Best Friends Pt 1


Topic: JenniferSummer vacation was always a drag.   It’s like you can’t wait to get out of school and then you can’t find one good thing to do.   My best friends and I boarded and stuff, but nothing special.   We’d occasionally get high or smuggle some beer and chain smoke, but we do that during the school year.   This summer I was even more bored.   My mom and her boyfriend went out of town so I had the whole house to myself.   It was about seven and I felt bored so I just put my hand on my dick.   Then I started to think about my best friend since like kindergarten, Jennifer.   Jennifer had elbow length blonde hair and some sexy ass lips.   She had sexy blue eyes and a nice rack.   I kissed her once when we were like thirteen, but it was just experimenting.   We used to touch each other too.   It was kind of an everyday thing.   No matter where we were.   We could be alone in her house or mine, or at school.   We would sneak off and touch each other.

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    I’d show her my dick and she’d show me her pussy.   Then we’d touch it and  feel real good and then stop embarrassed.   But, that was two years ago.   We were fifteen now and grew a lot more.   I felt a pleasured thrill run through my spine when I remembered touching her pussy.   I saw my dick tent in my pants and sighed now extremely pissed off.    I was extremely horny now and hadn’t gotten some since last summer from this girl visiting her uncle.    I picked up the phone and dialed Jennifer’s number.   I told her to come over, because I was bored as fuck and she said she was bored too and would be there in about five minutes.   She lived two blocks away, so she wouldn’t be long.
She finally came and I let her in.   She looked so cute in her flannel pajama bottoms and gray tank top.   We went in my room and sat on my bed.
“So what’s up,” she asked falling back on my bed.
I felt real nervous.

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   Like I knew she wasn’t a virgin, I wasn’t either, but I’ve known her since like ever.   She sat back up and I just kissed her.   I knew she was startled and surprised, but then I felt her get into it and kiss back.   I let out a moan in her mouth and started rubbing her chest.    She placed her hand on my shoulder and gripped my t-shirt. I stopped kissing her and smiled.
“God, that felt good,” I stated catching my breath.
She nodded running her fingers through her long blonde hair.
“So do you wanna do it or what,” she asked licking her sexy lips and staring at me.   I nodded and she pulled me in another kiss.   We moved up on my full sized bed and I was on top of her. She wrapped her arms around my back, pulling me down to feel my erection.   I kissed her again, before pulling off my top.   She smiled and pulled my head down for more of her mouth. I spread her legs and grinded my erection against her nerved up lower body.

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    She let out a heavy moan and nibbled on my ear.   I stared longingly at her chest and she finally took her top off. Then she unhooked her bra and pulled of her pajama bottoms.   I kissed her on the cheek and took off my jeans.   She could see my cock poking out my boxers and reached to touch it.   She started pumping it and looking from me to my cock as she did.   I was in heaven and started massaging her breast.   She smiled at me slyly, before put her mouth on the head of my dick.   Her saliva alone made me moan.   She engulfed it all in her mouth and began slowly sucking.   I groaned pushing her head down and then up and down again.   She licked it all around dribbling her saliva on my dick before pumping it a little and sucking again.   This time she went faster those big tits of hers moving fast.  I swung my head back and before I knew it I shot one load of fresh cum down her throat.   I watched as she swallowed every last drop and rub her chest.

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    I touched her other boob and smiled at her.   She flashed me her super sweet smile and took off her undies teasingly.
“So, exactly how long have you wanted to fuck me Jacob,” she asked kissing my lips.
I blushed as she ran her fingers through my shaggy blonde curls.
“Since we were like thirteen I guess,” I replied softly.   I couldn’t talk I just wanted to fuck the shit out her and hear her moan out my name.   I kissed her chin and pushed her down on my bed.   I reached in my nightstand and pulled out a condom.   I took off my boxers and stroked my now fully erected 9 inch dick.   She moaned at the site and bit her lip.   I bit mine and rolled the condom on.   I positioned the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed against the warm flesh.   I slipped my arm around the arch of her back and concentrated on guiding my dick into her wet insides.   She wasn’t tight, but she wasn’t that loose either.   I grunted when I pushed all the way in her and she was in a heavy state of whimpering.

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    I brushed my thumb against her nipple and then cheek and started moving.   I thrusted in and out at an even pace.   She grunted and moaned out my name pulling me closer to her with each passing second.
My face was breaking out into a sweat and I grabbed her thighs and pushed deeper into her.   She let out a sexy purr in my ear and I kissed her mouth tipsily.   She moved her hands over my neck and I could feel her chest bouncing up and down.   By now we were going faster and much deeper.   Fucking Jennifer was better than I expected.   My mouth moved down to her left nipple and I sucked at it roughly.   She ran her fingers through my hair again saying my name over and over again.   I had her legs in my hands fucking her swiftly and like she never had before as I sucked her chest.   Our bodies were moist with sweat and the smell of sex in the air.
“Shit,” I grunted.
She gripped my head tighter and we both came at the same time.  
That summer was so awesome.

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    Every night Jennifer and I fucked and it was as great as the first time.

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