Camping with the slutty scout


In the winter of 2006 I was away camping with my scout troop in Ireland. We had been walking all day and were all pretty amped after walking so far in little time. We set up our tents then went into the main building were the younger ones were sleeping because it was too cold outside for them. As we were the older ones we were all in the main room watching the tv and playing cards. Since there were not enough seats some were sitting on the floor but Amy decided to sit on my knee. Amy was 5'4, Orange sized tits, dirty blond hair, and a face that noone wouldnt want to fuck. It was 10. 30 and we had put on a movie on channel 4. Being channel 4 the inevitble sex scene kicked in after half an hour.
"Shit. Dontgetabonerdontgetaboner" i prayed in my head. Amy shifted back and ended up almost sitting on my crotch area "shitshitshiiiit" i thought. She wriggled trying to get comfy and my efforts to stop the boner finally failed. It was a pretty slow hardening because I was trying so hard to stop it it, Once again she wriggled and it was rock hard in a second. Amy then slid back and was sitting on my crotch. Even though my trousers were pretty thick and my boxers were quite tight but i could tell she felt it pressing into her butt.

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   "Oh fuck, shes going to say something". Suprisingly though she kept quiet and I could swear she wriggled more often andpressed harder.
"Im tired so im going to my tent. Night" She said standing up.
There was a general mutter of night. I was desperate to go for a wank but i thought it would look bad leaving so soon after Amy left. Half an hour later I said i was heading to my tent and walked out. I went into my tent and lay back, zipped the door up and lay back. Just before i took ny dick out I heard the door unzip
"damn" i thought
The second door opened and Amy was crouching their in a pair of tight jeans and a very tight tshirt. Without saying anything she crawled in a kissed me. I hadnt done anything much with a girl so i let her lead. She knelt back and pulled her tshirt slowly over her head and put it down. She was wearing a white bra which was released in a second. She held the bra to her chest and slowly dropped in exposing her pale bare breasts. Her breasts were about the size of a large orange and didnt sag.

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   Her nipples stood up from the cold and were small and pinky brown. Then she reached forward and unzipped my fly and my cock sprang out she told me to lay back and then slowly started to stroke it. She played with my balls with her other hand and slowly licked the shaft. When her tongue reached the top she lunged forward taking my cock deep in her mouth. After 15 seconds i realised i was about to cum (as i said, this was my first time) i managed to say tell her this. She took it out and started pumping it it hard then lick the tip. I exloded and she put her face right in the path and then quickly knelt up so i shot on tits as well.
"Right, now I want you to fuck my little pussy"
"I dont have a condom though"
"i got plenty. Follow me. "
She crawled out the tent half naked and i followed on behind. We made a mad dash for the woods
"Where are we going?" i said
"the tents to small so were going into the woods. " she ran on. Eventually we reached a small clearing. She made a fire taking her time so that i had to wait it out.
She stood beside the fire and dropped her trousers.

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   Her pink panties glowed in the firelight and there was a wet patch on the crotch. She turned around and dropped her panties. Her pale ass was completely perfect. Before i could speak she turned around exposing her pussy. Her lips were soaked and her clit head was poking out a bit. Her pubes were shaved into a thin line. I stripped off and she rolled the condom on.   I lay back while she slowly squatted over my cock. She lowered down and my cock slipped in. She then started to slide up and down. I grabbed her ass and watched her tits jiggling about. There was a squelching noise as my cock slammed in and out of her and tthe smell of her pussy filled the air.
"ohh fuck yeah. Thats nice, yeah. Fuck my pussy.

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   Fuck my little pussy. " she moaned
"im going to cum" she said
I stuck my finger up her asshole.
"FUCK, ohhgod mmm yeah that felt so good" she said as she climaxed. I came at the same time as her. I pulled out ripped of the condom and flipped her over
"Are you gonna fuck my sweet ass?"
"Yeah you slut, and your going to like it"
" i love it rough. Pump my asshole"
I greased up my cock and her ass with her pussy juices and I lunged in.
"uh uh goooood" her voice wavered. I pumped harder and came quickly as i realised i was fucking Amys ass.
She was rubbing her pussy and came hard after a minute.
We sat back tired. After an hour we walked back to the tent. She had no top cause she left it in my tent so she slipped in to her tent and i threw her top over. She smiled and went to her tent. I sat back not believing what happened and fell asleep
to be continued in incest stories. Itll be called camping with the slutty scout part 2 

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