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When I came back down about 20 min later, only one of my brothers friends remained. It was T. J. I felt myself blush. . . . he was my brothers hottest friend! I had had a crush on him since I was 13! I wasn't sure if it was his gorgeous body, his deep voice, or his laid back personality that did it for me. . . but it was something! He was 4 years older than me, so I never really thought I had a chance. I flirted with him anyway. "Hey T. J. " I said, plopping myself down on the sofa next to him. "Wassup girl.

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  " He said to me, once again making heat rise in me. "Where's my brother?" I asked him. "He and the boys ran up to the store to get some beer. Your parents aint gonna be home until Saturday. So we're probably all gonna chill here and have some fun. ""Are you staying here this weekend?" I asked him. "yeah. " he replied. I couldn't hide the excitement from my voice. "Great!" I replied. . . and instantly felt embarrassed when he looked at me. He gave me a sexy little half smile. A few hours later, I was brushing out my hair when I heard all the guys downstairs laughing and talking.

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   I decided to go down and visit a little. As soon as I walked into the living room, I felt all the male eyes on me. The only ones I cared about were T. J's. . . . they followed me through the entire room. When I made eye contact with him, he gave me a head nod that suggested I come and sit by him. So I did. He handed me a beer and I got into the conversation. Some time later, we were all laughing and talking. T. J. had been flirting with me and rubbing my leg the whole time.

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   I was so excited. T. J. had never shown me really any more than little sister like attention! I had had a few too many beers and didn't realize it. I looked at the clock. "Shit, I gotta get some sleep. It's 3 a. m. I have school tomorrow. " I said. T. J reluctantly let me go. Once I was in my room, I took my bra and panties off and changed into a t-shirt. I was still feeling a little light headed from the alcohol when I got in bed. I don't know what time it was, but I had fallen asleep.

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  . . . and then someone was knocking on my door. I sat up. "Uh come in. " I said, half groggily. My light was off and I could barely make out who was entering my room. It was T. J. "Hey girl, you asleep?" He asked. I could see he was swaying a bit where he was standing. "Yeah I was. . .

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  but it's okay. Be careful so you don't fall down. " I said"Yeah, I'm having a little trouble standing here. Can I sit down?" He asked. The only place he COULD sit down was my bed. So I said sure and scooted over. He somewhat staggered, somewhat walked over to my bed and sat down. After a few minutes he laid his head back onto my pillow. I was a little shy bout being in bed with T. J. , but after a few minutes he told me to relax and lay back down. So I did. I must have fallen asleep again, because I woke up and I could feel T. J moving. I had my back to him and he was pressed up against me.

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   I could feel his bulge poking me in my ass. He started rubbing my leg under the blanket. "Why don't you roll over here toward me, Krystal. " He said huskily. I rolled over on my back and he started to kiss my neck. I was getting so wet that I'd almost wished I'd worn panties so I woudn't leak on my sheets!Then he started kissing my mouth. He was kissing me so passionately and rubbing my breasts through my shirt. I was so hot for him , all I wanted him to do was just take me right there. But he took his time. "Damn girl, I want you so bad right now. " He moaned in my ear. "you can have me T. J. Please take me. .

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  . " I said back. I could still feel the effect of the beer. Normally I wouldn't have been so blunt. He moved on top of me and helped me remove my t-shirt. His hands were all over me. I hadn't done much with a guy, so it was all so new, and it felt so good. He spread my legs apart and moved his hand between them. He started rubbing my clit with his fingers and I moaned very loudly. Slowly he made his way down so that his face replaced where his hand was. He began to lick my clit very slowly at first, then he did it faster. It felt so good. As my eyes rolled back into my head I moaned his name over and over again and ran my hands through his hair. He was going at it really fast and putting one finger in and out when I started to feel my climax coming on. "Oh T.

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  J. . . . I'm gonna cum. . . . . " I moaned. And boy did I! I started to buck my hips up and grind his face. I came all over. My vaginal muscles were clenching and unclenching rapidly. Before I had even calmed down completely, T. J.

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   had his clothes off and was back up on top of me again. He started to stick the head of his 8 inch cock in my hole. I was very wet from my orgasm, so I figured it would go in fairly easy. I was a virgin and I was very tight, but there wasn't as much friction because of my orgasm. He started to stick the head of his 8 inch cock in my hole. It hurt a little, but then started to feel good. After a few minutes, he had all of his cock inside me. I felt my hymen pop and a litle blood started coming out. "You okay Baby?" he asked me"Yes, I'm fine. " I said. He continued to pump his cock inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed him deeper into my pussy. When I looked up at him he had his head tipped back and his eyes were rolled back in his head. It made me that much hornier to know that my pussy was pleasing this guy that I had had a crush on for so long. I could feel another orgasm coming on and I squeezed my eyes shut.

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  . . . . I could feel my toes start to curl. . . "Yeah, that's it girl. . . . oh yeah. . . cum for me, cum all over my cock.


  . . . " he pantedI cried out in ecstasy as the climax rocked my body. . . . . . my pussy erupted like one big sexual volcano. The tightening of my pussy muscles sent T. J. over the edge. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me really deep a couple of times, and I felt his body shudder as he came inside of me. I felt his dick thob inside me as it pumped load after load of hot sperm in the deep depths of my pussy.

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  After the last, hard thrust, he collapsed on top of me, with his face resting on my breasts. I lovingly ran my hands through his perspiration soaked hair. Once he caught his breath, he lifted his head of my chest and looked up at me. He gave me a gorgeous grin, before planting a sweet, passionate kiss on my lips. .