Day In The Ball Park


I pulled my thong to the right and started running my fingers up and down my pussy lips. My boy was really trying to get me to put my shorts back on. I wasn’t in the mood for that, I had some other things on my mind. I tilted my head back, resting it on the back of the seat and closed my eyes. I started slowly running my finger in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I opened my right eye just a crack and looked at my boy, he was now staring at me. I got my finger really wet in my pussy then ran it up to my clit. I messaged it a little, first just up and down, then in circles. I started to softly moan and grind my clit into my finger by moving my hips up and down. I opened my right eye just a little bit, and I noticed the bulge in my baby’s pants. I was so glad I was getting him horny. I wanted him right then and there. I stopped for just a second, to stand up and pull my thong and shorts all the way off of me. I quickly sat back down and rested my feet on the chair in front of me. I spread my pussy lips with one hand and started rubbing my clit with the other. I wanted to orgasm right in front of these people, only a few had left since people initially started to leave, but it was still a rush.

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   My boy was starting to, I’d say get embarrassed, but he couldn’t get up and run away…not with the enormous boner he had. The pressure built up so quick, being around those people. I started rubbing my clit even faster and harder, and my finger soon became dry. I put it back in my mouth to suck on it a bit. I looked over at my boyfriend and he looked extremely irritated. I didn’t give a shit, I was too far into this to care. I parted my pussy lips again and began rubbing my clit even faster. My tits were bouncing so much in rhythm to my shaking body. I soon started moaning. Just as my moans got louder and I felt the orgasm coming on strong, my boy stood up. “That is enough,” he yelled. “Oh, but baby, I was just about to…. . ”“No, you don’t have to do it…. let me”I was soooo shocked, what the hell was he talking about? He moved my right leg up a little and walked in between it and the chair in front of me.

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   He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back. I couldn’t believe he was willing to try this. People kept on leaving, I was kind of glad, kind of a little let down, I was actually in the mood for an audience. I leaned forward and unzipped his pants, then pulled him toward me. Almost immediately his big cock was out of his pants and harder than I’d ever seen it! He bend down a little, rested his knees on the edge of my chair, and slid his cock into me. It felt so great, we were both already wet…really wet. He eased it in me, then started going a little fast. I was already gasping for air, it felt so great to have him so far in me, I needed this for way too long. I put my hands on his shoulders, keeping my feet on the back of the chair in front of me, to keep a strong grip and stay in that amazing position. Him and I had never done anything like that before, especially not in public. I reached down and put my finger on my clit. I didn’t even have to get it wet, with him pounding into me, my hand shock enough as it was. When he saw this, he started fucking me even harder. I started moaning really loud, how could I hold back? Only a few minutes went past and he kept banging me so hard.

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   He started moaning kind of loud, saying he was about to cum. I was so shocked, he’d never came this quick…I was happy, really happy, I wanted to feel it oozing out of me, but still a little shocked. I licked my finger to get it wet one last time and started rubbing my clit fast. With a combination of me rubbing, and him moving my body I knew the orgasm wouldn’t take long at all. I moved my arm as fast as it could ever go, to get the most out of this experience. He started fucking harder, moaning even louder and I decided I’d tighten my pussy muscles to hopefully intensify our orgasms. Just as I did that, I began to orgasm…and so did he. I pushed my back off the chair, and he leaned back slightly, moaning and groaning in such a sexy tone. I kept rubbing my clit gently while he put it in my just a few more times to get all the cum possible out of it. Soon we were looking at each other smiling once again. I dropped my legs to the ground, and he stepped aside. He zipped his pants while I got dressed again. I looked around to see only a few people still there. There was a couple like a dozen rows behind us making out…I wonder if we inspired ’em. After I was dressed my baby and I left the ball park…and now we both love baseball!.

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