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My friend Jenna had suggested that we go to a friend of hers college for their homecoming parties one weekend. I had made up a lie to my parents that I was stating over at Jenna's. That's how I came to be sitting in a dormitory room playing drinking games with Jenna, three girls and three guys. With the exception of Jenna, they were all in college. Two of the girls lived in the room and for a couple hours we drank and played drinking games. I was not a big drinker so I was getting kinda drunk. One of the guys, Brad, was blond, tall, and oh so cute. He kinda took care of me and told me I didn't have to drink as much as everyone said. Right before we were getting ready to go to a party, I realized that I had in fact, drank too much. Everyone realized it. All of the sudden my mouth began to water uncontrollably. I grabbed their garbage can and puked -- hard. Everyone groaned and moaned, as they were just getting ready to walk out the door. Brad was such a sweetie. He agreed to help me clean it up. Everyone else said they were leaving and told us where to meet them.

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Brad took the garbage can to the bathroom on the floor to clean it out. I felt bad for him, having to sneak into a girls dormitory bathroom and clean up puke because of me, so when he returned, I was ready to thank him.
He walked into the room, smiled, and put the garbage can back. When he turned around he looked very surprised to find me on my knees in front of him. Before he could say anything, I pulled his dick out of his pants and began sucking on it. It was so big that it stretched and pushed against the side of my cheeks before I could straighten it out and attempt to deep throat him. However when I made my first gagging noise, Brad must have flashed back to me puking and quickly pulled me to my feet. I got onto one of the girl's bed on my hands and knees and he pushed my black and white one piece dress off over my head, pushed my blue and white panties to the side, and entered me from behind. His fingers pressed down into my lower back as he began to fuck me doggy style. We both groaned and he said, "Ahhhh yeah. I wanna fuck your pussy. " I layed my face on the thick blanket draped over the bed as he pushed in and out of me. I reached back with my right hand to hold his.
My hand must have looked so tiny in this cute college guys big paw. I held on as tight as I could as he fucked me till I climaxed, feeling only slightly bad about my juices dripping on some poor girl bed that I didn't even know.

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   I managed to push myself up onto my hands as he pulled out. "Do you wanna taste your pussy?" he asked. I sat on the bed and began to suck his big penis, it's juices and the musty taste of my juices mixing together. "Ahhhh, yes!" he moaned, "Taste your pussy. "
After a minute or so of sucking, I lay on my back and he moved in, hovering over me and sliding his big member into me. He began to fuck me, grinding me back and forth on a bed that wasn't even ours. "Oh, God, yes," I moaned. "Are you my fuck toy," he whispered. A simple "Yes" was all I could muster as he slowly rocked in and out of me. I grabbed at my tits and kneaded them together. He pushed my panties to the side with his left hand and steadied himself with the right. He began to do me harder and harder until his balls were bouncing off my ass. The slapping noise lasted a good thirty seconds or so, echoing above my moans and whimpering. He pulled out, positioned me on my side, slid my drenched panties off and began to spoon me. His arms encompassed me, holding my big titties, sliding down to my waist and hips, and holding my leg up while he pumped in and out of me.

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   He was so strong. He thrust harder and harder. Soon his left hand was cupping my chin, his fingers sliding into my mouth as I sucked them. My white pump on my left foot came to rest on his thigh, as I spread myself wide to take all of him in. I felt his cock expand inside my tight walls, and soon he was shooting his hot cum inside of me, groaning in my ear. When he was done, he collapsed on his back, his thick cock resting on his stomach. I crawled to my knees and took it into my hungry mouth, slurping up every last drop of his cum and our sex that I could. Then I climbed up and sat above him with my back to him. He rubbed at my pussy until he was hard again. Then he pushed his meat in as we slowly began to fuck. I grabbed at my chest and soon his hands were clasping mine, holding my breast tightly as I lowered myself up and down on his rod. He rose to meet me faster and faster, slipping out from time to time before easing it back into my pussy with his free hand.
 He pinched my nipples and then would rub at my pussy, right above his thrusting tool, before returning his attention to pinching and tugging on my nipples again. He grabbed both of my legs behind the knees, pushed them together and rose his hips faster and faster, his big dick penetrating me again and again. "AHHHHHH, YES!" I groaned loudly as I awkwardly slipped off to the side.

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   I climbed to my knees and this time turned to face him as I sat above him, his engorged cock rubbing against my crotch. But this time he spit on his hand, rubbed it on his dick and began to muscle it into my tight rectum. I leaned down to kiss him as he grasped my fleshy ass cheeks, pulling me up and down on his cock. "OHHHHH, GOD, YES!" I screamed. "EWWW, AHHHHH, FUCK!" I knew that anyone walking past in the hall could hear my screams and wailing