CBT with Jack and Kirsty - Chapter I


About 3 minutes later this young lady entered the room. I didn't notice her at first as I was busy on the PC but when Jim introduced us, that's when my world changed. "Jack this is my daughter Kirsty" I turned and there in front of me stood this angel of a girl. She must have been about 5'5 slender build with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her face was as pretty as a peach. I stammered my response "Uh hi Kirsty" was all I could muster. Kirsty nodded slightly and smiled returning my greeting in a shy way. "Jack is showing us the new program that is going to help you with your computer studies" her father said. "Oh cool!" she replied. "Okay Jack show Kirsty what its all about. I got to make a call, please excuse me" Kirsty's father said as he turned and left the room leaving the two of us alone. I gestured for Kirsty to come and sit on the stool in front of the PC and she came and sat down next to me. We sat side by side on the small stool and there was just enough space to fit the both of us. "Are you comfortable Kirsty" I asked her. "Yeah fine thanks" was her reply as she stared at the graphics on the screen. I sat looking at the side of her face not seven inches away from me.

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   She was so close I could smell her scent. It was a mixture of musty body scent mixed with a fragrance which must have been her deodorant, in other words she smelt like a typical twelve year old girl. My senses were all over the place. I couldn't figure out why but this little blonde bombshell was pushing all the hormone buttons at once inside me. For god sakes she's only twelve man, I told myself and that was brushed away by her stunning beauty. I just couldn't get over how gorgeous she was and every muscle in my body wanted to reach out to her, and I mean EVERY muscle! Kirsty turned to look at me and suddenly we were face to face, eye to eye and she smiled and said "What?" I blinked and replied "What do you mean, what?" not understanding what she meant by that question. "Why are you staring at me?" she said in a cool voice. I immediately turned to face the computer not realising that I had been staring for that length of time. "Nothing Kirsty, you are just a very pretty girl and you caught me off guard there for a second". I froze staring at the screen in embarrassment thinking how dumb I was to be thinking this way about such a young girl. Kirsty giggled softly and looked straight ahead at the screen. "Shall we continue then?" I said in a more composed voice. "Sure" was her reply. I talked her through a few of the opening stages showing her what was expected of her and how the program worked. I was unaware of her computer literacy so I had no idea if she could or couldn't do the course.

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   After about 10 minutes I turned to her and said "So what do you think? Do you understand what you need to do to learn the course Kirsty?". She was quiet for second or two as she thought about it and then replied "I don't know. I mean I understand what I am supposed to be learning and stuff but I'm not sure if I can use the computer to do it". I answered her with a smile saying "Well you probably need some lessons on how to navigate the software, show me your mouse skills". I got up and moved behind her watching as she took the mouse in her right hand and started moving it around the screen. Clearly this young damsel had not had too much PC practical as she was battling to get it from A to B. Just then her father walked back in the room and said "How are we doing guys?" I smiled at him and explained the situation. "Kirsty has the ability to take the course but her computer navigation skills are a bit rusty so I was just going to show her some tips" Jim seemed happy with the answer and continued to say "Good, because I need to go to the village for about an hour or so to sort out a customer. Can you carry on with Kirsty until I get back?" He asked. My god I thought, can I carry on with Kirsty. If he knew what was going through my mind he would have shot me where I stood! "Sure Jim, with pleasure, that's if Kirsty is happy with that?" I said quickly in the hopes to win over her approval. Kirsty looked up at her father briefly and nodded and returned to making circles on the screen with her mouse tails. "Good, I'll see you guys in a while" Jim said as he left the room. I watched as he walked outside and climbed into his 4x4 and disappeared down the drive. I couldn't believe my luck.

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   I was home alone with the most beautiful girl in the world. A million ideas passed through my brain cells as I tried to figure out what I should do or not do as the case may be. I returned to my spot behind Kirsty and watched as she moved the mouse around the screen. "Is there anyone else in the house Kirsty or are we alone?" I asked her. "Nope its just us" she replied without moving a muscle. Good I thought I was beginning to shake. I looked at my hands and they were visibly moving, my heart was racing. Carefully does it I thought to myself. I don't want to spook her into a fearful situation. I watched her for a few moments and could see she was having difficulty with guiding the mouse. "Do you mind if I show you how to do that Kirsty?" I asked and Kirsty nodded and released the mouse. I bent over her and grabbed the mouse and moved it from point to point on the screen. Kirsty watched the mouse pointer and then my hand to see how much movement was required. "I can do that". She said and smiled as she reached out for the mouse again.

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   I let go and watched as she took control. Again, the mouse was all over the place but not as bad as before. Instinct took over and I leant over her again placing my hand on top of hers. I panicked for a fraction of a second as she withdrew her hand and looked up at me not smiling. "Its okay. You carry on moving the mouse and I will guide you, show you how much to move it". Kirsty took control of the mouse again and I tried a second attempt at showing her how to do it. This time, my hand rested on hers and she didn't react. I slowly took her tiny hand in mine and started moving the mouse around the screen. "I'll move, you click" I said to her. Kirsty smiled. She liked that idea and for the next few minutes I showed her how to move the mouse around. Without realising it my left hand came down to rest on her left shoulder. She turned and looked at it briefly but didn't do anything about it. I then realised myself that my left hand was on her shoulder and my right hand on her hand.

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   "Okay do you want to give it a try now?" I asked and Kirsty just nodded her head. I released her hand and stood up straight slowly placing my right hand on her right shoulder. Kirsty didn't respond, she continued to play with the mouse and started giggling as she realised that her mouseskills were suddenly improving. "There you go, your a star!" I said in a happy kind of way. She nodded and giggled some more and I gyrated my fingers into her shoulders in a massage type of motion. In my previous life I had been a Physio Masseur and was pretty well skilled with my fingers. I started to massage Kirsty's neck and shoulders and noticed goose bumps starting to form where I had been rubbing, Kirsty slowed down with the mouse movements as my fingers dug deep into her neck muscles. "Does that feel good?" I asked her slowly. Kirsty said nothing but nodded her head in reply. I scooped up her golden long blonde hair and pushed it around to the front so it fell over her left shoulder exposing her small white neck. She had a small low necked pink T shirt on with matching Gym shorts. I continued to massage Kirsty's neck and shoulders moving in a larger area and with more effort. Kirsty slowly lowered her head in response and I watched as her hand let go of the mouse and she held onto the edge of the desk. She was definitely enjoying this rub by the looks of it. "My you are quite tense Kirsty your neck muscles are all twisted up, let me work them lose for you.

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   You'll feel a whole lot better for it okay?". I worked gently on her upper body. Kirsty nodded again but said nothing. It was time to move to the next lesson but I was afraid to go there. My body ached as it pleaded with my brain and my brain said whoa boy, jail bait is a criminal offence and this young girl is way under the legal limit. I couldn't decide which way to go. I looked at my watch. Jim had been gone about 20 minutes and we still had a good hour to go. I decided to play it cool with her and see if I could figure out if she was going to play along or not. "Your shoulder muscles are very stiff, have you been exerting yourself in sport Kirsty?". I asked her. "Yesterday I was riding my horse Jenny and I fell off and hurt my shoulder". she replied. I stopped the massage and rested my hands on her shoulder. "Does it still hurt?" I asked.

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   "Yeah, a little bit" she replied. "Do you want me to take a look and see if I can make it better for you?". I asked her. Kirsty thought about this for a second, shifted her body on the stool slightly and then replied in a quiet soft voice. "Okay but don't hurt me okay". I smiled and started to rub her gently. "Don't worry my dear, I am a professional at this". I said whilst rubbing her shoulders in a circular motion. I stopped briefly and reached down and tugged her shirt out from inside her shorts, pulling it up slowly. "Do you mind if I take a look and see if there is any bruising?" I asked. "No I don't mind" Kirsty replied and she ducked her head down to assist my efforts. I pulled the T shirt right up to her neck and decided not to stop there. "Lets get this out the way shall we" I said as I tried to remove the shirt completely. Kirsty pushed her arms forward which allowed the shirt to move over her head and up her extended arms until I pulled it away from her body. She instantly leant forward and covered her breasts by crossing her arms in front of her.

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   I hadn't realised until that moment that this young vixen wasn't wearing a bra. "Wow Kirsty you have some swelling here which will bruise and be sore if I don't take care of it fir you okay?" I said in a caring voice "Yeah, okay" I heard her say softly. There was some bruising and swelling where she had hit the ground and I massaged around this area being careful not to hurt her. She seemed to be enjoying it and so was I. Her tiny frame of her body was in my hands and at this stage I could do what ever I wanted with it. I decided to test her out and slowly moved lower down her back. My hands then moved slowly in circular kneading movements around her torso to the front of her body. I sensed that my hands were just millimeters away from her small budding breasts and I slowly pulled her back up into a sitting position. her head was slung forward with her chin almost touching her chest and her arms were crossed over her chest. This was going to be the moment of truce I though to myself. Its make or break. "Unfold your arms a sec please Kirsty" I said as I gently pulled one arm away from her chest. She resisted momentarily and then eased up. I followed up with the other arm and placed them by her side. "That's better" I said reassuringly.

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   I continued with the neck massage as I moved my body up against her back and peered over the front of her torso. There before me were her two perfectly formed young breasts. They were cupped like the halves of two small oranges and her tiny nipples stood erect from the cool air. She hadn't said a word in what seemed ages and I was beginning to get worried that she was in fear. "Are you okay Kirsty, can I carry on?" I asked her. Again Kirsty said nothing but nodded ever so slightly in agreement. My hands moved over her shoulders and down the front of her chest. "Sometimes the muscles in the front also get damaged and to make it right I must check them too" I lied as I rubbed her gently. My hands eventually touched her breasts for the first time. I felt a slight shudder in her body as my hands cupped her breasts and started to rub them. Taking each nipple between my fingers I slowly pinched them and then massaged her small tits. Kirsty was unmoving with her head still slung forward slightly. "Does that feel better Kirsty?" I asked with a croaky voice. By now she must have realised that this had gone past the 'doctor - patient' routine and was something much more. She must have felt my hard cock prodding against her back and wondered what it was.


   "Yaaa. . . " was all she could return in response. I bent over her slowly bringing my lips to the surface of her skin around her neck and exhaled slightly. She smelt gorgeous and I opened my mouth and kissed her tenderly on her neck whilst my hands worked on her breasts. She was beginning to breath a lot heavier and I could feel the firmness in her small baby buds. I brought my right hand up to her chin and raised her head at the same time I sat down in the opposite direction facing the other way. I put my arm across her chest and held her around her neck. "I know we didn't plan on doing this Kirsty but I think you are a very very exceptional girl and I like being with you. I hope its okay if I carry on treating your bruises". I said. "My Dad will be home just now and we will get into trouble if he catches us" she replied. "Well then, we better make sure we don't get caught okay?" I said whilst I rubbed her shoulder. Kirsty now looked at me eye to eye.


   I could see she was very nervous, it showed in her eyes. She had obviously never been in this situation before, yet she wasn't totally against it. I lowered my hand and cupped her breast again with my right hand and took her left arm and placed it on my right hip as we sat side by side but opposite each other. I reached up and pulled her close to me and whispered "Can I kiss you, Kirsty?" I watched her response. She blinked her eyes a couple of times and looked down, shrugging her shoulders. I reached down and lifted her head by her chin and moved forward bringing our lips together for the first time. I opened my eyes and she was staring at me. "Don't you know how to kiss a boy?" I whispered. Kirsty shook her head. "Close your eyes and open your mouth just a little like this" I showed her by doing the same and then watched her do it. She was a good learner. Kirsty opened her mouth about 3 millimeters and I pushed against her rosy lips again, this time allowing my tongue to slip inside. At the same time my hand massaged her nipples. I could feel her breathing had increased some what and she was starting to become aroused from my sensual touching. I pulled away slowly and smiled "That was beautiful, you are very good" I said and Kirsty managed a smile as she gazed at me.

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   "Lets carry on" I said and pulled her toward me again and resumed the sweet kiss. She was enjoying this and I could feel her tongue starting to move like mine. I reached down to her right hand which hadn't moved from it resting place next to my hip. I took her hand in mine and squeezed it. She responded by squeezing me back, I was in heaven, it was the first response that I had from her since we started. It was time to move on as time was marching on and I had about 30 minutes left before her father was due back. I placed her hand on my lap just a few inched from the bulge in my pants and kept my hand on top of her as we continued kissing. I squeezed her hand again and felt her squeeze my leg in response. I slowly lifted her hand and lowered it onto my throbbing shaft and held her there for a few moments and then squeezed her hand again. I nearly melted as her small hand squeezed my aching cock through my pants. This was working well. Our kisses was getting longer and wetter, my right hand was tickling her nipples and my left hand was showing her around my shaft. I lifted my left hand away and brought it to her shoulder and her hand remained on my shaft, motionless. "I think it would be better if I moved some of my clothes" I said to her as my left hand feverishly undid my belt buckle. She shifted her hand slightly and watched as my left hand fumbled with my fly buttons.

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   I was shaking visibly and Kirsty could see this change in me. She looked into my eyes and I could see a slight look of fear emerging in her face. "We better stop because my Dad will be home soon" she said with a shaky voice. I looked at my watch, she was right, we had about 15 minutes left before her father was due back. "It's okay Kirsty this wont take long I promise" I said as I smiled at her. My left hand eventually prized out my twisted cock from my underwear and it sprang to attention immediately. Kirsty reacted instantly as she laid eyes on her first human cock by pulling her hand away. "Its alright Kirsty it doesn't bite, I promise. Just touch it and see it wont hurt you". I said as I guided her hand back towards my swollen organ. Kirsty was apprehensive and I could feel her pulling back the closer her hand got to my waiting cock. I eventually let her go and she pulled her hand away again and placed it on my leg. She stared down at my erect cock and said nothing. I pulled her chin up again and started to kiss her like before, this seemed to be acceptable to her and she enjoyed doing it. Slowly after a short while I brought her senses back to the boil by French kissing her and rubbing her nipples, I decided that would be it for today as to force her further would be suicide for me.

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   I was about to pull away and tell her that's enough when I felt her hand move from my leg to my cock. She carefully wrapped her tiny fingers around my shaft and I shuddered. It was the most sensual feeling I had ever experienced. "That's it Kirsty, that's it. . now pull it up and down slowly". Kirsty obeyed and her hand started tugging upwards and then pushed downwards in a jerky sort of way. She eventually evened out her rhythm and before long she was doing the job like a pro. I kissed her hard and buried my tongue into her mouth as she started pounding my cock up and down. I felt her breathing increase even more and my hand worked feverishly on her nipples. It wouldn't be long before I was going to erupt. The feeling of this twelve year old's hand pumping my organ was unbelievable and I couldn't hold back much longer. I pulled away momentarily and looked into Kirsty's eye's. She was trance like, her eyes half shut, her mouth now open and she was staring into space as I squeezed her nipples gently between my fingers. I watched as she tilted her head back slightly and bit into her bottom lip.

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   Her eyes shut and she pulled my shaft so hard it began to hurt. Without warning I felt my balls explode and my body stiffened. I straightened my legs as my orgasm hit home. My cock spurted white cum high into the air on each stroke from Kirsty's hand and I noticed she was oblivious of what was happening to me as she herself stiffened and her body shook a little before opening her eyes. Kirsty came to and realised what had happened and immediately released my throbbing shaft. My cum had covered large areas of her hand and hand landed on my underwear and pants. Kirsty lifted her hand and examined the gooey mess oozing between her fingers. "Quickly, go to the bathroom and wash your hands and bring me some tissue paper" I urged her. Kirsty stood up and something caught my eye that made me smile. There was a largish dark pink wet stain in her crotch that she hadn't noticed. My little cherry blossom had experienced her first orgasm and the tell tale sign was very evident. "Kirsty, you better go to your room and change out of your shorts or your Dad will wonder what you have been up to" I said with a smile. Kirsty looked down at the moist patch on her shorts and immediately blushed. She covered one hand over her mouth and giggled hysterically and trotted out the room like a cripple with her legs pressed tightly together. I waited for a few minutes and she reappeared with some toilet tissues for me and then disappeared again.

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  I wiped myself clean rearranged my clothing and walked around the room thinking about the events that had just taken place. It was unbelievable how things had worked out. I then realised that we were no further forward with the computer course than when Kirsty's father had left. Just then Kirsty walked back into the room with a smile on her face. She had changed completely into her jeans and another T shirt. "Come and sit. We had better get on before your Dad wonders what we have been up to" Kirsty sat down and began playing with the mouse again. I looked up and saw Jim's 4x4 turn into the drive way. That was good timing, my heart raced at the thought of nearly being caught in the act. Moments later Jim came through the door. "How's everything going guys?" he asked. "Well she is doing really well Jim but she will need a few more lessons before she gets the hang of it" I replied. Kirsty looked up at me and smiled. I could see from the look in her eyes that she wanted it to continue. "If its okay with you guys I will come back tomorrow and carry on" I said.

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   Kirsty nodded in agreement and Jim shook my hand. "See you tomorrow Jack and thanks for taking care of her" Jim said. "Only a pleasure" I said as I left the room with Jim. "I'll see you tomorrow then Kirsty, practice your hand movements until I return okay?" I said with a smile. "Okay I will" Kirsty replied with a huge grin on her face. Tomorrow would be a very interesting day. .
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