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Let me start by describing myself. I'm 16 y/o, 6' even, skinny but toned, medium messy blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a 7" dick (no bull). Every year my parents bring me on a cruise (I'm an only child) and this year was the best yet. It was a one week carribean trip. The first day we got onto the ship it was the same as any other year-we got our cruise cards, found our cabin, blah blah blah. Anyway, the first chance I got I started exploring the ship, looking for any and all hot girls to hang out with. I was in the elevator going up to the 10th deck when the elevator stopped on the 7th and a handful of people got on, including a mid-40s couple with who I was assuming to be their daughter. Their incredibly hot daughter. She was about 5'8" or so, a bronze tan, very skinny, shoulder-length wavy brown hair, blue eyes like mine, pretty good rack, but the winning piece was her ass. She was wairing plaid short-shorts that barely made it past her literally perfect ass. It wasn't too wide or narrow, it stuck out the perfect amount, and was very perky and just bouncy enough to keep me staring. As she stepped on, I could see that she had given me a quick look up and down, and her half-hidden smile told me that she liked what she had seen. In any case, I was standing at the back of the elevator, giving the others room, and the hot daughter stood directly in front of me, which I had not problem with. As the elevator started moving, she slowly backed up towards me without drawing attention from the others. Her flawless ass backed up right in front of my gradually stiffening cock. She started lightly brushing my bulge with her incredible, heavenly ass.

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   It eventually got to grinding, then just she was just pushing it hard into my now full-fledged boner, inches from her parents. We all got out on the 10th deck, as that was the top, and we split up. Later on that day, i saw her walking alone and went up to her. "Hey remember me?" "Of course I do" she responded with a bright smile of perfect teeth. "You're really hot. I really like your body" I blurted out. I shyly looked away as she responded "good to see we're on the same page". At that point, she grabbed my hand and led me to a vacant hallway. She held my against the wall and leaned in to give me a kiss. We started making out wildly. I grabbed her left tit with my right hand and her excellent ass with my left. She wrapped a leg around me and we slid to the floor. She was laying on top of me, and we were still locking tongues and grabbing wildly. She reached down and grabbed my rock-hard dick through my shorts. She undid my zipper and whipped it out.

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   She gasped at the size and began playing with it. At first touching it lightly, then to slow strokes, then to fast strokes. I pushed her head down and without resistance she deep throated me. Whoever this girl was, she was fucking good. I came close to cumming so I pulled away and undid her shorts. I slid them down and off and could see that her lacy thong was now soaked with her sweet pussy juices. I took that off using just my mouth (one of my personal favorite moves) and smelled her sweet pussy deeply. It smelled incredible. I leaned down and breathed gently onto her sensitive lips and clit. She groaned softly so i leaned in and began ever so lightly licking her swollen lips, tasting her delicious pussy juice. She started moaning openly as i pulled away my head. She breathed ". . noo don't i like it. .

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  . ". I said to her "Then you're gonna love this. " I took my still-throbbing dick and rubbed the pre-cum coated head against her swollen, pink pussy. She said "I-I-I'm on the pillll" and I went nuts. I slowly pushed my aching cock into her. Her tightness and expressions of pain and pleasure led me to believe that she was a virgin. My suspicions were proven true when I felt the innocent resistance that was her hymen. I looked her deep in the eye and she looked me back in a loving expression and nodded. I asked "are you sure?" and without hesitation she nodded again. I then pushed my dick harder, puncturing her no-longer virgin pussy. She gasped out of pain and pleasure, and that's when I started. It was so tight that I had to build up my speed instead of diving right in. As my strokes got close to full speed, I twisted her nipples slightly. She quietly moaned "yes! yes!" in a very, very sexy tone, just quiet enough to avoid garnering attention from an ill-timed passerby.

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   I finally pushed myself over the edge and went full-out. I timed my shot so we came in unison. I shot load after load deep, deep into her perfectly tight pussy. She rubbed her clit as she came, a wave of pure pleasure and relief washing over both of us. I collapsed next to her. We got our clothes back on (kinda) and we went to her cabin to take a shower together. We talked in the shower and it turns out that she had messed around with a few boys already, explaining the great deep-throating, but was never ready to go all the way. I thanked her for letting us get that far, and she just smiled and said "anytime".
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