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The day started like any other fishing trip 'EARLY' after getting to the spot i had decided to fish i set my kit up then sat in the chair and fell asleep, as i said like most trips.
i must have been asleep for about half hour when i was awoken by voices,i heard a girls voice say to another ''it's no good i got to go!''
the other girl say's ''ok i'll have a quick one too''
my mind was jumping summersalts, i had to know, i stood up and creeped to a bush so i could see the 2 was dressed in a red t-shirt and skirt with white sock's and tennis shoe's the other was wearing a green top and short's with the same on her feet, they were both about 16 and thin almost to i watched the girl in the skirt pulled it up to reveal a big pair of white panties my cock began to stir slowly getting hard,she started to pull them down and my cock leapt to a full erection, it started to hurt so i released it from my shorts.she then bent her knees and started to pee, my hand went to my cock and started to stroke, to see and hear the yellow fluid fall from her young pussy to the ground was making me so hot.
''WHAT are you doing?'' i heard a voice say to my left it was the other girl in the green top and short's
''uuurrmmm i urrrmmm''my cock still in my hand
the girl saw my cock and said ''mmmmmm your watching my friend pee and wanking while you watch'' she put her hand to her chin as though she was deciding what to do then smiled and said ''please let me have a go?''
i was stunned but before i could answer she was beside me and her warm young fingers slid around my cock ''my your big and so hard'' she stated, all i could do is stand there and enjoy the feeling as her other hand cupped my full balls and sqeezed gently, it felt so good.i was sudenly aware of the other girl on her knees at my feet her tougue licking at my now leaking cock eye.
''dose he taste good?'' the girl in green asked
''yeah now get down here and give me a hand''she snapped
the girl in green dropped so her eager mouth could close around my balls making my cock jump with pleasure.
the girl in the red top stood up and holds my face and ask's ''do you know how old i am?''
''no i don't'' i replyed
''well i'm 16 and my friend who's has your cock deep in her mouth is not going to be 16 for another 3 weeks! i hope it feels good cos that's all your going to get off of her!but me i'm going to let you play with my hot wet pussy'' i smiled as my hand stroked the front of her red t-shirt her nipples already hard to the touch''mmmmmmmmm she moaned that feels good'' she pulled up her shirt and told me to suck her nipples, i was finding it so hard to not stop and relish in the pure sexual delight of her friends eager mouth.
''hey'' she said ''don't forget me!'' pulling my head down onto her nipple, my hand now slowly pulling up her skirt my mind racing knowing those white panties where inches fingers brushed her panties and i could feel my balls tighten and my cock harden''i'm going to cum''i panted''she'll take it all she loves spunk, with that my cock exploded into her throat her head jammed my cock deep into her throat as every last drop of cum was consumed,my still haed cock was cleaned by her tongue which just made me harder!
''yes thats it rub my clitt''i had been rubbing her clit through her panties and not known it,her juices filled my hand as her hips moved in time with fingers, she started to shudder and i felt her hold on to me.''oh shit, oh shit i'm cumming!!''she shouted and i felt her cunt lips pulse around my fingers and her juices covering my hand
''they must be over here!''i heard a voice shout. the 2 girls looked at each other sorted there clothes out smiled and ran into the tree's, thus ended a very horny but to short peice of my life

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