooch grips my dick tightly and I spurt as hard as I ever had before.   Her face is red and she is sweating. I lay ontop of her and we fall asleep with me inside of her. I wake up with her tit in my mouth and I get hard again. . . . round 2.

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