Camryn: C03


----- 3 --
I knocked on Camryn’s front door. The door opened and the look on Corey’s face was priceless when she saw me.
“Come in!” She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house. “Camryn said everything is good now. Is that right?”
“Yes. ” For some reason, everything that happened the day before seemed to happen from the incident with Corey. I didn’t know why. Maybe it was because I avoided the two of them for the longest I ever had, and that forced Camryn to finally come out. I wasn’t sure but I just knew I had to thank Corey. I wasn’t a virgin anymore because of her; but somehow, it made things with Camryn easier.
Corey closed the door behind me.
“Mommy took Camryn to a dentist appointment. ”
“I know, my mom asked if I could come over and baby-, I mean spend some time with you. She said you had stuff to do here. ”
“I just said that so I wouldn’t have to go over to your house, so now we can be alone. ”
“Ok, whatever.

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  ” I was just going to watch TV anyways, they had a bigger one there than at my house.
“Camryn said that you liked what I did to you and you wanted me to know so everything is alright. ” I wouldn’t say that I liked it, there wasn’t much to it; she just dropped onto right as I began cumming, not like real sex.
“Yeah, it was great, can’t wait for the next time. ” Crazy little girl. Where in the hell was the remote. I searched all around for it.
Corey ran upstairs. Finally, why was the remote under the coffee table? I sat down and turned the television on. Seconds later I was interrupted.
“Daniel, come up here!” I turned the television off. Oh crap. I just started registering what I had been saying the past couple of minutes. Quickly I marched to and up the stairs hoping she hadn’t taken what I said literally. She was twelve, I was just doing what Camryn said; Camryn would know her own sister more than me.

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I reached the hallway upstairs and walked into Corey’s room looking for her. She walked into my view completely naked.
“You really want to do it again?”
“What, no!”
“You said you did, I started doing stuff like our first time alone and I don’t think it will hurt anymore. ”
“No!” Shit, I could not think of a thing to say that would not result in her tears. Was I suppose to say, I don’t like you that way, it really wasn’t all that great the first time, you’re too young? Camryn would really hate me if I failed to make this right. I could see the betrayal I sowed in her face.
“What do you want?” I asked. I think she figured me out.
“I want sex, real sex!” She wanted revenge for lying to her downstairs. I had to play it cool now. One wrong move and she could flip.
“Ok, but since last time was so good, let’s just repeat that. ” Maybe I could make this less adult.
“No, you have to be in me from beginning to end, that’s the way I practiced. ”
“Ok, but you do all the work, Camryn can’t know either; deal.

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How did I get myself into this? Slowly and shyly, I stripped down into the nude. Corey watched the whole show with buggy eyes. I laid down on her bed just as she eagerly climbed on top of me.
“Make it hard. ”
“I can’t without rubbing it and it’s too dry for that. ” She looked at me.
“Don’t tell Camryn I did this. ”
“Wait, your suppose to be the one not telling…” I stopped there as I felt Corey’s lips envelop my penis. She began tossing my limp appendage around with her tongue and sucking at it. No more than thirty seconds later, her little head had risen a few inches from my hips with my fully erect cock lodged inside her mouth. She continued sucking it; and she continued. “Ok, it’s hard,” I commanded. She pulled off, dripping her saliva over my pelvis.
“Wow, that feels so cool. Please don’t tell Camryn, she said that since what you two did yesterday, she wanted to be the first to do that to you.


  ” Camryn had the worst sister in the world, she stole everything from her, first my virginity and now this.
She pulled her face up to my head and then guided her other set of lips backward onto my penis. With an incredibly slow speed, she pressed with extreme care down onto the head and across the shaft.
She was so tight. Last time she did this, I was in shock, now I paid attention to every detail, and her vagina was just as tiny as it looked. My organ was turning her little line into a circle. She looked at me as if she was only in the tiniest of pain.
“It’s so big. ”
“No, I think that you’re just so small. ” She frowned at me. “But it feels so good because it’s so small,” I consoled. That was not a lie. Her glowing pink vaginal walls of heat pulsed into my shaft; nothing in my life had ever felt so good. Finally, her stretched open lips set onto my pubic hair. She pushed her fingers hard into her skin just above her vagina.

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“I can feel it inside me; deep in there. ” She began her ascent back up. She started groaning a little now. “I need to have some of this at least once a day. ” She was indeed enjoying herself to the fullest as my dick pulled from her tubing, letting it collapse in on itself. Just before I exited her completely, she returned back to pushing me inside her.
Just the thought of actually being inside this girl’s body, seeing my reproductive organ impale her, drive its way into her tiniest of tiny vagina’s - it was so exhilarating. Corey smiled to my amazement.
“Tell me when you’re getting ready to go inside me; I might be able to do the same at the same time. ”
Her slowest of descents and rises began turning into soft bouncing.
“Are you coming close, I am, this is so much. ” I nodded in complete agreement. She was stimulating every pore on my penis. The grip of her too small sex organ felt like it was attempting to reach in and bond with my cells; like it wanted us to be one.
We heard the front door downstairs shut.

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   Corey stared at me in cold fear. She left her bedroom door open; Camryn and their mom were home way early.
“We have to hurry. ”
“What?” We had to hide, close the door, stop!
Corey’s bouncing became heavier and faster. Shit, I was getting so close to cumming, her tiny body was squeezing and pounding me for everything in the world.
“I’m gonna do it,” I whispered.
Corey bit her bottom lip silently. There was no planned timing, I was a little late, but her vaginal contractions pushed me up to schedule. Life with a twelve year old girl orgasming on your dick is the most amazing life one can live. She was the first and only girl I had ever had sex with but if it got much better than this, it would be an illegal mind altering drug.
Exploding into her littlest of little bodies, my cum ripped out of me. The searing liquid poured from me in spurts and filled her inner tubing, overflowing into her womb. Before either of our orgasms subsided, she dropped her body onto mine. My sperm poured out of me parallel to my body, deep into the crevice of the convulsing girl on top of me. Her pelvis involuntarily humped and gyrated into mine.

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Her body was quivering, shaking; she was burning at the touch. All I could do was rub her body down under my hands.
I looked over to the door as I heard a sound. I was still streaming my sperm into the seizuring girl lying stiff on top of me. I stared into Camryn’s face as she stood in the doorway. She looked upset, but she looked to still have priorities.
“Hide now, mom’s coming!” she whispered loudly.
The full onslaught of my automatic firing inside the little girl had stopped. My cum was now being milked in gobs from the rolling vaginal hills of Corey. I had to hide right than! I didn’t even want to imagine what the girls’ mom would look like if she saw that scene.
Corey just had time to look over before I started dragging my body off the side of her mattress. As best I could, I quietly, dropped myself onto the floor using the bed as a direct wall between Corey and I, and the doorway.
“What’s going on in here?” I heard their mom ask.
I laid perfectly still on the floor with my cock still lodged in that woman’s twelve year old daughter; my searing cum leaked down between my penis and her vaginal walls. Corey pushed up.

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“Mom, I’m doing something private, why are you home so early?” Corey’s face was redder than a beet.
“I’m sorry, we had to reschedule the appointment, I’ll let you finish up here. I’ll be in my room on the computer. ” A short pause. “Where’s Daniel?”
“He, he went home to get something. ”
“Cutting it close are we on the fun time?”
“He doesn’t barge into my room like some people do. ”
“Ok, I’m leaving now. ”
Seconds later, Corey dropped back down to me.
“She’s caught me before doing stuff to myself; she understands and likes to tease me about it. ” I heard the door close. The bed shook and Camryn’s head popped over the mattress.
“If you really want to please a girl, you could start by not have sex with her younger sister. ”
I pointed immediately to Corey.
“She made me, and you told me to do anything she said. ”
“I told her yesterday that I told you to be nice to her.

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I looked to Corey.
“You set me up. ”
“You’re the idiot who believes anything anyone says. ”
She was making me mad again. I think she saw it too.
“I’m sorry, you don’t know what it’s like, you got to cum in me but all I got was hurt. ”
I couldn’t believe she had just said that to me. Making me the bad guy after she blackmailed and tricked me into doing that, after steeling something from me that I had fantasized about giving away to Camryn for years.
“Get off me. ”
My face reflected hers inversely; my muscles locked and stern, hers, about to fall off. Looking down to me and hearing my words, her eyes instantly welled up.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” she choked.
“I’m going home now. ”
Now Camryn got involved.
“Daniel, please, she’s young she doesn’t understand everything, please.

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“Get off me, please, I need to leave. ”
“You won’t ever come back, please don’t go,” Corey cried, “I’ll stop liking you so much, please don’t leave. Camryn, this was all my fault, forgive Daniel. ”
“I’m not mad, it was just a joke, Corey likes you a lot and I can’t stop that, everything is alright. ”
She was just saying anything to make me stay. They were torturing me, literally holding me down while double teaming me. One in tears, the other on the brink. If I left now, I would not come back. I would let Camryn come over to me, but Corey, I didn’t want to see her again.
I pushed Corey from me and rolled under her bed. The mattress above me shifted wildly and Camryn dropped to the floor in my path. Why are girls so hard to deal with?
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