Camping Trip


To start i'll just quickly tell you a little about me and my firance. im 19 years old, 6 foot 2 with dark brown hair. my fiance is 18, 5 foot 7 with long brunette hair.
The story starts in a wooded area. all the tents had been pitched and its gradually getting dark. Me, my fiance, 3 other adult helpers and 12 kids were sitting round a campfire. All the kids were singing campfire songs. a typical camp scene. I noticed that on of the kids was staring at me. her name was Kirsty, a 16 year old girl with shoulder length brunette hair, sparkling blue eyes and a smile that would knock you off your feet. in my opinion she was gorgeous. i knew she had a crush on me because my fance's little sister is on of Kirstys friends and she had told me.
Anyway, it got to about 10:30pm so we sent the kids to their tents and told them to get some sleep. us leaders went to bed about an hour later. my fiance and i were sharing a tent the other side of the campsite to where the kids were sleeping. i got intop my sleeping bag and fell straight to sleep.

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halfway through the night i was woken up by someone playing with my cock. naturally i thought it was my fiance, but when i opened my eyes, i saw my fiance sitting next to me watching me. i looked down towards my cock and was shocked to see that it was kirsty who was playing with it. i made to say something but my fiance put her hand on my mouth and whispered "let her carry on. " i nodded and watched what kisrty was doing. next, my fiance crawled down to next to Kirsty and said "now suck it. . . like this" and she showed kirsty just how i liked it. it felt so good my cock reached its hardest within seconds. kirsty took over. it felt good but not as good as my fiance. i asked her if she had sucked a cock before and she shook her head. "you're doing well for your first time" i said, and she smiled.
next, my fiance stripped off and sat astride my face so i could lick her pussy.

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   she was already very wet, whcih made me realise that watching someone else suck off her fiance had turned her on. i licked her as best i could and soon she was moaning softly.
next she climbed off my face and told kirsty to take her clothes off. this she did, whilst my fiance helped me undress. the next thing i knew, my fiance had sat astride me and slid my cock all the way into her pussy. it felt so good and i started moaning. kirsty leaned round and started making out with my fiance. seeing this made me so horny, so i pulled kirsty round so she was astride my face and began licking her pussy. i knew kirsty and my fiance were making out because i could hear them kissing.
then my fiance and kirsty climbed off me. "fuck her" said my fiance, so kirsty layed on her back and opened her legs. she looked nervous. i could tell she was a virgin by the look on her face. i told her not to worry, and slowly slid my cock into her pussy. she gasped as it stretched her, then she started to moan.

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   as i fucked her, my fiance sat on kirstys face and kirsty began to lick her. soon kirsty climaxed, and shortly after, my fiance came. i felt the familiar pounding in my cock so i pulled out, not wanting to make kirsty pregnant. i layed on my back and kirsty took my cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. meanwhile, my fiance layed next to me and was kissing my neck. i came in kirsty's mouth and she swallowed every drop.
we were all extremely tired, so kirsty quickly dressed and went back to her tent, while me and my fiance got back into our double sleeping bag. there we layed kissing and touching each other, until we eventually fell asleep.
i wondered what the next night had in store, this was a week long camp afterall.
if you liked this story, email me at annoyinglittletwit@hotmail. com and tell me.
the more good ratings i get, the more chance you have of hearing about the next night at the camp.

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