Dear Diary: November


November 11 Dear Diary, We still haven't given in and fucked Gary, but we did see two other people fucking!!! Hills folks rented a room in their basement to a college girl, and one night last week she had a boy over to study! Hills was pretty sure this would eventually happen, so she went into the girls room and arranged the shades and curtains so they looked closed but really weren't!!! When ever this girl, her name is Karen, would have company in her room, Hills would slip out and see what was going on in there!!! Well, it finally happened, she had a boy over, and the only studying they did was of each other's bodies!!! When Hills saw what was happening, she called Ems and me right away and we came right over!!! Diary, you should have seen it!!! We all three eighteen year olds quietly slipped up to the window and peered down into Karen's room!!! By the time we had gotten there, Karen only had on her panties, while her boyfriend was down to his briefs!!! Karen has really big boobs, and her boyfriend couldn't seem to get enough of them, as he sucked and licked them non stop until Karen pushed him away and pulled down his under ware!!! Ems wanted to go down and fuck him then and there!!! Jesus he had a very large cock, much bigger and more impressive than Gary's!!! I think Karen has the same disease Ems has, she can't get enough cock to keep her satisfied!!! She couldn't wait to put that monster into her mouth and get a hot load of cum for her trouble!!! It's really amazing to me how men can just stand there and show us their peckers and we just seem to go to pieces and do what ever it takes to have it in out mouths or pussies!!! After they had rested a little while, Karen had him lie back down on the bed, where she immediately straddled him and guided his dick right into her pussy!!! What a bush she had, and I thought Hills was thick, Karen looked like she had a brown thicket between her legs that went from her pussy all the way to her asshole!!! Anyway, she rode that horse cock until her own body stiffened and she collapsed on top of her lover!!! After they seemed to be done and all dressed, Karen could be seen talking fast and it looked like asking for a favor! Her guy shrugged his shoulders and smiled a little as Karen dropped to her knees, pulled his cock out, and then proceeded to suck him off one more time!!! Poor Ems, she masturbated herself to two orgasms while she watched from the window!!! What a night, anyway, that's what happened two days ago, gotta go, bye!!!November 17 Dear Diary, "Poor Ems, she's gonna do it!!! She swiped a rubber from her dad's dresser drawer and brought it along to our next session with Gary!!! Gary was so excited when it was her turn and she pulled that condom out of her pocket!!! She carefully rolled it down over his pecker head and then down his shaft, until it was firmly in place!!! The pictures that turned her on the most were of women being taken brutally from the rear, so we weren't surprised at all when she faced the wall and spread her legs wide apart, stretching her pussy wide open and ready for entry!!! Both Hills and I sat down on the floor and did our clits as Gary slowly let his cock head slide into Ems pussy!!! She kinda growled as it went in, almost like a wild animal, and by the time he had it all the way in, she was groaning and moving her ass to the rhythm of Gary's strokes!!! Hills and I had a perfect view of Gary's dick going in and out of Ems pussy, and the longer they went at it, the more violently he attacked her muffy!!! At the end, Gary was using Ems as his own personal fuck toy as he slammed his cock in and out of her shredded cunt!!! I've seen Ems have some pretty hard orgasms, but nothing compared to the climax that wrung out her pussy that day!!!As he unloaded his nut into her, Ems pushed back hard against him, trying desperately to get it in even deeper!!! When it was over, it was Gary who was panting like a dog in need of oxygen, not Ems, who actually used her finger on her clit and brought herself to climax one more time!!! Well, anyway, I haven't given in yet, but we'll hafta see, bye!!! November 23 Dear Diary, What I have to tell you tonight is too unreal to be true, but let me assure you that every word is the absolute truth, cross my heart!!! I was supposed to go to a party last Friday night, so I left the house around eight and started walking over to Hills place!!! I wasn't gone more than five minutes when I realized that I had forgotten my purse up in my room, so I ran back home and scurried up the stairs and went directly to my room to get it! I wasn't trying to be quiet or anything, but as I started to go back down the stairs, I heard strange noises coming from my parents bedroom! It didn't register at first what was going on, so I went to their door to find out what was happening! The door wasn't latched, and I pushed it open and inch or two and peeked inside!!! Holy moly, there was my mom, completely nude with my dad and another woman who also was nude!!! Mom was busy eating out this other woman's pussy while dad had his cock in the other woman's mouth!!! I was stunned!!! My parents were a loving couple who seemed to have a normal happy life, but here, right before my eyes, was my own mother, with her mouth attached to another woman's vagina!!! My dad watched mom sucking the other woman's cunt, and encouraged her to suck it harder!!! The other woman let dad's cock loose for a second and told him that his wife was a wonderful cunt lapper and that he should be proud of her!!! It was then my dad said that she always felt a little owly unless she had at least one hot cunt a week to suck!!! My head was reeling!!! My mom was a closet lesbian who loved to suck pussy, while my dad was a voyeur who loved watching her do it!!! It was then that mom said something that just floored me!!! She said that all of the women in our family love to suck pussy, and that their daughter, that was me dear diary, was already eating out her two best girl friends!!! I leaned against the wall for support to keep from falling over!!! How could she know that, I wondered?!? It was then she revealed that Ems mother had seen us through the crack of the door and reported it back to both of the other mothers!!! It seems that all three of them were quite happy that their little girls were going to be happy satisfying members of both sexes!!! She then went on to describe how she had heard us talking about sucking off Gary!!! I reached into my jeans and found my clit, which was already throbbing like crazy, and masturbated furiously as my motherwent into great detail about her love for lesbian sex!!! The two women then got in position and began doing sixty nine on each other, with my mom on top with her fat ass in the air!!! Dad was just sitting back and enjoying the show as his wife sucked off another woman in his own bed!!! They must have done this before, because when they climaxed, they all did it together!!! Ooops, I forgot to mention it, but I came with them, like mother like daughter as my mom liked to say!So long for now, bye!!! THE END